Ordain Manufacturing: Improved Data Flow and Security Controls

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Also, we had reviewed he different data flow that would function and improve the proper handling between Ordain and their plants, and which would ensure the best relationship between each department. It would improve the communication in Ordain Manufacturing and, thus, save time and money after it is finally implemented. Security Controls Security and secure ways of doing business should always be an most level of concern in any project.

Security is primarily handled and managed by the operations group, which is the same staff that is responsible for operating in installing security controls and functions such as, Intrusion Protection Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls, and recovery and routine backup operations. Yet, this system developers also share responsibility when it comes to security, especially when it’s inside the IT and information systems. The application architecture should be run on Linux/Unexcused server or Windows 7 Server Edition.

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Data: all the company data must be kept confidential and secure. Any company data, including Radian’s procedures, practices, policies, employee and employment data, etc. , will be held responsible and secured under Ordain Manufacturing. Any and all forms of the data that pertains to the company are lassie and proprietary, and thus, passwords and data encryption will be fully utilized so that only the proper personnel are authorized to access this data.

If any form of this data was to fall into unauthorized or wrong hands, this could be great liability to Ordain. “Lawsuits alone would easily exceed $10 million and the cost of staff to find and reenter paper records would be enormous and certainly would take more than a few weeks” (Dennis, Wisdom, & Roth, 2009). Processes: the application process, as well as other processes, would definitely take advantage from using third-party software. This would permit Ordain Manufacturing to have a security guarantee as well as a warrantee from the third-party vendor.

By using COTS, this would permit Ordain to save money as well as time because programs are already developed and one could get some services and training included, and it would be a long-term quality investment that would save time and money. Any additional software or programs that would later be needed could be programmed in-house as a development project. Interfaces: “Interface design is the process of defining how the system will interact with external entities, e. G. Customers, suppliers, other systems” (Dennis, Wisdom, & Roth, 2009). System interfaces require a high level of security because they are well capable of exchanging different information with other information systems. Password requirements can achieve a high level of security by themselves, and are considered secure methods to manage employee files, private and confident documents, or company tax records. Password requirements also help prevent internal security threats, like employees trying to access another employee’s computer.

Network: one recommendation this consultant has is incorporating a database that is compensative and would be accessible only via a PLAN (Virtual Local Area Network). This allows a trusted employee to update, view, and modify if necessary some basic level information that would be subject to confirmation bias supervisor or other payroll clerk. Access such as this would definitely require the use of a password and surname for security methods. Also, methods of security that would be of a most level would be the three factor authentication method, which would be: surname with password and also a fingerprint scan.

Also, the third-party organizations that handle Radian’s employee’s benefits, like their workers compensation and health benefits, should be audited every year for the purpose of com edited his and accuracy, and this would also ensure the most correct processes within Ordain. Physical Data Flow Diagrams Implementation designs and decisions describe how an information system will work, and one has to know this before designing application logic of the information system.

The physical data flow diagrams of this information would show all the details including, but not limited to, the data stores that refer to the database tables and the files, the human actions or programs that perform the processes, as well as the physical transfer media for those data flows. If one maintains a proper in clear implementation, it will always provide the services that you will expect with complete and accurate results. Ordain wants to resolve the additional issues regarding the implementation and processes of the final changes, as soon as possible.

There will be a meeting next week to discuss this very issue, and this author will work as hard as possible to ensure that all this companies needs will be satisfied and met, and in secure and safe manner as well. Conclusion It has been shown, by the data flow diagrams as well as the basis of this report, hat whatever issues had plagued the Human Resources Department, it can be fixed without too much trouble, and the solution to these issues is within our reach.

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