Understanding a demographic composition for workforces

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The demographic composing of the universe ‘s work force has changed dramatically changed in the recent old ages. This work force now includes more dual-earner twosomes who have duty for the attention of kids or aged dependants, every bit good as more dual-professional twosomes where both have callings, non merely occupations ( Bond, Galinsky, & A ; Swanberg, 1998 ) . “ Working patterns that acknowledge and purpose to back up the demands of staff in accomplishing a balance between their places and working lives ” ( HEBS 2002 ) . Nowadays in the concern universe, work Life Balance is deriving more importance as it can supply concerns with more chances for success.

Every twelvemonth the emphasis cost in UK concerns are estimated upto 3.7 billion and the loss of around 80 million on the job yearss. Stress can either come from work related factors or place related factors. Lot of employees find troubles in organizing work duties along with place responsibilities.A A A This research attempts to research the patterns of work life balance through practical position, concentrating on the current scenario and bing challenges. ToA make this survey more meaningful and productive, it adopts a instance survey attack with mention to Tata Consulting Services, a taking IT service company in India.

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“ Achieving a good balance between work and household committednesss is a turning concern for modern-day employees and administrations. There is now mounting grounds associating work-life instability to cut down wellness and well-being among persons and households. It is non surprising so that there is increasing involvement among organizational stakeholders ( e.g. CEOs, HR managers ) for presenting work-life balance policies in their administrations. “ ( Kalliath, Brough 2008 )

All the administrations are formed merely with the aid of people. A company is said to be gifted if it has a good maintained human resource. Administrations are greatly depended on people. Balance is really of import, employees will ever necessitate it and administration can non disregard it. Successful administration can non afford to lose their good employees. Each one of us has different duties, demands, desires etc. The precedences are ever conflicting. Leading administrations will hold exceeding leaders who will make the work environment in such a manner that accomplishing work life balance would be really easy. ( Spinks, Nora 2004 )

“ Harmonizing to David Clutterbuck ( 2003 ) work-life balance is being cognizant of different demands on clip and energy, holding the ability to do picks in the allotment of clip and energy, cognizing what values to use to picks, doing picks ” . Most of the employees would hold that pull offing work and life its non really easy and this scenario is same for many old ages. In fact menace of work life balance is increasing in recent old ages.

Achieving work life balance can non be done merely by the employee entirely, it should be supported by the employer, employee, household and community. It is a group undertaking, a individual employee can non accomplish it by himself. A chair can equilibrate merely if it has four legs, conceive of what happens when you sit in three legged chair we evidently fall down. Likewise to equilibrate life and work all the people involved in it are responsible to equilibrate it. Success is ever achieved because of squad work. New inventions and engineering has merely increased the emphasis in workers life but in no manner has helped them achieve work life balance. ( Spinks, Nora 2004 )

The purpose of the survey is to look into the grounds of work life balance policies and patterns within a instance survey of a organisation-Tata Consulting Services.

The survey possesses four. of import aims. They are as follows:

To reexamine anterior research on Work Life Balance in today ‘s concern universe.

To research the extent of Work Life Balance policies and patterns in Tata Consulting Services

To measure the effectivity of Work Life Balance constabularies.

To do recommendations for farther research to better Work Life Balance patterns.

Structure of study:
The study existences with the debut followed by the methodological analysis of research adopted. It is so followed by chapter three which widely discusses a assortment of literature related to the subject of survey. Chapter four is the instance analysis which gives indepth cognition about the company ‘s current policies and pattern with respect to the subject. It is followed by chapter five in which decision and farther recommendations to the present plans and policies are given. The concluding chapter is the automatic study. All the chapters are internally sub divided.

Research is considered to be a list of academic activities in order to happen a solution to a realistic job, which is wholly backed by literature ( Selvam, 2004 ) . To carry on the research in proper manner, each research worker must follow a method ( Kumar, 2005 ) , which is defined as s system of process to happen the reply for a research job ( Selvam, 2004 ) . For the successful completion, this research besides adopts a methodological analysis which is discussed below.

