The Importance of Citing Your Sources

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For this assignment you will be required to think critically and to do academic research beyond the text in order to answer the question below. Each student must use at least two additional academic sources and provide properly formatted PAP in-text citations and references for your sources. Assignments turned in without in-text citation and/or references will receive a zero for plagiarism. Please refer to the “Study Tools folder” under “Course Information” for documents to assist you in formatting PAP citations and references.

Remember that for this assignment, outside source information must be paraphrased; do not use direct quotes or copy and paste information. PAP formatted citation must follow the paraphrased information. Additionally, there must be a reference section. Use college level outside sources. Wisped is not a college level academic source. One place to find reputable sources is Incline. Org. See a librarian or go to the library’s Technical page for access information. Also, be sure to refer to the critical thinking handout and the critical thinking rubric also listed under the study tools folder. There are four goals for this assignment. Help you understand more about the brain. 2. Challenge you to think critically about the information you learn about the brain and apply that information to real-life situations. 3. Engage you in academic research. 4. Introduce you to PAP formatting. (While you were probably taught MEAL formatting in your English classes, PAP is the formatting style used in many academic fields including psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, human services, education, and nursing. ) Please answer this question: Brain Stimulator Brain stimulator are used today to treat a number of medical and psychological problems.

Do some research into the use of brain stimulator before forming your opinion and writing your post. What do you think about the possible use of brain stimulator implants to achieve control over mental patients? Under what circumstances would you believe such implant procedures should be considered? What about the idea of implanting electrodes in the pleasure centers of newly born infants? If these electrodes could be used to soothe a crying baby, or to replace drug effects in drug addicted teenagers and adults, would there be any disadvantages? Under what conditions might you consider having a brain stimulator implant?

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