Baderman Island PR Campaign

Executive Summary

Baderman Island was conceived in 1988 when first approached by the city of Kelsey about plans to redirect the Kelsey River. In conjunction with the town of Kelsey, 400 acres of botanical preserve was established on Baderman Island in order to protect the 12 species of rare butterflies in the area. Baderman Island Resort offers guests and day visitors a unique leisure experience with restaurants, 5 secluded beaches, tennis courts, golfing, fishing, boating, hiking, a spa, and a convention center to name just a few exciting attractions.

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The customer blog on the Baderman Intranet shows a concern that Baderman needs a more diverse workforce offering bi-lingual employees to communicate with visitors from all over the world. Often a language barrier exists between guests and staff and the online reservation system does not currently operate in foreign languages, it does however, have the capability to offer 10 different language selections. Baderman does not currently track where their visitors are most often visiting from in order to choose which 10 languages to offer. The Baderman Island Resort Intranet does not have anything posted regarding current marketing or public relations policies or campaigns. Baderman will create a public relations campaign to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace.

PR Campaign

Target Audiences

The target audiences are Businesses that hold conventions at the island and prospective businesses not currently holding their conventions at Baderman due to a lack of staff speaking their native language. The other target audience is current and prospective visitors to Baderman from all over the world that would benefit from the diversity in the workforce, more specifically employees who speak a similar language. The preliminary research indicates that Baderman attracts guests from over 16 countries. Clients from two of the 16 countries offer complaints about communication difficulties with the Baderman staff due to language barriers. Guests from Mexico request someone to translate Spanish and quests from Canada request someone to translate French.


1. Improve Customer satisfaction by 20% while visiting Baderman Island Resort by improving communication abilities with all visitors regardless of country of origin or native language. Baderman’s public relations firm will analyze customer satisfaction surveys to determine the level of improvement on a quarterly basis.

2. Increase revenues by 15% at the end of 12 months as new visitors learn of the new diversity in Baderman’s workplace and the ability to communicate with all visitors. Word of mouth advertisement is expected to increase customer base in addition to the public relations campaign.

3. Effectively communicate Baderman’s commitment to being a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace. Evaluation of consumer surveys and customer satisfaction surveys will establish Baderman’s effectiveness in communicating and achieving this goal. Baderman’s goal is to increase consumer awareness by 65%.

Goals in Relation to the Mission Statement

Service Mission: To provide the finest guest services to all guests at Baderman Island Resort without the difficulties of language barriers.

Economic Mission: “To operate Baderman Island Resort on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees” (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, Toth, 2007).

Social Mission: “To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in the structure of society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life of a broad community” (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, Toth, 2007).

Strategy and Tactics to Accomplish Objectives

Publicize the island while highlighting the new diversity in the workforce.

* To launch a media campaign

Create informational materials for guests highlighting the new diversity in the workforce.

* To develop a new brochure to sell vacation packages that highlights the workforce diversity.

* To create a video about the island that highlights the workforce diversity to use in the promotion of the island and its upcoming season.

Recruit bilingual workforce.

* Hold local job fair requesting bilingual applicants.

* Possibly hold additional job fairs in culturally concentrated areas of the community.

Host a special event.

* Hold an open house with new culturally diverse workforce present.

* Host a concert with a relatively well-known music group.

Baderman Island Publics

* Customers who visit the island and create cash flow.

* Employees and their families who take pride in their company being in the local paper and feel like they are a part of the community and industry.

* Strategic partners and alliances that may attract customers and investors.

* The local community where press releases appear helps position the organization as a good corporate citizen.

* Shareholders have a stake in the organization and approve of actions that reflect the company’s strategic planning.

* Investors have a stake in the company and are looking for growth and stability in the company.

* The board of directors has a stake in the company and a role in helping the organization achieve its goals and objectives.

* Regulatory authorities and federal, local, and state legislators also have a role in helping the organization achieve its goals.

* The international communities where current residents reside and potential new customers reside that create cash flow for Baderman Island.

* The media who help in informing the public about the company issues and position in the marketplace.

Risks in the Strategy

After spending the money on the public relations campaign, the campaign may not generate any more clients. No guarantees exist, “If a campaign is correctly researched and planned, its elements will interact to produce an effect that is much greater than the sum of the response to the individual messages.” “If the mix is not right, however, the elements of the campaign combined, no matter how individually excellent, may fall far short of the goal” (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, Toth, 2007). In the measurement of the effectiveness of the public relations campaign, some common measurement errors can occur. “Many wrong decisions about the future of a public relations campaign have been based on a few favorable comments that were either volunteered or collected unsystematically” (Lattimore, et al, 2007).

