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Essay – Job Choosing

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Choosinga particular job is a hard decision. Many things have to be considered about thepossible place of employment to make the job search as beneficial as possible.

The salary, benefits, commute time, and location are among the important toreview. To further explore this question, the location will be considered morein depth. The location of the job opportunity also includes all of thedemographic information that is needed to make a decision. This geographic andstatistical information plays a major role in selection of a certain job in acertain area.

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Essay – Job Choosing
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The main demographic areas that are mainly considered are:? Median income ? Home value ? Population ? Cost ofLiving ? Crime These main statistics are the core to which the jobselection relative to choice of residency is to be considered. An article byDonald Houston in Urban Studies suggests that, jobs are closely relatedto the surrounding neighborhoods(Houston). This further explains theimportance of selecting the right area based on other aspects than just the jobitself. For technical careers, such as the computer and information technologyjobs, the possibilities for employment are endless.

According to an article inU.S. News and World Report, technical fields are booming and the careeropportunities are limitless(Saltzman). The article goes on to explain thattech jobs are expected to grow by 1.4 million from 1992 and 2005, and jobopenings will double in the decade ahead(Saltzman). Because of theseprophecies made, the options that a person can explore searching for aninformation technology job are endless. Because of the abundance of these jobs,the seeker can look more closely at the geographic and demographic benefits ofthe surrounding areas. Within the Baltimore and surrounding areas, many placesof interest are available that have job opportunities. The job locations thatwill be considered include Owings Mills, Bel Air, Laurel, Gaithersburg,Columbia, and Annapolis. Also, in a broader level, some aspects of the countiesin which these selected cities are located will explored. They all have similar,yet different locations relative to the Baltimore area, which is the generalarea to be explored. In addition, each employment opportunity holds true to berelatively equal to one another by further exploration including the type of joband the salary. This will put more emphasis on the geographic and demographicfeatures of the selected cities and not on the employment opportunity itself. Asmentioned earlier, the main points of interest to e considered within theselected cities are income, home value, population, cost of living, and thecrime. This will prove to be all of the necessary information needed to selectan area that is most suitable and is the best possible personal choice inregards to the demographic information provided in relation to the job itself.

More importantly, this information will be accessed using Arcviews esridataand the Homeview webpage. In addition to the basic demographic data provided,many others will be added additionally. Crime rate, cost of living, and theration of blacks to whites will be explored and included with the original datacollected. Upon research of the relevant cities that the possible employmentopenings exist, the following results were allocated: Owings Mills (Balt.

County)– ? City pop- 33,833 ? Median income- $41,764 ?Home value- $160,000 ? County pop- 722,700 ? Crime index- 133(U.S. average = 100) ? Cost living index- 102 (U.S. average = 100)? 15 miles from Baltimore city; 35 miles from D.C. Laurel (Prince GeorgesCounty)– ? City pop- 21,851 ? Median income- $44,651 ?Home value- $126,000 ? Crime index- 109 ? Cost living index- 96.8? 20 miles from Baltimore city and D.C. Bel Air (Harford County)–? City pop- 10,049 ? Median income- $42,994 ? Home value-$149,800 ? Crime index- 14 ? Cost living index- 99.9 ? 23miles from Baltimore city Gaithersburg (Montgomery County) ? City pop-11,000 ? Median income- $55,730 ? Home value- $180,000 ?Crime index- 237 ? Cost living index- 110 ? 24 miles from D.C.

Annapolis (Anne Arundel County) ? City pop- 33,200 ? Medianincome- $36,833 ? Home value- $189,000 ? Crime index- 154 ?Cost living index- 112 ? 30 miles from Baltimore city and D.C. Columbia(Howard County) ? City pop- 84,986 ? Median income- $56,179? Home value- $185,000 ? Crime index- 100 ? Cost livingindex- 110 ? 21 miles from Baltimore city; 24 miles from D.C. Theresearch and data presented above poses valuable points of interest that dealswith the analysis and search for the optimal area to both live and work. Thesolution to this problem is evident upon completion of the analysis of theevident data gathered. The solution to this will be different for everyone.

Personal opinion and background can change everything from one to another. Thefinal conclusion that I personally derived was based on the valuable demographicand personal findings of each jobs city. From the income, home value, andcrime rate, I found the basic background characteristics of each city. Inaddition, the population and proximity to the D.C. and Baltimore city areas werehelpful in making my decision. The analysis of each jobs surrounding city isas follows: Owings Mills seemed very attractive to me at first, but just thethought of Reisterstown Road traffic made me cringe. Also, the proximity to badareas and a relatively high crime rate turned me away. On a better note, OwingsMills is very close to Baltimore and may have been my choice if it had apredominate upper-middle class society. Laurel did not attract me at all. I hadno desire to live in Prince Georges county and the low home value turned me sourcompletely. Also, the crime rate is above the U.S.s average. Bel Air is avery attractive sight to settle down. The citys population is low, the crimerate is almost nothing, and the majority of the citizens are of upper-middleclass descent. I had to turn away from this choice because of the fact that Ifelt that I had to move away from the place that I grew up and get out on myown.


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