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Thorstein the Staff-Struck is a piece of literature produced in the 13th century which shows features of a household saga. This narrative was non referred to as a saga, but as a thattr, which literally means a “ yarn ” . The 13th century Christian writer is jabing merriment at the characters in this narrative, and appears to be concentrating on the societal norms of this society. The writer besides portrays a pre-Christian form, an ethical quandary, which is unbeknownst to the supporters and is implied in the narrative of this “ yarn ” . Thorstein the Staff-Struck shows a society, in which force, chitchat and prod, and internal battles are the norm.

The cultural norm shown in the society of this narrative is besides gossip and spuring. The writer first exhibits spuring in the horse-fight between Thord and Thorstein ‘s entires. The crowd begins shouting with exhilaration as the work forces take blows at each other ‘s Equus caballuss and so as Thorvald and Thorhall mockery at Thorstein and give him the moniker Staff-Struck. Thorvald and Thorhall, the brothers of Bjarni, are “ both great scandalmongers about any chitchat they heard in the territory ” . An incident of dish the dirting that we see is when Bjarni listens to his brothers through the kitchen wall as they talk about the fact that Bjarni has done nil to convey about justness against Thorstein for killing his great servant Thord. Gossiping is besides portrayed as Bjarni ‘s married woman says to him that everyone in the territory is speaking about how far Bjarni will allow Thorstein travel before he takes retaliation. His married woman is besides spuring him with these words, anticipating him to take action after hearing what the people are stating, and so in the forenoon she realizes that Bjarni is traveling to contend Thorstein entirely and she objects to his determination. When Bjarni shows up to contend Thorstein in individual combat, Thorstein asks to travel see his male parent foremost. His male parent, Thorarin, goads him by naming him a coward and stating that he ‘d much instead lose a boy than have a coward for one.

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Internal battles are portrayed throughout the narrative of Thorstein the Staff-Struck. First, Thorstein is in an internal battle throughout the whole narrative. He is an equable adult male who avoids force at all costs. Every clip he kills person in the narrative, as Bjarni says to his married woman as she is spuring him, he “ has ne’er killed anyone without good ground. ” This same remark shows that Bjarni is holding his ain internal struggle throughout the full clip. This is why he does non move rapidly in taking retaliation upon Thorstein each clip person of his house is murdered by him. As Bjarni eventually gives into the force per unit areas of his married woman and the people of the community, he sets off to face and finally kill Thorstein. The full description of the battle shows that neither Bjarni nor Thorstein wants to kill the one another. Bjarni has been described as the most powerful captain when it comes to conflict ; that no 1 can get the better of him, but throughout the whole battle Bjarni makes alibis such as being thirsty and non being used to such difficult work as Thorstein is and besides complains of his bad fortune with his shoestring coming free. Of class Thorstein does non desire to kill him either so he gives into all of his alibis. The battle goes on and Bjarni eventually says to Thorstein that “ It would be a great error in one shot to throw off good luck and make incorrect. ” He tells Thorstein that he feels that he ‘d be to the full paid for the loss of his three retainers if he would take their topographic point and serve him dependably. The writer is exposing the internal alteration in Bjarni here as he continues on to state what a singular adult male Thorstein is. Bjarni so goes indoors to state Thorstein ‘s male parent that he has killed his boy and as he does so, Thorarin tries to kill him. Bjarni sees what he is seeking to make and halt him. He tells Thorarin that he will acquire precisely what he deserves: slaves to run the farm while Thorstein comes to populate with him at Hof.

Thorstein does take Bjarni ‘s offer and stayed in Bjarni ‘s service for the remainder of his life and was considered a adult male of great bravery and unity. Bjarni ‘s internal battle was reconciled and he kept his standing and was liked more by the people and became more self-controlled as he grew older. Bjarni became trusty and in the last old ages of his life, he became a devout Christian. Unfortunately, he went to Rome on pilgrim’s journey and died on the journey.

In decision, the writer of Thorstein the Staff-Struck displays the force, spuring and gossipmongering, and the internal battles of the characters in this narrative. These features are the norm for this society. The writer is jabing merriment at the characters and their ways, but in the terminal he portrays his Christian values.

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