Proactive Vs. Reactive Public Relations

When a company has to respond to something damaging to the organization in the media such as a consumer death from the use or consumption of a company product or service is an example of reactive public relations. The organization would need to react swiftly with media response to the situation and clearly give the facts and steps that the company intends to take to prevent future occurrences of the situation.

The public relations campaign that Baderman is currently working on with respect to positioning itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace is an example of proactive public relations. Baderman recognizes the need to communicate effectively with all guests at the island. The public relations campaign will educate prospective visitors to the island that they will not encounter a language barrier during their visit to the island and this may increase revenues by bringing in more tourists from around the world.

Media Release



Contact: Lisa Jenkins

231-123-1234 (Phone)

231-123-5678 (Fax)

Baderman Island Announces Open House and Job Fair

February, 28 – Baderman Island – Baderman Island will hold an Open House on March 6th and 7th. The great Brian Masterson will be performing at the pavilion on both nights beginning at 7:00 pm. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on both days, Baderman Island is holding a job fair for various positions on the island in search of 30 new bilingual staff members. Positions are available for wait staff at the restaurants, guest services and front desk personnel at the hotels, and tour guides. Jim Baderman stated that, “We believe that the incorporation of bilingual staff members will ensure that guests have a more relaxed and enjoyable experience while visiting Baderman Island.”

Baderman Island was conceived in 1988 when first approached by the city of Kelsey about future plans to redirect the Kelsey River. In conjunction with the town of Kelsey, 400 acres of botanical preserve was established on Baderman Island in order to protect the 12 species of rare butterflies in the area. Baderman Island Resort offers guests and day visitors a unique leisure experience with restaurants, 5 secluded beaches, tennis courts, golfing, fishing, boating, hiking, a spa, and a convention center to name just a few exciting attractions.

Distribution List

News releases: Local press release and travel magazines.

Internal Publication: Company newsletter informing employees on the intranet.

External Publication: Company blogs on Extranet

Direct mail to existing customers from database.

Select travel agencies.

Tactical Plan

The tactical plan will integrate the use of an open house, event planning, direct mail, corporate newsletter, and intranet /extranet. Company newsletters will start informing employees of the plans at the beginning of the campaign and will continue to keep employees abreast of the progress throughout the campaign using the company intranet. The blogs will also reach the public through the extranet. The client database will provide current and previous client addresses for Canadian and Mexican clients for a direct mail effort to communicate the Baderman message. A local press release will communicate the Baderman message and notify the community of the upcoming open house and special event featuring a well-known artist. Baderman will play the new informational video in various locations throughout the island and distribute copies to select travel agencies with locations in various countries identified in the preliminary research as providing the highest visitor rate to Baderman Island. Lastly, travel magazines will receive a copy of the press release to round out the campaign.

Evaluate Business Implications of the Public Relations Campaign

Baderman Island expects that public awareness will increase after the public relations campaign. Client reservations could rise at an unexpected rate and Baderman will have to monitor the reservation schedule closely to schedule the proper amount of staff. The increase in guests will provide Baderman with an increase in revenues and market share offering a positive return on investment. A public relations campaign is designed to create a positive public image and people spend with companies that they feel good about. “Public affairs efforts include seeking to shape public opinion and legislation, developing effective responses to matters of public concerns, and helping the organization adapt to public expectations” (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, Toth, 2007).

Impact of Technology

New technologies are bringing changes to the way public relations professionals do their jobs. Public relations professionals use the new technology as tools for productivity and a communication tool, while everyone at home uses the technology for entertainment and a source of news and information. The internet is the biggest source of new technology to affect public relations professionals. The internet does not have time zones so businesses and consumers all over the world can read a breaking story simultaneously. Databases that contain a list of publications and corresponding journalists allow message distribution from mailing lists for efficient targeting. Public relations professionals should remember that human contact would continue to be an important part of corporate image. Organizations can use extranet sites to gather public feedback about issues. Baderman Island uses blogs on their intranet and extranet a know that employees or customers can convey their dissatisfaction on the blogs and the company monitors and contributes to the blogs to avoid the spread of rumors or misrepresentations that can damage the company.


This project will not affect the marketing function because the public relations firm is not promoting a product or service offered by Baderman Island Resort. Baderman Island Resort wants to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace; the public relations firm will promote Baderman’s workplace diversity. These activities do not interfere with Baderman’s marketing department functions.


“No issue is solely black or white but is rather a shade of gray – particularly in making public relations decisions” (Seitel, 2007). Organizations should always demand honesty and fairness in the public relations professionals they use. Transparency is one way companies can assure publics of the company’s ethical position. Baderman has a visible corporate code of conduct also known as the code of ethics posted on the corporate website. Baderman believes the code increases public confidence, improves internal operations, and aids in the response of transgressions.

