Becoming a Responsible Citizen? Sample

The word ‘education’ has Greek roots. Ancient philosopher Aristotle defines instruction as “a procedure necessary for the creative activity of a sound head in a sound organic structure. ” Education is a procedure of developing a human being into a individual who is moderately informed about the universe in which he lives. This enables him to pattern his life harmonizing to the purposes and aims set Forth by the cultural and ideological entity of which he or she is a member and tells him about his duties to do him punctual and to equilibrate his life. Prophet Muhammad ( P. B. U. H ) Said: “And get cognition from cradle to sculpt. ”

Education is the cardinal factor in the procedure of human development. The importance of instruction in the procedure of state edifice and economic prosperity can non be denied. The celebrated Greek philosopher Plato. while stressing the demand and importance of instruction. said:

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“Education brings light to human head and oculus. ”There is no denying the fact that uneducated and illiterate people can non execute their responsibilities. national every bit good as personal. in a proper and befitting mode. The success of democracy. the most popular system of authorities in modern times. mostly depends on instruction.

Every civilised society is wishful of advancement in the modern age. gives top most precedence to the acquisition of cognition and spends immense sums on instruction in order to control and eliminate ignorance. Educated people are the beginning of strength for the province. for they can efficaciously lend towards the development and advancement of society. They can ably aid and help the province in accomplishing the coveted ends of a public assistance province.

It is imperative that instruction should be imparted in position of the Islamic ideals in order to enable them to to the full understand their societal and political committednesss. It is besides indispensable to develop the immature coevals in a manner as to instill national spirit in them so that they should ever prefer national involvements over personal motivations. The proficient and professional instruction should be emphasized in order to fix the young person to take on the national duties. The educational system should hence be built upwards from the foundations so as to reflect national aspirations and ends.

Improvement in the instruction system is non being implemented appropriately so as to develop a proper apprehension among the people for work outing the monster jobs of over population. inequality. unemployment and corruptness. Merely the multitudes ( the common people ) with suited instruction can bring forth national leaders to take the state to the highs of success that it deserves. It is normally known now that our Reclaiming Cultural and Social Diversity: Mobilizing Youth for National Harmony and Peace: the Search for Resources Within instruction system is non working good and can non be compared favourably with the instruction system of the developed states.

Most of the pupils in our schools and colleges are non having quality instruction with the consequence that most of them are neither able nor wise after the completion of their surveies. How many of our extremely qualified people can compose right. talk coherently and discourse logically our societal. political and economic jobs? Then many 1000s of immature work forces and adult females can non acquire employed for months and old ages because of the instruction system. To be more specific. the first demand for our society is to present an instruction system that guarantees cosmopolitan instruction up to a certain degree within a few old ages and so the continuance of this instruction beside learning the kids and adults how to read. compose. talk both Urdu and English.

They should be made to understand societal and political jobs and taught to believe right and act decently harmonizing to their ages. Without making this a stable. balanced democracy and authorities can non be brought into being or societal and economic advancement be ensured and spiritual tolerance ( just apprehension of each other ) . common regard and even self-respect be possible.

Education makes a citizen utile and peaceable by larning accomplishments and supplying civilised behaviour. Good citizenship is the first fringe benefit of democracy. and instruction is the first pre-condition of good citizenship. Merely careful instruction can do citizens good informed. enlightened and painstaking. The instruction of the citizens is the bosom of the modern province.

Education does non intend literacy entirely. Education means:“The effects of population development for the socio-economic and natural environment and frailty versa are of such significance that the new coevals of immature people demands to be cognizant of them” .

If most of our people get educated. they can understand the value of integrity and subject. They can co-operate in different Fieldss of life. They can understand and work for their ain high purposes and those of their state and state. They can understand and obey the jurisprudence of the land and go good citizens. Educated people can understand the political jobs of their state and those of other states. They can follow the policies of their authorities. They can besides follow the programmes of different political parties. During elections. they can sagely vote for those political parties or campaigners whose programmes or policies they find good and utile. They can discourse the political. economic and societal jobs of their state with one another and with their representatives.

Education enables our people to do proper industrial. agricultural and proficient advancement. Educated people prove to be more efficient and utile than uneducated people. They can work in a proper and reasonable mode in offices. mills and stores. on farms and at other topographic points. They can larn new effectual ways of utilizing machines for different intents. They can larn different proficient accomplishments for industrial and agricultural work. Educated people can non easy do all this. Education should be given on a radical footing: all the nonreader grownups should be able to compose letters and to read newspapers and to understand societal and national Reclaiming Cultural and Social Diversity: Mobilizing Youth for National Harmony and Peace: the Search for Resources Within jobs. Those who can afford the disbursals of instruction should be made to pay. otherwise it should be free.

Educated grownups know or understand their rights and responsibilities and the Torahs of the state much better than uneducated people. They can read newspapers and magazines and can larn about societal and natural jobs. They can discourse the political. societal and economic purposes of the authorities and the programmes of political parties. Then they can be the most suited campaigners for places of power.

Co-education helps male childs and misss to understand each others’ jobs. Girls can turn out to be successful married womans and male childs successful hubbies after the completion of their instruction. They can work side by side for a better society as equal citizens. Education is a basic unit of life. and if a citizen will be educated he will cognize that how to cover with duties. Citizens have many duties and with the aid of instruction these duties can be undertaken successfully. If every citizen will be educated so the citizen will be loyal to his state and he will cognize how to take attention of his state. If citizens will be educated so they learn to avoid misdemeanor of Torahs. If citizens will be educated so they will cognize who the right individual is to function their state and they will vote in the right individual. If a citizen will be educated so he will knowhow he should cover with his responsibilities and what to make in societal activities.

In personal duties of citizen. instruction helps: -?If they will be educated they will make their occupation nicely. they will cognize the idiosyncrasy of covering with the occupation.?If a female parent / lady / miss will be educated so she will be able to take attention of her hubby or household and give her kid a good life.?If a citizen will be educated. he will obey his parents and esteem them. ?If a citizen will be educated he will cognize how he can maintain others or his state clean.?If a citizen will be educated so he will cognize how to confront jobs. He will happen solutions by understanding jobs and so work outing them. Educated people in a underdeveloped state like ours can work for societal and national advancement. Our pupils particularly in the colleges and universities can educate uneducated people. They can prosecute in a cosmopolitan instruction programme. which may be arranged or sponsored by the authorities. rich industrialists. business communities and land Godheads.

Classs for kids and grownups can be arranged in schools. colleges. suited authorities edifices. specially reinforced constructions in unfastened topographic points and even in certain Parkss. gardens and Fieldss.Students should understand clearly that:Unless most or all of our people get educated. we can non fall in the household of advanced or developed statesReclaiming Cultural and Social Diversity: Mobilizing Youth for National Harmony and Peace: the Search for Resources WithinStudents can take portion in societal public assistance activities for general societal advancement. A wing of the societal public assistance section may rede the different classs of pupils about work they can execute in their several Fieldss. Junior pupils of colleges and high schools can prosecute in the general cleanliness of Parkss and evidences ; pupils can function their state by acquiring trained in the armed forces. The senior pupils can help the law- enforcement bureaus in their work. From all this it is proved that instruction is a basic unit of life and it is necessary for going a responsible citizen.

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