The Government’s Five Main Outcomes

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There are five main outcomes the government wants to achieve i have listed these below with a few examples of he meanings Be healthy: physically healthy, mentally and emotionally healthy and sexually healthy. Stay safe: safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation. Enjoy and achieve: ready for school, attend and enjoy school and achieve personal and social development. Make positive contributions: engage in decision making and support the community and environment.

Also to engage in law abiding and positive behavior. Achieve economic well being: engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school and to live in decent homes and sustainable communities. This legislation along with he children’s act 2004 and 2006 are extremely relevant to safeguarding children, they help professionals who come into contact with children and they families to be alert to their needs and identify any risks of harm that abusers or potential abusers may pose to children.

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The legislation also helps professionals share appropriate information and can discuss any concerns about an individual child with colleagues and local authorities. 2 LOAD stands for local authority designated officer and they work within children’s services. They should be informed to all cases in which it is alleged that person who works with children has behaved in a way that could harm or could have harmed a child. The LOAD is involved from the beginning of the allegation through to the end of the case. They will provide support, advice and guidance.

They also help to co-ordinate information sharing with the correct people. Lolls stands for local safeguarding children boards, they role is to make sure key agencies work together in order to keep children safe. Also to ensure this happens effectively. All organizations working with children must make sure they have safe practices and child protection procedures in place. ELLS can support this by providing advice and guidance in relation to safeguarding policies and procedures. Also help organizations to provide training course for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Agency name Role of agency Children’s social care Children’s social care has a responsibility to protect children and young people from harm caused by neglect or abuse. They duty is to investigate any allegations that a child might have been neglected or abused and if needful take appropriate action to protect the child. In terms of my school setting if an issue of upgrading did arise we would inform our designated officer. Police The police have a fundamental role in protecting children, they hold information about children who may be suffering or likely to suffer meaningful harm, as well as these who cause the harm.

Which they should share with other agencies if this is necessary to protect children. The police also have a duty to protect and promote the welfare of children in their care and in their custody at all stages of the process. As well as they duty to investigate criminal offences, the police have emergency powers to enter premises and make sure they can provide immediate retention for children believed to be suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. Types of child abuse characteristics physical Bruising, broken bones, small circular burns emotional Angry, isolating themselves, direct conversation sexual Bleeding, reluctant to sit down, unexplained amounts of money neglect Constantly hungry, inappropriate clothing, stealing bullying Withdrawn, mood swings, reluctant to go home/school 5 Concerns that a colleague is Action to take Failing to comply with safeguarding procedures would inform mum designated senior person who would deal with the matter room there.

They might resolve the issue by providing the colleague with relevant training. Harming, abusing or bullying a child would inform mum designated senior person who would deal with the issue from there. I would also think that if the issue was serious the police would be informed immediately. Staff should never attempt to resolve the matter themselves or assume that another professional will act or is acting. 6 Confidentiality is the obligation not to disclose willingly any information obtained in confidence. Principles of confidentiality Respect for individuals right to privacy

Respect for human relationships in which personal information is shared Appreciation of the importance of confidentiality Expectations that those who pledge to safeguard confidential information will do so Confidentiality is very important to establishing and maintaining a strong teacher-student relationship. The only time a teacher or volunteer would break a child’s confidentiality was if they were told something that was putting the child’s welfare or safety at risk. Then the designated senior officer would be informed and would deal with the situation from there. Task B Common childhood illnesses

Signs and symptoms Actions to take Chicken pox High temperature, aching,headache, loss of appetite, red rash that can cover the entire body, after 12-14 hours the spots develop a blister on top and become itchy. Inform parents ask them to pick the child up from school. Parents should then take the child to see a doctor who will provide medication if necessary. German measles Mild fever, swollen/tender lymph nodes usually in the back of the neck or behind the ears. A rash that begins on the face and spreads downwards. If a child experienced any of these symptoms we would inform the child’s parents.

Even Hough there is no treatment that will kill the virus the parents should see a doctor if any worrying or unusual symptoms develop. Asthma Symptoms can range from mild to severe. They can include breathless, tight chest, wheezing, coughing. If a child was having difficulties we would give them they inhaler to help relieve symptoms. If the child was suffering from an asthma attack then an ambulance would be informed along with the parents. Meningitis Sudden high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, confusion or difficulty concentrating, skin rashes in some cases.

If i was to suspect one of the pupils o have meningitis i would inform my designated senior officer immediately. An ambulance would be called along with the parents. Tonsillitis Sore throat, swollen tonsils, white pus filled spots on the tonsils, fever, coughing, and earache. If there was a pupil with suspected tonsillitis i wouldn’t try to diagnose myself. I would inform my designated officer. I would assume the parents would be informed and the child sent home, as it is contagious. 2 Severe headache 1. Put a cool moist cloth against they forehead 2. Encourage them to eat or drink 3.

Sit/lay them in a cool quiet room 4. Inform teacher 5. Ring parents Feeling nauseous 1. Sit the child in a quiet room 2. Offer them water to sip 3. Check for a temperature Raised temperature 1. Make the child comfortable 2. Remove any extra layers of clothing 3. Give the child plenty of fluids Sensitivity to light 1. Place the child in a dim lit room 2. Check to see if the child has any other symptoms 3. Check to see if the child has any history of eye problems 4. Inform teacher Raised rash or spots 1 . Check for raised temperature 2. Ask the child not to scratch if itchy 3. Inform teacher 4.

Ring for an ambulance if needed Emergency fire Call the fire service. All staff to ensure that everyone in their area leave the building. Teaching assistants to exit first with the children following behind. The class teacher should follow the children after ensuring the children’s toilets are vacant. All doors and windows should be closed to reinforce security of the building. Also to limit the spread of fire and smoke. Once outside the register will be taken to ensure pupils and staff is safely evacuated. Security incident In the event of a security incident such has an intruder on school grounds.

The school may signal a lock down which entails ensuring all pupils are inside the school building. Lock and secure entrance points to prevent the intruder entering the building. Dial 999, also ensure pupils take actions to increase protection e. G. Block access points, sit on the floor or under tables, keep out of sight. Remain inside until an all clear has been given. Missing child In the event of a missing child and after thoroughly looking in the school building and grounds. I would presume the school will ring the emergency services and the child’s parents immediately. Who will deal with the situation from there.

Task c Actions to take if a child is/has been abused Actions to take if a child is at risk of being abused Follow organizations procedures and protocols for promoting and safeguarding children. Inform my designated support officer and express my concerns. Also inform the police. Follow my organizations procedures and protocols for promoting and safeguarding children. Contact my designated support officer to express my concerns The police along with other agencies will then consider together how to proceed to safeguard the child. Don’t do anything that may jeopardize a police investigation, such as asking the child leading questions.

Where there is risk to the child’s life or a likelihood of a serious harm an agency such as children’s social care should act quickly to secure the immediate safety of the child. When referring a child to children’s social care try to give as much information has possible e. G. Any information on the child’s development needs and their parent’s ability to respond to these needs. Agencies may agree that a child’s protection plan is required if the child is still at continuous harm. Record all concerns about the child including any discussions about the child and conversations the child has had regarding the situation.

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