Why TCS as the instance survey?
TCS is a good recognised and reputed IT house in India runing across many states in the universe. It has been awarded the best IT employer in India ( Press Trust of India, 2007 ) . It was ranked 5th in Bloomberg Business hebdomad ‘s Tech 100, a ranking for universe ‘s best executing engineering companies ( Tata 2010 ) . They have about 165000 employees ( Tata 2010 ) and the importance of WLB will decidedly be present in this company of high criterions.

Data Collection
Primary informations:
In this type of research information are collected through market studies, telephone interviews, questionnaire, group interview. The research worker straight approaches the concern people to acquire information. This research can be customised based on the demands of the survey. Since the information are straight collected by the research worker the degree of truth in high. ( Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill 2009 )

Secondary informations:
In this type of research information are gathered by reanalysing informations that has already been written or collected for some other intent. Secondary research attack is used in this survey every bit good. Secondary informations include both natural information and published sum-ups. ( Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill, 2009 ) . Research workers have classified secondary informations into assortments of types. ( Dale et Al. 1988, Hakim 1982 ) The chief bomber groups of secondary informations are documental informations, survey-based informations and multiple beginnings. ( Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill, 2006 )

Documentary secondary informations are used in research undertakings which besides use primary informations. Documentary secondary informations include written stuffs such as electronic mails, studies, proceedingss of meetings, administration ‘s informations base, administration ‘s website etc and non written stuffs such as voice recordings, picture, pictures etc. ( Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill, 2006 )

Survey-based secondary informations includes the information collected utilizing studies and questionnaires that have already been analysed for some original intent. This type of informations is collected based on three study schemes: nose counts, regular studies, ad- hoc studies.

Multiple-source secondary informations can be based on documental or survey-based secondary informations. It besides includes informations from assorted other paperss such as books, diaries, authorities publications etc.

In this survey documental secondary informations and multiple-source secondary informations are used.

Research Approach:
The survey embraces inductive attack as it forms a decision from the analysis of unrecorded patterns traveling on within the company. ( Saunders et. al. , 2000 ) .

Alternatively of following explanatory or descriptive theoretical accounts, the survey adopts explorative attack as the research explores and analyses the pattern and policies in WLB at Tata Consulting Services. This attack will be utile and valuable to accomplish the needed consequence. ( Emory, 2000 )

Time Horizon:
The survey goes through the alterations and development within Tata confer withing services refering its Work Life Balance patterns and policies. It is a research affecting alterations over clip which is known as longitudinal survey ( Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill, 2008 ) . The research besides surveies the observations over a defined clip which is called as cross sectional survey ( Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill, 2008 ) . So this research uses both longitudinal and transverse sectional theoretical accounts with regard to clip skyline.

Literature Reappraisal:
For the successful completion of a research it is necessary to discourse assorted literatures related to the subject of survey. It will supply the research worker with ample thoughts and informations on bing positions and contradictions between different findings. This will besides do the survey excess productive with more penetrations. The information in this chapter are collected after critical rating, from text books, academic diaries and believable web beginnings.

Specifying Work Life Balance ( WLB ) :
Work Life Balance is term which fits all the workers, low paid, high paid. Harmonizing to Jim Bird, CEO of Worklifebalance.com, “ Work-life balance is meaningful accomplishment and enjoyment in mundane life. ” Today the economic conditions and societal demands have changed the function of work. Work Life balance is associated with equilibrium and its people ‘s ability to keep work and life at the same time.

There are three facets of work/life balance: ( i ) Time balance, which includes the sum of clip spent on work and non work activities, ( two ) Involvement balance, which means the degree of engagement and committedness towards both work and non work life ( three ) Satisfaction balance, which indicates the degree of satisfaction in the work and non work life ( Greenhaus, Collins & A ; Shaw, 2003 ) .

