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Assignment writing method

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These suppliers are from within the UK and around the world. Organizational Structure- McDonald’s: a) Subway: d) Functional Areas; The 2 businesses which I chose have the same functional areas: Finance: The finance department of both of Subway & McDonald’s have the job of keeping records of financial activity for example the sales made by the business and they also have to provide the manager with this information. The managers need to constantly be aware of the financial state of their business because this impacts the decisions made.

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Assignment writing method
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Marketing: This involves doing some research to identify the customers’ needs and interests and to find out which type of customer they want to be aiming their product(s) at. Production: This can organism who makes the goods and where and when they are made. This has to be run by a manager who will be responsible for all the raw materials and goods. They also supervise activity and make sure that everything is made to a suitable standard.

They will also be required to create schedules so everyone will know where and when they need to be ATA specific date.

Customer Service: This is concerned with looking after the customers and maintaining a relationship between the customers and the company. They also carry out a lot of surveys on customers so they know what they can improve on with their business. Subway and McDonald’s are both large companies and therefore have call centers in multiple countries who can deal with any problems which customers may have. Sales: This is to get customers to buy what the company sells. The role of marketing is to find out what the customer wants and the sales is to give this to the customer so they can see if their needs have been met.

The whole purpose and what sales is responsible for is to create goods and services for a different variety of customers. Human Resources: The human resources managers are responsible for all the people who need managing and need to know where to be. The different work which they cover includes policy making, welfare role, supportive role and bargaining and negotiating. E) Subway and McDonald’s Strategic Planning: Mission and Values: Both of the organization released a mission statement and a values statement which are the 2 types of statements which they typically set out to guide their actions.

Aims and Objectives: Because both of these businesses are a food business this means that they both have the same aims and objectives which are to provide good food at a good service and to make a profit in the process. The aims and objectives an be broken down in to smaller objectives which at the same time all of the stakeholders must be aware of and understand. Cascading: Cascading objectives involves breaking down objectives into different components in which the organization follows.

SMART Targets: The targets which both McDonald’s and Subway will set themselves will need to be SMART, which breaks down into; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Time Related Drawing of Plans: Big plans involve a lot of decision making, and need a lot of consideration for who is involved in them and what resources are going too used. The managers of the assignees will meet together to discuss aims and objectives to work towards and ten they will decide on how to achieve the objectives from the plans made.

Task 2: a) The purpose of both of the organizations is that they both want to make a profit and sell food, Subway selling primarily sandwiches and McDonald’s are to sell different types of food whilst making a profit. B) McDonald’s aims and objectives is they want to sell quality which in which the customers can trust and they will know that they are eating food that isn’t of a rubbish quality. Subways aims and objectives significantly differ from this in that they just want customers o keep coming back to the store and to bring them in the first place. ) The organizational structure of both Subway & McDonald’s is basically the same because they are both food restaurants. And by bringing in the structure of the different types of manager and having a clear outline of the difference between a store member/employee and a store manager helps achieve the purpose and aims by each having their own jobs to do, which all differ. The store members will have to serve people and make their food to ensure that they are getting food which they enjoy. And by doing this they also are making people come back into he store if they have enjoyed their food. ) The strategic plan of McDonald’s is set into goals which are; 1. Place the customer experience at the core of all we do 2. Committed to our people 3. Believe in the McDonald’s system 4. Operate our business ethically 5. Give back our communities 6. Grow our business profitably 7. Strive to continually improve Subway does not have a strategic plan but I think that if they did then they would be similar to the ones of McDonald’s because they are both the same type of store which sells food and wants to serve the public and make a profit at the same time.

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