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How a Father Expresses His Love

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How a father expresses his love can be represented in numerous ways. Whether it be through verbal or physical actions, our fathers love us. The strictness of our parents come from the way their parents treated them and in some ways ethnicity is also a deciding factor. In “Wordsmith” by Susan Young the father shows his love not with words, but though his actions. Whereas in ‘The Gold Mountain Coat” by Judy Pong-Bates, the father is very strict and doesn’t express his love to his sons even though they work hard.

Both fathers have difficulties communicating with their children in ordinary says, but nonetheless love them.

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How a Father Expresses His Love
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Although the father in “Wordsmith” by Susan Young is a quiet man, his love for his daughter is represented by filling in the cracks in the walls of his daughter’s fifty eight year old house. As stated in the poem, “he fills and smooth and sands as filling in all of the empty crevices with the words he didn’t know how to say.

” Without a doubt the father works actively to make repairs to the house. The daughter describes what she witnesses: “From the sidelines I watch as he trudges up and down the stairs, carrying with nonchalance an industrial-sized bucket… The gather realizes her father does not know how to express his love vocally. The father has little to say, but the daughter recognizes that her father displays his love through his actions: “whose love keeps him moving from room to room… ” In “The Gold Mountain Coat’ by Judy Pong-bates, the Chinese father who owns a Chinese restaurant does not express his love for his sons. He does not show his emotions. As stated: “Sam rarely smiled” (4) and “He rarely spoke. “(4)He seems to be selfish and uncaring about the well- being of his sons.

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