The above theoretical account of WLB gives a broader attack to it. It has three constituents such as clip, engagement and satisfaction. For illustration when a individual he or she spends 2 yearss a hebdomad at work and the remainder of the yearss with his or her household there may be an instability in clip but his engagement and satisfaction would be balanced. Likewise when a individual he or she spends about 36 per hebdomad and work and does non bask his or her work and pass remainder of the clip making activities of their involvement, he or she may be balanced in clip but instability in engagement and satisfaction. So WLB is multi-faceted. It should be viewed from assorted prospectives. ( Greenhaus, Collins & A ; Shaw, 2003 )

A Balance of Family, Work and Life:
Earlier Work Life balance was referred to as Work/Family balance. This is because the term household has become more broaden now. Today household non merely refers to kids but many other non work functions such as boy friend/girl friend, relationships with same sex, shared parenting, other societal web communities etc which has shifted work/family balance to work life balance.

The of import activities in life other than work would include athleticss, exercising, surveies, avocations, leisure activities, taking attention of aged etc. Elder attention has become a turning issue for many workers than kid attention. ( Shoptaugh, Phelps & A ; Visio, 2004 ) Homes for aged have been increasing in many topographic points particularly in states like India.WLB is no longer see to be merely for adult female or workers who work for really long hours. It affects all the employees, white neckband, bluish neckband, under paid, even unemployed at times.

WLB Programs and policies in USA:
As in all other topographic points the concern for WLB is increased in United States besides. They companies started to offer a figure of plans in order to keep a proper balance between work and life. The followers are few plans of WLB.

Child Care

Elderly Care

Flexible Working

Leave ( pregnancy, paternity )


Gym Facilities

Employee Assistant Programs


Concierge Servicess

Other than the above mentioned plans many other fringe benefits like company autos, house, free flight tickets, and many other allowances are given to actuate the higher governments of the company.

Though many U.S administrations have started work-life plans and policies but most of them have non changed their organizational civilization to back up their employees and directors who wish to utilize work-life options. ( David Rodburne, 1996 )

Child Care:
In US over 62.8 % of the households have double income families. This has made the employers to increase plans for kid attention. In house kid attention, after school plans are some of the plans offered by the employers to employees for their kids.

Flexible Working:
This is the most common advantage given by most of the employers to their workers. Any worker would be happy to acquire flexible working hours. Flexible working includes portion clip occupation, flexitime, occupation sharing, one-year hours, compressed hours, Shift working, work from place. In portion clip occupations employees work well lesser hours than the normal full clip employees. Flexitime allows the employees to take their timings within a set bound. Employees are required to work during the nucleus hours and must work for mandatory figure of hours. ( Acas 2007 )

Job sharing is besides encouraged in some administrations. Job sharing is a type of work where two people portion the work of one full clip occupation. It is nil but two portion clip occupations. In instance one-year hours the employers define the entire figure of working hours in a contract to the employees. Employers are contracted to work for set displacements which covers most of the hours and may be called for unallocated displacements within short notice. Compressed hours does non cut down the working hours alternatively the employees work excess hours. For illustration an employee will work an hr supernumerary for 9 yearss and will acquire the tenth twenty-four hours off. ( Acas 2007 )

Shift working agencies different employees are replaced for the same occupation within 24 hours. Shifts can be forenoon, midday or dark. Administrations which operate 24 hours follow this type of flexible working. Work from place is where the employee can work from place but non all hebdomad. They can even work from some other location apart from place. ( Acas 2007 )

Leave ( Maternity, Paternity ) :
Maternity leave is given by most of the employers in the recent old ages. Paternity leave has gained importance in recent old ages after go throughing the Family and Medical Leave Act. The ground for go throughing this Act was to standardize household go forth for all the employees. In US presently its lower limit of 12 hebdomads but some companies do offer more leave.

Vacation clip in US is one country which is non associated with any statute law. So each company offer holiday harmonizing to their company policy. Most of them provide a lower limit of 2 hebdomads for new employees. Employees with more experience receive more holiday period. Since there is difference the holiday period of all the companies, this acts every bit competitory advantage ( Parsons, 2002 ) .

