Struck: A Creative and Innovative Organization

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Struck constantly innovates and knows the tools it takes to stay head of its competition by remaining creative. With great leadership from CEO Howard Schultz and upper management Struck has taken customer service to another level. These aspects will allow Struck to achieve long term sustainability with some of the most loyal customers to date. Suggest the key elements of Struck’ organizational culture that contributes to its success in a global economy. Indicate management’s role with creating and sustaining the organizational culture.

Organizational culture is a term that has been used and defined in many different ways. Mainly organizational culture is the set of key values, beliefs, understanding and norms shared by members of an organization (Daft, 2012). A lot of companies use organizational culture to express to external factors what their organization truly believes and what exactly is important to them. A Company such as Struck expresses their key beliefs and values, daily. Stardust’s CEO Howard Schultz uses this concept to understand the hidden aspects of organizational life.

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Struck, being an organization that deals with internal and external problems daily rely on these elements to cope with them. 3 Struck visible values are well embedded with the company when you think of this organization. The Struck logo, which represents a green twin-tailed mermaid, is well known throughout. This mermaid is known as Siren in Greek mythology. The Struck logo is so familiar the company has removed the name from around the logo and people can still easily recognize the logo as Struck brand. This reminds people who they are when customers see this mermaid.

The logo is so well known that Struck does not have to spend money on advertising. Word of mouth marketing has impacted the success for this company. On the other hand, there are less obvious values that are invisible and can only be perceived from what people believe and justify. For example, a customer could interpret that Stardust’s slogan is green because of their commitment to saving the environment and recycling. Struck paper cups are made of 10% post-consumer recycled content and Struck napkins are made of recycled cups, this reminds customers to recycle.

These reminders allow their customers to justify the things this company value and believe. Struck is a company that is very well known for their excellent customer service. The organizational culture at Struck values the needs of their customers which require their employees to always display just that. All of the employees wear green Struck aprons and displayed energetic and friendly attitudes. Every employee is enthusiastic to serve customers and focused on the needs of the customer. It is obvious that management requires employees to be well trained and knowledgeable of their products.

Managers are constantly overseeing, making 4 sure Struck employees are communicating with the customers and each other to ensure that excellent customer service is being sustained throughout heir culture. Assess the effectiveness of Struck’ management decisions in providing innovative offerings for its customers (e. G. , Wife, style of coffee, etc. ) in order to achieve its current competitive marketplace advantage. Provide support for your rationale. In today’s market companies has to do almost whatever it takes to stay competitive.

Many companies such as Struck have discovered that the best way to stay ahead is to constantly innovate. Innovative management is the best option for marketplace advantage. Growing companies are always innovating services, production, values and any other quality that allows the company to continue to excel. Struck innovative offerings for their customers are a result to why the company remains successful. Customer experience matters to some degree for all market-creating innovations. Struck’ success, for example, depends on an excellent product, a pleasing physical environment and service-minded employees.

To implement its core strategy, Struck must excel in managing all the categories of customer experience. New managers have a new approach to leading employees. Managers now know that it takes teamwork and collaboration from everyone mongo the hierarchal chain. A successful company does not have a manager who keeps tabs, only enforce strategy, and make all the rules. A successful manager is inspirational, gives employees flexibility, and develops teamwork. These managers build relationships with their employees and lead by example.

Eventually these Assignment 3: Struck’ Strategy 5 managers can trust their employees to complete an assignment without having to keep tabs on them, and constantly controlling them. Determine one (1) key management competency that a successful manager at Struck is likely to have. Indicate one (1) way in which this particular competency is a good fit for the organizational culture. A key competency for a Stardust’s store manager is Leadership. This asset is listed right under job responsibilities on their career information weapon. There are many duties for leadership.

One role would be, Setting goals for the work group, developing organizational capability, and modeling how the staff should work together. This is important because anyone who has been inside a Struck knows how teamwork is a vital process employees use to expedite a successful order. Another great strength Struck managers should possess is the ability to demonstrate a calm demeanor during periods of high volume or unusual events and manages smooth transitions thereafter to keep the store operating to standard and to set a positive example for the team.

This is a great display of leadership, all leaders know how to lead by example and remain untroubled during drastic times. Another important competence that a successful manager should have is the importance of valuing customer service. Successful new manager’s displays a customer comes first attitude by training and holding partners accountable for delivering legendary customer service. For example, your average in and out restaurant chain does not give you the experience that Struck gives you. It is very creative how Struck address their customers by name.

It Assignment 3: Struck’ Strategy 6 makes the customer/employee relationship more personal which allows the customer to feel valued. Schultz and his management reinvented customer service with this idea. Struck is well known for addressing customers on first name basis as opposed to order number, table number, meal name, etc. Struck did not stop with just innovating customer service. Every cafe© provides airless internet. This is to insure that every customer (who more than likely owns a smart phone) can relax and stay connected to social media and informing people where they are at.

Struck are basically giving customers the tools they need to help market Struck. Wi-If also allows customers to log on to Struck app and utilize rewards and gift cards on their smartened. Speculate on whether Struck would achieve long-term sustainability as a good leader in the coffee industry without the organization’s CEO, Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz is the man behind Stardust’s overall success. Schultz knew his company had attention to excel into the global market.

Struck’ main goal is ‘to establish Struck as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining uncompromising principles as they grow” (Company Facets, 2008). If it was not for Howard Schultz phenomenal leadership and management style that were made during these early years I do not believe the company would have long term stability as a leader in the coffee industry. Howard Schultz took chances and made decisions that reinvented the way Americans could get a cup of coffee. He was the first to transform the American coffee Assignment 3:

Struck’ Strategy 7 house to an image that mirrored Italian coffee houses. Schultz has done so much as helped build relationships with the roasters in South America by establishing that Struck had the best quality coffee. Howard also helped make Struck appealing to a variety of demographics. In conclusion, Struck would not have expanded globally without the vision, values, sacrifices and decisions of CEO Howard Schultz. The company would have been unable to take the coffee industry market by storm as it has done to this day with its successful consumer base and appeal that CEO Howard Schultz has established.

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