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Country Music, Takin a Back Seat In Bay

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Country Music, Taking a Back Seat in Bay Area Culture
When I ask my friends what kind of music they typically like to listen to, I often hear the usual answers such as hip hop, rap, R&B, heavy metal, alternative rock, and once in a while tunes from the 80’s. But to this day, I personally have not heard my group of friends answer with “country music.” I wonder why. Is it the twang of the banjo, the overwhelming rhythm of the fiddle, the high-pitched yee haws, or the lack of a heart-throbbing beat? Country music does not appeal to all listeners.

Don’t get me wrong, some country songs may not be perfect, but it is music that can reach deep into our souls and share with us the meaning of life. Country music speaks about the obstacles in life, the irreplaceable moments, the happiness people bring to us, and much more. Country artists differentiate themselves with a unique authenticity that focuses on simplicity.

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Country Music, Takin a Back Seat In Bay
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Straightforward lyrics are paired with simple keys played with a guitar to produce a medium in which the artist can share their personal struggles, opinions on how this nation is responding to the wars we have fought, or are fighting, and of course experiences with their loved ones. Having grown up around military family members all over the United States, I have observed an interesting pattern. The popularity of country music in the Bay Area seems to have diminished. Country music is often times overlooked by the youth, young adults, and trendsetters of the Bay Area.
Because of my family’s influence, country music holds a special place in my heart. Having a mix of 2 cultures, one from my Taiwan origin and another from my Bay Area upbringing, I can understand why individuals are not prompted to listen to country music. In my parents’ time in Taiwan, they had one radio station that would play American music. Often times, the music played on this station consisted of country music since the lyrics were slow enough to be understood by Mandarin-speaking and.

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Country Music, Takin a Back Seat In Bay. (2018, Sep 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/country-music-takin-a-back-seat-in-bay/

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