This is a new construct from the development of engineering and cyberspace. It allows white collar employers to work from place by associating to company ‘s web and to complete occupation from place. Telecommuting reduces the commutation clip and gives flexible clip for the employers. About 30 % of the companies in US usage teleworking ( Parsons, 2002 ) .

WLB Policies and Programs in the European Union:
The EU states have different cultural attack towards Work Life Balance than that of US. Its attacks depend upon the cultural features of the member states. “ In March of 2000, the Gallic Presidency administered a set of questionnaires to the EU states to garner informations about work life balance indexs so that overall EU guidelines could be recommended. ” ( Euro stat working documents )

Some of prevailing WLB plans in EU are as follows:

Work Hourss:
The Council of EU in 1995 suggested 48 hr work per hebdomad to protect the wellness of the workers. Today the working hours varies in the EU states. Harmonizing to a study published by the Trade Union Congress in the twelvemonth 2000, British employees were working on an norm of 43.6 hours per hebdomad, France 39.6, Italy 38.5 and Germany 40.1 ( The Engineer, February 2, 2001 ) . In France workers are who work more than 35 hours a hebdomad are given fillips. Flexible timings are become popular in EU states every bit good. In the UK portion clip occupations are really much in tendency.

Paternity Leave:
Paternity leave is new to some EU states. But in Denmark this is existed for the past 20 old ages. In recent old ages paternity leave is granted to male parents besides. In UK paternity leave began merely 2003, two hebdomads paid paternity leave ( Parsons, 2002 ) .

The EU in 1993 recommended that the employees should have four hebdomads compulsory holiday. This varies in each EU states. The EU states are encompassing flexible vacation policies ( Parsons, 2002 ) .

Child Care:
Child attention plans in EU states is been developing for the past twosome of old ages. As more work forces and adult females started to work the concern for kid attention is increasing. Child attention subsidies are available throughout EU. UK is said to the most expensive topographic point for kid attention. Parents spend more for kid attention in UK than any other EU states ( Parsons, 2002 ) .

“ Research from a UK Labour Force Survey, conducted by industry analyst Data proctor shows that 1.7 million people, about six per centum of Britons, now telecommute at least one twenty-four hours a hebdomad ” . ( The Financial Times, January 31,2002 )

This would hold decidedly increased to 50 % by now. The chief ground for this is because of employee ‘s willingness to equilibrate their work life in a better manner. Telecommuting is prevailing in other EU states every bit good.

Work Life Balance in India:
India ‘s civilization when compared to other states like US and UK is considered to be really different. The positions upon WLB besides differ in India. India is an emerging economic system and concerns for work life balance are besides increasing. In India household support for work life balance is normally given by the drawn-out household like in-laws, hubby etc.

Today many administrations, particularly IT industry have started to present WLB plans. Flexible working is deriving popularity. Employee can avail portion clip occupations, occupation sharing options, telecommuting etc. In India IT industry which has pioneered WLB policies to increase the employees ‘ productiveness and retain them.

Child attention Centres are increasing in few metropoliss but are still non common in most of the rural countries. Earlier Elder attention Centre did non be in India. It used to be their civilization to look after the aged people in the household. But now the tendencies are altering. Homes for senior are increasing in India.

Institutional support is hapless in India. Though there are many Government Acts, they non decently implemented. Some of the of import Government Acts are The Maternity Benefits Act 1961, The Factories Act of 1948, The Indian Penal codification amended ( 1869 ) subdivision 509 which aimed at sexual torment at work topographic point.

Under The Maternity Benefits Act 1961, employers are entitled to give 12 hebdomads paid pregnancy leave to its adult females employees. The employers can non disregard the employee during her pregnancy leave, it is improper to make so. Apart from this employee should acquire two nursing interruptions till the babe is 15 months old.

Harmonizing the Factories Act, a mill is said to b a administration where a lower limit of 10 labors are working and who are involved in fabrication.

If the mill has minimum of 30 workers it must supply kid attention for kid less than six old ages. The Act besides provides the figure of working hours for the workers, one-year paid leave, limitations sing over clip. ( Bhargava, 1996 ; Jain & A ; Agarwal, 1995 ) The Indian Government policies does non straight cover with equilibrating work /life. There are many spreads in turn toing these issues.

