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    Every term, the school offers three examinations referred to as opener, mid- term and end term. For each examination, the total score for each student is computed for all the subject taken. At the end of the term, the students are ranked based on the average score of their totals in the three examinations. The term averages score is used to compute the annual average score for each student. All students in formal and form take eleven objects while those in form and form take eight subjects. The school rewards the best performing students at the end of every term.

    The top three students are each class are awarded book vouchers whose value are shown in the table below. Voucher value in asks class Position 1 Position 2 Position 3 Form 1 1100 900 600 Form 2 1300 1000 700 Form 3 1600 1200 800 Form 4 2000 1 500 The most improved student in each class is awarded a badge and a book voucher equivalent to that of the second best student in their class. To determine the most improved student, the difference between opener and mid- term and end ERM are considered. Students who leave school before the end of the term are not considered for awards.

    Those who join the school after some examination are considered for awards on the basis of examination taken. At the end of the term, each student is issued with a report form for the three examinations to take to the guardians. Students who score a term average below 40% are required to attend remedial classes. At the end of the year, students with the highest annual average score for the year in form 1, form 2 and form behave their fees for subsequent year waived. The stream with the highest mean annual score in he entire school and their class teacher are sponsored for a trip.

    Develop a well documented computerized system to: a) Capture the appropriate data b) Perform the required computation c) Generate i. Class lists ii. Report forms a list of students who: Are awarded book vouchers Are awarded badges Are required to attend remedial lessons Have their fees waived Will go for a trip and accompany class teacher Merit list CHAPTER 2 2. 0 SYSTEM ANALYSIS 2. 1 PROBLEM DEFINITION Mason boar school examination awards system is an institution that is entrusted with the provision of education skills to students.

    The system is manually operated and some of the services provided are: Marking examinations Computing the scores Analyzing the scores Presenting of the examination results Generating report form for each student Allocation of awards to students The management encounters the following problem; 1 . Delayed marking and computation of marks by the examiners 2. Recording of scores is slow and takes relatively too long 3. Poor storage of file records due to lack of good filing techniques 4. Results processing requires a lot of human labor thus the school spend more capital on producing paper work 2. 2. PROBLEM

    ANALYSIS The main problem is to develop a computerized Mason boar school examination awards system which is necessary so as to; Save time wasted To increase the efficiency of computation of marks by examiners To reduce the size of paper work thus saving on capital To save manpower since at least only one person can work on the system To device new storage facilities such as use of external hard disks Lower financial constraints since only a few working staff are required Enhancing data security since the computerized system will allow use of passwords to avoid stealing 2. 3. EXISTING SYSTEM A. OVERVIEW

    It operates manually by use of pen and paper to carryout all the required processes B. SYSTEM STRUCTURE The school has students and teachers who manage all the school events. Data is captured using the relevant input media that is pen and paper, processed and term reports are generated either termed or basing on the exams done or even on annual basis. The reports produced are issued to students’ who are supposed to take them their guardians or parents and the other copies are retained by the 2. 4. THE PROPOSED SYSTEM A. OBJECTIVES Its objectives are: 1 . To capture the appropriate data( marks ) and perform all the necessary amputation 2.

    Generate class lists and report forms 3. To generate a list of students who: Will go for a trip with accompany class teacher B. SCOPE OF THE SYSTEM The system must capture marks, produce results, allocate awards, generate and keep records of al the examinations c. BENEFITS Its benefits are; Enhances faster generation f reports Improves on storage of files and records Enhances faster retrieval and access of records in the institution d. FEASIBILITY STUDY The feasibility study of the proposed system is centered on the following; Schedule: the system will take 7 months to be developed.

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