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Stereotyping is usually connected to race, gender or demographic location. M going to illustrate stereotyping by means of the examples below. Rugby supporters are white, beer drinking males with beer bellies. Women are to stay home and cook for families, doing their clothing and raise babies. Annealed rugby supporters are rude and drunk closured. 2. Paragraph 2 discusses the ways in which “dodgy racial politics” have “quietly found a home” among the youth. Provide the reasons (from the passage) why people seem oblivious to the racist content of some animated movies.

The reasons why people seem oblivious to the racist content of some animated movies are primarily because: Parents are too tired busy doing homework and the television set are a companion for the child; Talking animals are cute and innocent and the children love them. The modern life style does not give much time for the family and the television set are a way of keeping children occupied and quiet. 3. Describe the subtle racial prejudices that are present in the ROI 2 animated movie.

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Focus specifically on the portrayal of black as well as Hispanic people. The lead characters in ROI 2 are Blue and jewel and they are voiced by white Americans. Jewel however was born and raised in ROI. Jewel’s father is voiced by Cuban-born Andy Garcia and her aunt by Puerco Rica-born Rata Moreno. As a lead character Jewel however must be voiced by a white voice, Anne Hathaway. The African-American actors, Jamie Fox and Tracy Morgan are voicing a hip-hop fluent bird and a dim-witted bulldog.

ROI 2 gives us a clear indication how the racial pyramid works in the animated movies industry. White voices for the characters on top or in the lead, other ethnicities below and the darkest skinned characters at the bottom. 4. In the penultimate paragraph, the author says that “They could put a warning n the certificate: “Contains mild fantasy violence, very mild language, a white- supremacist subtext, and grotesquely derogatory portrayals of ethnic minorities. ” What inference can we make from this statement?

The inference we can make from this statement is that we must warn people that by letting our children watch these movies; we are raising them to be racist. We unconsciously are teaching them to be racist. They grew up with the idea that white people are supreme to other ethnic groups. The author sees it in the same seriousness as the warnings on liquor and tobacco products. He strongly feels that the viewers and the parents of the viewers must be warned against the racist stereotyping found in these animated movies. . After a careful reading of this article, summaries in less than 50 words the author’s views on how Hollywood animated movies stereotype African- Americans. Avoid quoting whole sentences from the passage. African Americans are portrayed as lazy, dumb, illiterate and people who likes a lifestyle of partying. The movies Madagascar, ROI 2 and Dumb are evident of this. They are not to voice the leading characters and this evident in movies like ROI 2, Dumb and Madagascar.

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