Boom of Information and Technology in India:
From the late 1990 ‘s Indian economic system saw great roar in Information and Technology ( IT ) sector. The IT sector begun to follow the work manner from western states like US, UK etc. Employees were expected to work 24 hours and 365 yearss. The recent roar in outsourcing has increased tardily dark working hours enormously. Once this sector started to boom, a batch adult females workers were attracted to IT sector. Heavy work burden, high work hours, late dark work in IT sector has made work life balance really hard. Though many IT companies have provided many installations like kid attention, gym, amusement installations etc it has merely increased the emphasis of equilibrating work and household. ( Uma Devi 2002 )

The Indian Government policies does non straight cover with work life balance issues and most of the policies are non followed by many administrations. The private companies particularly in IT sector seems to give importance to work life balance and have figure of WLB plans.

Work Life Balance plans have become a portion of HR patterns in transnational companies because of the demands of immature work forces and adult females workers and besides a tool to retain their employees. For illustration many companies like Merck Sharp and Dohme, Procter and Gamble, Wipro, Infosys, Tata etc provide wellness and hospitalization benefits to all its employees. Many local BPO companies in India are besides acquiring the consciousness of Work Life Balance for illustration a local BPO in Delhi has created in house kid attention installations.

Reduced Labour Cost

Employee Retention

Net income

Employee Satisfaction

Work Life Balance Culture

Effective Business Procedures

Sales/Customer Retention

Productivity, Creativity etc

Customer Satisfaction

Employee Wellbeing

Work Life Culture Profit Chain
Policy and Practice:
Policies and pattern are non ever followed. Earlier in the survey we discussed approximately many policies and pattern used in different states and companies. Not all of this WLB plans are practiced and run successfully most of them fail to follow it. The five facet to be identified by the administrations while trying to accomplish work life balance to their employees are:

Managerial Support

Career Consequences

Time Expectations

Gendered Percepts

Co-worker Support ( Mcdonald, Bradley & A ; Bond, 2005 )

Managerial Support:
Directors play a really of import function in cut downing the work/life struggles. It is the director ‘s custodies to promote or deter an employee to take up the work life balance plans. ( Perlow, 1995 ; Thompson, Thomas & A ; Maier, 1992 ) Manager ‘s support has great impact on employee ‘s determination to take up WLB programs/benefits. It is besides noted that employees good supported by their directors have less work/life struggles.

Career Consequences:
The 2nd factor which reduces the use of WLB plans is career effects. One of the best illustrations for this is portion clip work. Part clip workers have the calling disadvantage which was foremost discovered by Schwartz ( 1989 ) . They receive less preparation, low wage and barely acquire promoted to higher places. But this scenario is easy altering now. Many administrations promote their gifted portion clip workers to full clip.

Time Expectations:
The 3rd factor that hinders the WLB plans is the administration ‘s clip outlooks i.e the figure of hours the employees work, how they use their clip etc. A supportive administration ‘s clip outlook reduces the jobs of work/life balance. Long on the job hours may better the company ‘s productiveness but it will conflict in run intoing employee ‘s duties. “ It has been suggested that administrations could travel towards more supportive clip outlooks by loosening managerial control while furthering high productiveness through outcome-oriented employee rating. ” ( Glassy & A ; Finley 2002 )

Gendered Percepts:
Although most of the administrations are said to be non-discriminatory and impersonal to both the genders but most of the policies revolve in easing balance for adult females. Work forces have certain barriers from utilizing work life balance plans. Work forces have more work force per unit areas like keeping market portion, increasing their net incomes. Promoting work forces to utilize the work life plans is really of import. Paternity leave is now available for work forces besides.

