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Batangas State University

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WA 150 pesos 1 50 pesos Grand Total 480 pesos The progress in the environmental aspect of the community was evaluated based on the changes that occurred in the environment after the implementation of the said scheme. Of course, the project was successful because we coordinated with the local officials in every move we made. People can get vegetables in the botanical garden. The community become green because of the botanical garden and cleans because of our cooperation in cleaning the barangay. After taking up NSTP, the group has been aware Of the different crises hitting ifferent communities.

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Batangas State University
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There are food problems, medical needs, business predicaments, money dilemmas, corruption quandaries, educational hindrances, transportation inconveniences, poverty tribulation and everything else. Even some educated citizens blame the local government for not making solutions for the current problems. And as the saying goes, “If we want change, change must start from us. ” From the personal experiences of the group, a member would definitely summarize that the community service is a great help to become a better person.

It was a great experience that would totally last a lifetime. Lessons as an individual were discovered, thus achieving the goals that the group really wanted to bring into reality. Most importantly, our ultimate aim was achieved- helping the people in that chosen community. The development plans we implemented enabled the community to be beautified, clean and green. We were so certain that we left something memorable in that barangay as we had a good interaction and relationship with the people there.

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