Baharain Bay and Marketing Tools

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1. What are Bahrain Bay’s four foundational philosophies, and how might they be used as marketing tools? Bahrain Bay used the philosophy of product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, and societal marketing concept. The product concept was achieved when the company decided to provide a better access to network, communication, entertainment, security and building management system through technological advancement; wherein these can contribute to the efficiency of the business operations. In this way, the modern setting of the place added to the product concept that strongly attracted the businesses and possible investors. Also, the selling concept was used that aimed to put up a market of commercial, residential and retail units to domestics and international companies.

The company also sold some part of its land to some hotel developers. Moreover, the marketing concept was also an advantage by studying the demography of the island. This contributed to the cultural identity of the company by making the architectural design in line with the norms of the people, which made it a unique plan. In this way, the unique identity created its own standards in the marketplace. In addition, the societal marketing concept was also used by sponsoring and donating to the football club in the area. This created a long-term relationship with the people in the community and at the same time a good image for the investors. 2. What would you see as being Bahrain Bay’s mission?

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Bahrain Bays mission would be being committed in developing a self-governing and self-sustaining community, supporting an exceptionally quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors. 3. What is the MIPIM, and why was it important for Bahrain Bay to target its potential customers, investors, developers, and retailers? Every year, a global property exhibition is held in Cannes, France by MIPIM. Being the world’s biggest property market, MIPIM gives prominent players in the business a great opportunity to come together and get exposed to a great number of development projects and capital sources worldwide. ( The developers of Bahrain Bay decided to seize the opportunity by releasing the news of the project at an event which would be graced by the presence of at least 26, 000 property and investment professionals from all over the world. In other words, it served as a humongous opportunity for the Bahrain Bay project to attract foreign investment and draw people’s attention. Participating in the MIPIM event provided Bahrain Bay with the means to reach their particular target market.

The marketing strategy involved in this very case leans on the concept of market targeting wherein the various market segments were studied thoroughly before selected. After evaluating the driving points of each market segment, Bahrain Bay chose to focus on a particular set of potential customers, investors, and retailers mainly to keep up with their mission of ‘ensuring a self-governing and self-sustaining community, supporting an exceptional quality of life for residents, business, and visitors alike.’ In trying to execute its mission, the implementation of their strategy included ‘taking advices from key stakeholders within the project, including the shareholders and the Bahrain government’. Targeting a particular set of potential customers, investors, developers and retailers would make it easier to bring Bahrain Bay to life. Moreover, it would make it more convenient to pick out a marketing strategy that would directly address the market segments chosen.

4. Why might the Kingdom of Bahrain be an attractive location for overseas investors? The Kingdom of Bahrain might be an attractive location for overseas investors could be proven in the line stating “so successful was the project so far, that the investors and developers were already looking for other sites around the world where island-making projects could be launched.” Bahrain, an island located in the middle of Middle East countries, geographically appeals to many investors and developers. Moreover, although all of Middle East countries are strict on Islamic culture such as prohibition of drinking alcohol, Bahrain was the only country selling alcohol that attracts many consumers to have vacation, thereby lured investors and developers to build hotels in Bahrain. In a nutshell, geographic location and selling alcohol are the reasons the Kingdom of Bahrain to be an attractive location for overseas investors. 5. What are Bahrain’s closest competitors for inward foreign investment?

Closest competitors of Bahrain could be Singapore and Dubai whichalso has development in foreign investment similar to Bahrain’s project and with the waterfront surrounding developed for residential, retail and commercial purposes. Those countries can attract foreign investors rather than Kingdom of Bahrain due to any reasons. 6. What part of the marketing mix is related to the football sponsorship, and what function does it perform?

Of the “Four P’s” in the Marketing Mix, the sponsorship of the Football team would fall under promotion. The donation to the Busaiteen Football Team was given for the purpose of establishing a strong community relationship between the people from Bahrain Bay with its surrounding communities. This course of action is a promotion for Bahrain Bay as a community friendly place in a sense that it builds public relations with the group of people surrounding them, which therefore causes less friction with their new neighbors. In the end, it is through sponsoring the BusaiteenFootball Team that Bahrain Bay promotes itself as part of the community towards the future.

1. Description
UAPP or University of Asia & the Pacific Application
Applications are known as “apps,” which are software designs for mobile phones such as android phones and apple products. These applications are always represented with unique logos. University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P) is recently keeping up with the trends regarding the fast evolution of digital world. Last year, UA&P restructured their university website that made it more informative and accessible. Moreover, the university formed a Facebook group having the name “UA&P Voice Out,” which served as the bridge between the concerns of the students towards the Center for Student Affair. In this way, this application aims to provide more connections especially between the professors and students in giving updates by following the digital evolution. This also includes Directory, Courses, Map, News, events, help, image, emergency, library, messenger, list of books in the library and today’s menu in the cafeteria. In summary, this application serves as the medium in exchanging information and ideas of the students, faculty members and employees in the university through technology.

2. Target Market
UA&P students

3. Direct Competitors: None because this app is new in market
Indirect Competitors: Social Network System such as facebook, and twitter

4. Picture/ Drawing

Logo of the Application

Design of the Application and Contents

– List of all faculty members with basic informations and direct email or call services. Student can select mentor in directory part and make an appointment.

– Information of school program and courses

– Map of UA&P. All rooms can be found by 3D map with text explanation.

– News of UA&Pupload in every news.

-Events of UA&P upload in every events.

Need help
– Q&A services and more information about the university.
– Event images, School images, student images and etc

– Emergency calls are in the list.

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