Co-Worker Support:
The 5th factor which will assist in accomplishing work life balance is co worker support. “ Kirby & A ; Krone ( 2002 ) , for illustration, explored the positions of employees in a finance administration about the execution and use of work/life balance policies. They found that attitudes expressed by colleagues illustrated how the building of work/life benefits was affected by factors such as outlooks of concern travel for employees with and without household

duties ; orientations of individuality and meritocracy ; and traditional separations between public and private domains. ” Therefore the reactions of colleagues towards the WLB policy users must be considered by the directors.

Advantages of work life balance plans:
Growth and Profit impact: If the employees of an administration work stressfully it will decidedly impact its growing and net income. A well defined work life scheme would assist to take the emphasis and work force per unit area from the employees and this would ensue in better productiveness and increase the return on investing.

Full Engagement and client service: Administration with nerve-racking employees who are out of balance will greatly cut down their engagement in work and their services to the clients. This will impact the growing of the company. So if the work force has balance with work and life they can endeavor difficult to work toward the aims of the company and accomplish client satisfaction. So effectual work life schemes straight consequences in good being of the company every bit good as employees.

Competitive advantage for endowment: The recent addition in the figure immature workers besides increased their outlooks towards positive work life civilization. The workers expect the employers to understand that work is non the lone thing in their life, they besides have other of import things in life to be taken attention of. Work life balance issues are one of of import grounds for employees to discontinue their occupation. So effectual work like balance plans and policies will decidedly assist the companies to retain their gifted work force and act as competitory advantage.

Health-care cost solution: As cost of wellness attention is lifting it creates a concern on the direction to go proactive about the worker ‘s wellness. So the direction can seek to prosecute the employees in better life manner by making a healthy workplace as cardinal constituent to the solution. ( Bird 2006 )

Retention because of WLB:
WLB plans play an of import function to retain the bing employees. Successful administrations have realised the importance of WLB for keeping ( Cumming, 2004 ) . Infact one of the cardinal grounds for employers to present WLB plans in administrations is to maintain the bing employees alternatively of enrolling new 1s. For successful companies either officially or informally WLB plans are portion of their keeping schemes Flexibility a portion of work life benefits is an of import factor to retain the employees.

Employees prefer remaining with employers who provide flexible working ( Cumming, 2004 ) . WLB plans is used as a selling tool to pull new employees. Campaigners are frequently influenced by the occupation offers and plans given by the employees ( Joshi et. Al, 2000 ) . The cost involved in employee turnover and the loss of companies of import information will be important. A WLB plan offers a solution for these keeping jobs ( Lockwood, 2003 ) .

Work Life Strategy- Individual Difference:
Work Life balance is non the same for everyone. The best WLB plan for new may non be the same for your colleague. A good work life balance for an person who is get downing his or her calling will be different from the individual who is traveling to retire, a individual who is individual will hold different work life balance from the individual who is married. Our ain work life balance may besides alter daily at times. So the company can non place the right work life balance for us, we should place it. ( Bird 2006 )

Brad Harrington, the manager of Boston College ‘s Center for Work & A ; Family, has reflected on past attempts. He says, “ Work-life balance comes down, non to an organisational scheme, but to an single scheme. Often organisational ‘programs ‘ cost a great trade of money and miss the grade for the person, or at least most of the persons. We have built in-house child-care centres that require a big investing in bricks, howitzer, and staffing. They create a batch of visibleness. But at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, what about the 9 out of 10 persons who do n’t hold childs between 1 to 5? ” Harrington does non state the work life balance plans are of no usage but he what feels necessary is “ something that takes it down to the single degree — more aid to the person to assist them screen it out for themselves. ”

Double -Purposes Work and Life Training:
Double intents developing plan is instruction that applies both to scholars ‘ on the occupation lives every bit good as off-job lives. It has been proven to be the quickest manner to accomplish both administration ‘s work aims and person ‘s work life balance. This preparation plan fits all degrees of employees from the senior direction to moo flat workers.

Human resource directors who conduct this preparation plan achieve two major ends. One they increase the committedness, productiveness, keeping of the most valuable workers of their administration and 2nd they make their senior directors and supervisors develop a positive position of the administration at all degrees. From the surveies of worklifebalance.com tonss of corporate and authorities clients have started this double preparation plan. The consequence has impacted the productiveness rate besides. In the survey of over 5000 users of double larning plan attack, 94 % reported on the occupation productiveness addition and 24 % on single productiveness.