Baderman Island Resort will be sensitive and considerate of how their actions and their words will influence the public. The Baderman public relations firm’s cardinal rule is to never lie; Baderman will support their beliefs with the truth and always do the right thing to support their credibility. Baderman’s public relations firm adheres to a strong code of ethics that serves as the basis of their philosophies.


Over the last 10 years public relations has seen global expansion. Legal, cultural, and language differences make practicing global relations complex, but new technologies are easing the burden. The global community should be a concern in international public relations. When a company expands its business oversees, public relations planning involves launch plans, including community relations, corporate philanthropy, internal or employee relations, dealing with activist organizations, and media relations. Cultural ramifications are a concern when going global. Management will try to build media and community support in drawing the most attractive local employees. An organization can develop its brand image using media relations and achieve credibility through third-party endorsements. Public relations professionals need to remember that community relations programs that work in the United States may not work abroad. Once the public relation professional understands the cultural differences, he or she can adjust the public relations plan appropriately.


Baderman’s public relations firm will use evaluation techniques that will give the company a benchmark to measure performance relating to each objective throughout the campaign, which is formative evaluation, and at the end of the campaign, which is summative evaluation. A closed-system evaluation is the method chosen for this public relations campaign. This system will evaluate the campaign messages and events that the public relations firm will use and the effects on the target audiences. Testing the media and message before presenting them to the target audience will reveal any overlooked miscalculations during the planning stage. When the campaign has run long enough to produce results the public relations firm will conduct a posttest evaluation and compare it to the earlier evaluation and campaign objectives.

The posttest design will include a look at production. The material for the campaign and the cost of production gives the company cost-effectiveness information. Distribution is another area to evaluate. How many stories were printed and how many television and radio stations covering the story provide a sound measure of campaign efficiency. Interest is the next area in evaluation design. “A representative sample of the total potential reading audience is surveyed to obtain a quantitative measure of which items attract interest” (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, Toth, 2007). Reach is the next area of the evaluation design. This portion of the design implements a relatively “accurate measure of which audiences are being reached by which messages” (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, Toth, 2007). Next in the evaluation design is understanding. Public relations professionals understand the importance of determining if the intended publics understood the message. Lastly, attitude measurement determines “the amount of change in the attitudes of target publics that can be attributed to the campaign” (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, Toth, 2007).

PR Campaign and Marketing within IMC

Leo Lingham (2006) explains, “Integrated marketing communications is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation.” The following are areas where the marketing communication mix, public relations, and integrated marketing communications all work together. In personal selling, an organization can provide salespeople with public relations material to help in the selling. In sales promotion, an organization can use the public relations message to soften the public towards accepting and trying the product. In public relations, an organization can use public relations material to soften public attitudes in mass communications. In sponsorship, branding, corporate identity, and above the line advertising, an organization can include public relations as a mass communication tool. In below the line advertising, eMarketing, internet promotions, direct mail, packaging, merchandising, trade fairs and exhibitions, and point of sale, an organization can include public relations to reinforce the sales message on a one-to-one basis.

Crisis Management and Communication Plan

Policy Statement: The Baderman Island policy in emergency situations is to provide news media, employees, public officials, and the general public with factual information as quickly and completely as possible.

In the event of a crisis, the spokesperson is the Chief Executive Officer.

Inform Internally Inform Externally

Senior Management Media / Customers

Legal Department Government and Regulatory Agencies

Employees Environmental Organizations

Investors Suppliers

Special Interest Groups

Public Relations Tools for Internal Publics

1. Chief Executive Officer addressing conference with all employees.

2. Hotline.

Public Relations Tools for External Publics

1. Press conference.

2. Video news release.

3. Toll free number.

Follow-up Tools

1. Post press release on company Web site.

2. E-mail stakeholders.


The budget, or proposed spending allotment for a business or project, is usually based on the industry and the revenue a business will generate overall or for a specific project

(ImageWorks Studio, n.d.). Baderman Island’s public relations team has monetary guidelines and specific statistical percentages worked out for designating how much to consider for budgeting, based on experience. The areas to budget for include.

Operating Costs: Distribution, production, administration, travel.

Human: Salaries, expenses, overheads.

Equipment: Computers, telephones.

Baderman Island will allocate $87,000 for the campaign and aim to come in under budget. The breakdown for Baderman Island’s public relations campaign includes the previous areas within the following groups:

Media campaign / Press release $10,000

Brochure / video $20,000

Job fairs $7,000

Open house / concert $50,000



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