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Animal and common interests

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    What factors contributed to the development of your relationship? Factors that contributed to the development of our relationship are we think very animal, and we have common interests. What criteria do you think are essential to a successful marriage? Most important aspects of a successful marriage are honesty, and Faithfulness. Other important things for a successful marriage are things such as caring for each other, and support. What “real life” lessons have you learned from your years of marriage?

    A real lesson that we learnt is that it is important to put each other’s needs before our own. What wisdom would you give a young adult on how to prepare for a committed marriage relationship? What would you say is the most important ingredient in a successful marriage? A committed relationship needs a lot of time, effort, and commitment. It is important to pick someone that you are willing to spend this effort on. In your relationship, you need to make sure that love, honesty, care, and respect are mutually given, and received.

    After your interview, respond to the following: a. How has this interview affirmed your understanding of marriage as free, total, faithful and fruitful? What piece of wisdom (from this interview) do you hope to take with you in your future relationships? This interview has affirmed my understanding If marriage as free, total, and dutiful because learnt that I am free to choose who to marry. It is primarily my choice, however once I choose someone, I need to be faithful, and honest to them.

    As the passage saysћ”The options in life are narrowed to this one man and this one woman. ” My parents said that “The most important aspects of a successful marriage are honesty, and faithfulness. ” If a relationship is honest, then the couple will be able to get along better, and the relationship will grow stronger. This can lead to a potential successful marriage. If there is no honesty, or faithfulness in a relationship, then it will surely be an unsuccessful relationship.

    One piece of Wisdom I would like to take in my future relationships is when my parents said ‘ In your relationship, you need to make sure that love, honesty, care, and respect are mutually given, and received. ” I feel that this is the key factor of a successful relationship. If love, care, and respect are not mutually given, then it won’t work out. Things like this have to be equally shared for both ends of the relationship are satisfied. Once each couple is equally loved, cared for, and respected, then it is possible for a successful relationship to grow, and be fruitful.

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