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Assignment On Fodder Scam



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    The scam was said to have its origins in small- scale embezzlement by some government employees submitting false expense ports with involvement having major hand of Lulu Parkas Hydra (chief minister of that state), Jonathan Miser, Mr.. Caddish Sahara, Government Employees, bureaucrats & other local politicians. Exposure: 1) Legal proceedings under prosecution initially broken in February 1996 delayed monthly account submissions by the state treasury and departments, but was previously running almost a decade which was initially noted by Auditor General of India Mr..

    Structured 2) Continuous chain of closer scrutiny. 3) Binds Babushka Divided submitted a report outlying the scam. 4) Due to demand of public were raised to transfer the case to CB (Central Bureau of Investigation) which is under federal rather than state jurisdiction. Investigation and Prosecution: 1) Under the public pressure and allegations made by the opposition parties the CM Lulu Parkas hydra ordered constitution of committee to probe the irregularities. 2) On March 1996, Briar High Court handed the case to CB (Central Bureau of Investigation). 3) Mr..

    Bias CB Director requested governor of Briar to prosecute Lulu. 4) Permission granted by the CB prosecuted L all and other five overspent officials. 5) CB Files charge sheet against L all Parkas and other co- accused. Accusations and Convictions: 1) Lulu Parkas Hydra, the chief minister of Briar, was a prime accused in the fodder scam investigation. 2) An allegation made by opposition parties an disproportionate assets case was filed against Lulu. The Income Tax rectified that Lulu had claimed wealth of RSI. 4. 6 million of the government treasury.

    Lulu and Rabbi were charge sheeted in April 2000 and charges were framed by the court. 3) Lulu was charged with cheating, criminal, conspiracy and Prevention of Corruption Act. 4) He was jailed for several times. 5) With division of Briar state, most of the cases were filed in the new Briar, Shorthand and Rancho State. 6) Recently 62 former officials and suppliers were convicted and given term of 5 to 6 years. About 23 people were punished with jail terms between 2 to 7 years. Unethical issues Found: 1) Moral and Ethical values of democracy were brutally violated. ) Misuse of power and position. 3) Misuse of public Funds. Consequences of their misconduct: 1) Since it broke into public light, the fodder scam has became symbolic of eructation corruption and crystallization of politics in India especially in their own state (i. E. Briar & Shorthand). 2) Indian Economy has shattered to 950 core (US$206. 15 million). 3) Lulu Parkas Hydra is the only politician on whom the Look Saba debated for an entire session as the official agenda. Government Employees became more responsible 4) End of Lulu’s Chief Ministers.

    Lulu parted ways from Jonathan Deal and formed his own part with pressure mounting from opposition parties Lulu resigned the state’s office and he replaced his position with his wife, Rabbi Device as the new nominated Chief Minister on the name day. 5) Government Employees became more responsible. Current status of the Scam: 1) About 298 pupils were accused in 35 fodder scam cases. 2) 62 pupils got Convicted in fodder scam of them pupils are jailed and due to several reasons remaining criminals are yet to be sentenced. ) But unfortunately, Lulu Parkas Hydra the prime convicted person got bail from apex court of India. Core ethical issue in the case: With the outbreak of the Fodder scam, the following ethical issues on the part of the Government, Regulatory bodies, media and industry came into the forefront. ) Spirit of Collective responsibility is not conserved: An ethics of co-responsibility is required and can only be implemented through mechanisms well beyond the legal system. ) Personal greed puts business ethics at stake: Lulu was the mastermind of this whole scam and his personal greed made him do all the unethical things. The two basic fundamentals of politicians i. E. Fair utilizing the appropriates resources and transparency was completely kept aside to enjoy the false fruits. 3) Wrong use of power leads to a great turmoil: L all being the Chief Minister, tried to influence the government officials by all means. Those who didn’t get influenced they were either get transferred or removed from their positions.

    Dilemma Faced by Lulu: Lulu was in a dilemma whether he should disclose the name of every main conspirator of the theme, or should he wait for his fellow mates having a reputed position in the coalition government and corporate world to help him to get out. Dilemma faced by the Central Government: In this context ethical dilemma was on the part of the central government after the case got uncovered as it involved several politicians, bureaucrats, & ministers so either to put charge on all of them showing the alienable state of the nation or to allege a single minister for the scam.

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