Work Life Balance Policies and Practice – Case analysis:
This chapter elaborates the instance analysis, policies and pattern of work life balance in Tata Consulting Service, the Indian IT giant. It gives an in deepness cognition of WLB plans and pattern in the administration.

Company Information:
Tata group of companies operate in seven concern sectors viz. communicating and information engineering, technology, stuffs, services, energy, consumer merchandises and chemicals. Tata Consulting Services ( TCS ) was started in the twelvemonth 1968 with its caput quarters in Mumbai, India. It was formed as a division of Tata Sons Limited ( TSL ) one of India ‘s largest pudding stones. Tata now operates in 42 states and has more than 142 subdivisions around the Earth. ( Tata 2010 )

TCS ‘s first assignment was to supply punch card services for its sister concern Tata Steel. TCS offers a consulting-led, incorporate portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model, recognised as the benchmark of excellence in package development. TCS being of the largest private companies in India has over 130000 persons working in the company. Today, TCS is a taking planetary package company. ( Tata 2010 )

The importance of WLB has been greatly recognised by TCS. Ritu Anand, Vice President and Deputy Head of Global HR, TCS, says: “ The cognition industry is characterised by a really immature and dynamic work force. The new strain of IT professionals aspires for a work environment that is holistic, balanced and complete. A flexible work environment and work-life balance are cardinal drivers of employee satisfaction. “ ( Arora, 2010 )

TCS offers a flexible work environment where employees are given the option to work parttime or work from place under particular fortunes. We offer adoption leave to the parent irrespective of the gender. If some of our female associates choose to stop work for a impermanent period of clip due to household committednesss and rejoin the administration at a ulterior phase, continuity of service is considered. Employees besides have the option to travel for sabbaticals, ” she adds.

TCS encourages all its employees to keep a balance between work and life. To do it easy for the employees to accomplish it TCS offers a broad scope of benefits and plans to its employees. The following are the benefits offered by TCS to its employees.

Bouquet of Benefits:
This is a plan offered by TCS to its employees, where the employees can plan their ain benefits bundle. Each employee will hold different demands of benefits. So this plan BoB allows them to take the benefits harmonizing to their ain demands. All the employees are entitled to this plans but the scope of benefits differs for each degree of employees. Few illustrations of the benefits offered are house rent allowance, nutrient vouchers, conveyance allowance, assorted medical, personal allowance etc. ( Knowmax, 2008 )

Technetium does understand the importance of holding a healthy work force to construct a productive work topographic point. For TCS, wellbeing of their employees and households is really of import. TCS provides Health Insurance Scheme to its employees which provide best category insurance at subsidised cost. This strategy protects the employees every bit good their households. It protects the employees from fiscal loss during any accident or medical issues. ( Knowmax, 2008 )

Every employee in TCS is allowed to take leave for fixed figure of yearss as defined in the internal policy of TCS. Leave may be availed under different leave types such as ill leave, pregnancy leave etc. TCS provides pregnancy leave as per the Maternity Act 1961, i.e. 12 hebdomads leave. The employees of TCS acquire 7 yearss insouciant paid leave in a twelvemonth. This leave if non used gets accumulated in the coming old ages. The employees are besides entitled to take 10 yearss paid ill leave in a twelvemonth. ( Knowmax, 2008 )

Fringe benefits:
Fringe benefits are certain extra benefits given to certain class of employees entirely. Earlier in TCS company autos were provided to employees of certain class, but now auto allowance is provided every month so that the employee can buy or rent a auto of his ain pick. The auto allowance sum is exempt from income revenue enhancement. ( Knowmax, 2008 )

Employee Wellbeing:
Employee Wellbeing Plan by TCS is an attack to supply the employees with lovingness and supportive workplace so that they get a sense of belonging and committedness towards the company. TCS believes such plan will make an environment where employees get higher motive, committedness to remain in the company and encourages protagonism by employees about the Company to their familiarities outside the Company. TCS besides believes that a well designed Employee Wellbeing Program and policies goes a long manner towards heightening employee battle. ( Knowmax, 2008 )

