ASOS Online Commerce of Fashion Product Analysis

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ASOS is global online commerce of fashion and beauty. They offer more than 50000 own and external brand products for women, men, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty. ASOS provides a website catered mainly for consumers in the United Kingdom, USA. States. , France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia. ASOS introduces their new product line approximately 1,500 each week. They deliver their product to more than 190 countries around the world and their central distribution center is located in the UK.

ASOS fashion main consumers are in between the age of 16 to 34 years old. ASOS attracts more than 13. 6 million unique visitors monthly to their site. Last September 30th, 2011 they had 6. 3 million registered users and 3. 7 million consumers had purchased their goods base from 160 countries in a period of 12 months. ASOS supplies products from major leading fashion designers a lot of their customers trust the quality & prompt delivery of their product when they buy clothes via online.

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They also are fashion free of animal cruelty. They do not permit the use of fur or endangered animal skin in any of their brand products. They ensure that their suppliers does not come from endangered species and all product produced is ethically and without cruelty. Their entire product is environmentally friendly. In the period of 9 years, www. ASOS. com has become in a big reference in online shopping. ASOS The current European economic crisis has not effect much on their monthly revenue.

One factor that the customers say about ASOS is that you can find many kinds of clothes and different tendencies. They also mention that ASOS is trustworthy and have changed their perspective on buying a product online through their site. ASOS was established in 2000, in just 11 years they have grown and expanded widely that it has become most preferred online store as they have a very reliable. Moreover, ASOS have achieved many awards and participate in many charities even or organizations.

Here are few among many awards that they have won; E-Commerce Awards excellent recognition in September 2002, Business XL the best company of the year, in 2007, or Best Online Shop in November 2010.


At the moment ASOS is a huge reference for European and American consumers. They are not so many people that know about ASOS in Asia, but they are trying to grow and extend to new markets. It is becoming an important website for online purchases.

In just 10 years, ASOS has conquered many markets in the online clothes-selling field, and it continues to be famous. Their secret is that they offer large selection of products that are up-to-date on the market. They also add lots of information about each product they are selling. You can find the latest fashion clothes and any kind of style depending of your preferences and taste. Besides for the fashion lovers, www. ASOS. com have different blogs for their costumers that want to discuss about fashion, about clothes, in a great online environment.

Furthermore, for the real fashion lovers, ASOS offer a succulent and interesting meeting place where customers can login and upload their own fashion photos, comments and disccuss with all the fashion lovers in the world. That makes ASOS even more relyiable for new buyers. ASOS want to create a fashion world where the people can enjoy their hobbie and share their passion for fashion. Their main vision is to create a place where people can be what they want to be, where they can innovate together while being part of ASOS success story.

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