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Asos, a Company History

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ASOS was created in June of 2000 by UK indigens Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths. ASOS. an acronym for ‘As Seen On Screen. ’ was a little online concern based out of the UK that duplicated famous person inspired merchandises. Today they have over 1000 employees and over 50. 000 points of manner. From emulating famous person manners. they now are puting the tendencies. In 2001. the company was admitted to the London Stock Exchange. and the company rapidly grew from at that place.

In 2004 ASOS developed their ain label for Women and in 2005.

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Asos, a Company History
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launched a beauty line. In 2007 they launched their ain men’s line every bit good as the highly popular publication ‘ ASOS magazine. ‘ In the 10 old ages after the concern was foremost created. the company became highly successful going the figure one independent retail merchant in the United Kingdom. In 2010 started to ramify out of the UK. ASOS launched web sites in France. Spain. Italy. Australia. Germany and the USA. which made them an international well-known trade name.

Merely in this past twelvemonth they besides launched their site in Russia. Today their website brings over 17. 5 million visitants month and as of 2012 they have 4. 4 million active clients from 160 states. ASOS offers merchandises under its ain label every bit good as 3rd party trade names. These trade names offer merchandises in womenswear. menswear. footwear. accoutrements. jewellery every bit good as beauty. ASOS appears to be in a ageless province of growing as their company seems to spread out by the minute offering over 1000s of new merchandises a month.

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