Loans and Progresss:
TCS understands that many employees will undergo fiscal troubles or fiscal demands for any planned personal disbursals like constructing a house or any exigencies. Hence TCS provides its employees loans and progresss which the employees can avail for specific intents. The employees can refund the sum harmonizing to a convenient refund program which reduced their fiscal load. ( Knowmax, 2008 )

Most of the employees would see troubles in transposing particularly driving during extremum traffic hours, going in crowded public conveyance would be truly nerve-racking. As a portion of employee wellbeing plan, TCS provided convenient and comfy conveyance installations to the employees for transposing from office to a topographic point nearer to place. ( Knowmax, 2008 )

Work Life Balance Programs/Policies in TCS:
Holiday Homes Policy:
TCS understands the demand of work life balance for their employees and so encourages the employees to loosen up themselves from work and travel to holiday to pass some quality clip with their household. Planing a holiday, booking tickets, adjustment may all be a hard undertaking and disbursal every bit good. For this ground TCS lends support to the employees by allowing them remain in TCS Holiday Homes. TCS Holiday Homes are located in many locations across India. These places are provided at really nominal rate and besides supply a comfy stay.

This policy is available to all the full clip employees in TCS. The employees can utilize the vacation places for upper limit of 4 back-to-back yearss. There no bound on the figure times a employee uses holiday places during his/her term of office. ( Knowmax 2008 )

Pulse is TCS ‘s one-year Employee Satisfaction Survey. This study is conducted every twelvemonth to step and understand employee ‘s attitude, motive, satisfaction, sentiments. It helps the company to cognize its employees better. Based on the study necessary alterations are made harmonizing to the employees need to do the workplace better and easier to work. TCS ever believes in uninterrupted betterment and giving best to its employees. Through Pulse suggestions are welcomed and defects are ascertained. ( Knowmax 2008 )

The word ‘Maitree ‘ agencies Friendship. TCS has bought great significance to this word and translated it into the “ Spirit of Camaraderie ” with meaningful societal activities for the employees and their households.

Anand, Vice President and Deputy Head of Global HR, TCS, goes on to state that “ at TCS, they strive to do work a joyful experience and promote work-life balance through “ Maitree ” , a alone platform for all employee engagement activities. Different nines like Theatre Club, Bibliophile Club, Adventure and Trekking Club, Fitness Club, Sanctuary Club, Music Club and Community Services Club, among others facilitate merriment at work. These nines organise assorted activities like yoga, dance lessons, music competitions, trekking expeditions, athleticss activities, regular visits to NGOs, among other activities for TCS employees ” . ( Arora 2010 )

Maitree besides involves the battle of households of the employees. An illustration of this would be on Family Day, all the employees bring their household members to the workplace and take around the workplace. Fun activities like picture, games, films etc for kids of the employees are organised. This creates a bond non merely with employee and administration but besides with their household and helps to drive keeping. ( Arora 2010 )

Biswabijoy Sen, Associate Consultant with TCS, says that the “ Maitree has greatly helped him to equilibrate work and life. Sen, the lead vocalist of TCS band “ Kollage ” , recalls that the six-member set had been given a topographic point for practise after the office hours, and all the equipment was bought by the company. We besides released an album, ‘June ‘ , which was greatly appreciated by TCSers. What was truly encouraging is that our CEO took a personal involvement in the devising of the album, ” he says. ( Arora 2010 )

Maitree apart tie ining with employees and their household besides does societal activities to certain communities which will be benefitted from assisting manus. Other plans initiated by Maitree are employability to otherwise abled, HIV/AIDS sensitisation and equal instruction, Green Audits to look into the extra ingestion of H2O, electricity and H2O etc.Maitree has an official web site www.maitree.com. This site enables the members of maitre throughout the universe to reach each other and maintain in touch. ( Knowmax 2008 )

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