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Depression after spiking with Mr. Nothing

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Any previous record of anxiety, stress, depression After speaking with Mr. Nosing, he states that he has never been diagnosed with any previous episodes of stress/anxiety/depression in the past. Description of relevant medical issues understand from Mr. Nosing that he has been absent from work due to work related stresses and triggers. Mr. Nosing has discussed with me, work related conflicts and issues that have resulted in him being absent from work over the past two weeks.

He reports as to how much work has affected his present health; how he perceives there is a lack of communication between him and mom of his other colleagues and managers.

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Depression after spiking with Mr. Nothing
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He perceives that he is receiving less favorable treatment within work and this has caused him induced stress and anxiety. He says that he has presented around 6 grievances over the past 7 months to management; in his perception none of which have been addressed or acknowledged to date. It is apparent that unless these issues, conflicts and dissatisfaction are discussed and resolved his return to work (ART) remains guarded.

He is not presently on medication as this has not been advised by his General Practitioner (GAP) at the moment. I have today further advised Mr. Nosing regarding the measures that he should take in order to manage his present symptoms more effectively. These include using the EPA to help with the psychological symptoms, how to deal with anxiety and how to formally relax. I advised his that the number required for the personal support line and confidential counseling services is 0800 030 5182. 1 believe that this service would be beneficial for him to be able to better manage and control his symptoms.

He reports to have accessed these services and is presently due to attend his second counseling session later today (5/8/2013). Mr. Nosing remains under the care of the General Practitioner (GAP) for review, and his present fit note expires on the 9/8/2013. It is unknown at this time as to when Mr. Nosing will be fit to return to work (ART) at the moment. Although, it is expected that he will be receiving a further extension of his fit note as he does not feel he is fit enough to ART at this time, until some of his workplace issues are resolved and discussed further. Old suggest that a risk assessment is completed, prior to, or on his return to work, enabling some discussions to take place to decide upon some Seibel alternative options/ alternative employment/redeployment/possible shift changes, if these are appropriate and can be accommodated by the company. Please follow the link if you require further advice from the HOSE: http://. Hose. Gob. UK/stress/standards On Mr. Nosing’s ART and in the In the event that his symptoms deteriorate and further impact on his ability to undertake his work activities, I would recommend that he is referred back to his GAP/therapist/or counselors.

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Depression after spiking with Mr. Nothing. (2018, May 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/assignment-153/

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