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Summary of much ado about nothing

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Leona invites Don John as well. Everyone leaves except Benedict and Claudio. Claudio asks Benedict for his opinion about Hero, but Benedict just teases him, thinking that Claudio joking around. Claudio admits that even if he swears he’ll never marry, as long as Hero wont mind, he would break that promise. “l would scarce trust myself, though I had sworn the contrary, if Hero would be my wife. ” (1 1, 138-139) Don Pedro enters again and joins their conversation.

Benedict tell Don Pedro that Claudio is in love with Hero and wants to marry her, The conversation continues on how Benedict says he will remain a bachelor.

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Summary of much ado about nothing
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“l will do myself the right to trust none; and the fine is, for the which may go the finer, I will live a bachelor. (1, 1,172-173) Don Pedro said he’d help Claudio by talking to Hero’s father and is going to convince Leona to promise Hero to Claudio. At the upcoming party Don Pedro is planning on wearing a mask and disguising himself as Claudio to talk to Hero and win her heart.

Notation’s servant overhears this news and Antonio tells Leona their plan, but the servant misheard so Leona was given false information. ‘The Prince and Count Claudio, walking in a thick-bleached alley in mine orchard, were thus much overheard by a man of mine: the Prince covered to Claudio that he loved my niece your daughter’ (I With this false information, Leona tells his daughter Hero so that she can have an answer prepared if all this comes true.

Don John and Conrad are having a conversation, and we realize that Don John is depressed and seal Broacher enters and joins the conversation, but brings some news. Broacher avgas asked to perfume all the rooms in Leona¶s house. As he was busy with one of the rooms, Don Pedro and Claudio entered and were discussing about Hero, so he quickly hid away. Then Broacher overheard correctly this time – that the Prince would disguise himself as Claudio and try to get Hero’s consent, and once he has, he’ll hand over her to Claudio.

Don John gets an idea from his news and goes immediately to the dance. He has never liked Claudio very much, since Claudio is stopping him from gaining power over Don Pedro, so he’s willing to go to all extents to sabotage Claudio. “This may prove food to my displeasure. That young start-up hath all the glory of my overthrow; if I can cross him any way, I bless myself every way. “

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