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Becoming A Pediatric Nurse

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  • Pages 4
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    Art Williams said,”I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it”,this is true (Nursing). In order to become a doctor or nurse an individual has to take many classes and pass all of them but in the end it’s worth it. Most students do not go into the medical field because of how much work they would have to do. Becoming a pediatric nurse requires a determined student who is a hard worker and a overachiever. To go into the medical field an individual needs to take a variety of classes in high school along with getting a four-year degree (How to become). In order to get into a four-year college after high school, students must take all the required classes for each of their desired distinctions, must have participated in extracurricular activities, and must have a plan to earn target accolades making their application stand out.

    In order to become a pediatric nurse students must graduate from high school, however they must take the numerous courses that are required to graduate. Students need to take four courses of English to focus on grammar and literature. Two foreign language courses are also needed. They must take four math courses including two Algebra classes, geometry, and advanced math. They need three courses in science and one class must be a laboratory course. Along with these classes students need to take history. The history courses students consist of world history, civics and economics, and American history one and two (JAH). Students going into the medical field should take honors or AP classes to increase the probability to get into a four-year university. Students are also required to take twelve electives. This gives them the chance to express themselves in a certain class. Going into the medical field they should take the health sciences electives to prepare themselves for medical classes in college. Along with classes students need a required amount of service hours.

    Graduating high school requires students to have a certain amount of service hours. Students should join clubs to get these hours, some clubs also help prepare teens for the career they want. Students that want to get service hours are provided a chance to join Kids n’ Cops. This club gives them the hours they need and it teaches them leadership which colleges are looking for. Students that want to become doctors or nurses are also provided a chance to join the H.O.S.A club. The H.O.S.A club gives them the opportunity to participate in national, state, and regional competitive events. Students will also learn leadership and communication skills (John A.Holmes). This is also an excellent way for teens going into health professions to prepare themselves for college and a great way to get accepted for scholarships.

    NC State is an excellent school to go to if students want to be a pediatric nurse. NC State offers many courses for graduates going into a health profession. For some students, it’s difficult to go to a 4-year school because of money but there are plenty of scholarships graduates can apply for. One, in particular is the Parks Scholarship. The Parks Scholarship Program is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability, who have potential in service and leadership, and students who show exemplary character(Parks Scholarship). NC State looks at your transcript in order to determine if you are eligible or not. One other thing NC State looks at is a graduate’s GPA; they want a student that works hard and does not give up. Going into the medical field, students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to better the chance of getting into NC State.

    Having all the requirements required to graduate high school is not easy for students. Teenagers should plan ahead during freshman year to make sure they are taking the courses needed to be accepted. Not only is getting good grades important, but students also need to be involved in activities. Colleges look at more than just an individual’s school life. They also look at students lives outside of school. No college will accept a graduate that has a bad reputation. They want an overall good, hardworking, and overachieving student. It is important for students to prepare ahead of time to have a greater chance of getting accepted. Therefore, in order to get into North Carolina State University and become a pediatric nurse, students need to take all the required classes, have all the required number of service hours, and have a variety of extracurricular activities.

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