What Being a Responsible Malaysian Citizen Means to Me.

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Title: What being a responsible Malaysian citizen means to me.

What does a responsible malaysian citizen mean? It means that you play a role as a citizen and you do what you are supposed to do, but not doing those stuff which will destroy your future or maybe the name of your country, ! For now, let us take note that common citizenship and equality, can also, potentially, help us to bring the community together. Malay is the sole of?cial and national language in Malaysia. Other languages such as mandarin, english and tamil can be used and studied too. Our responsible is to study all the language that we can, and to speak it to enable the community to identify with the nation and have strengthened the bond between state and citizenry. ! Being a responsible citizen is to obey the law, we agree that the law should be obeyed, but citizens should discuss the difference between law and justice. They need the skills to change laws in a peaceful manner. Besides that, we should minimizes offense to the others, we should ?nd it necessary to stand by his/her principles, especially when there are perceived practices that are unjust and cruel. Lastly, to recognizes responsibilities and rights of themselves and to help the other citizen whenever they need help. ! At the same time, failures to respect the rights of its citizens alienates the latter from the former. This has invariably undermined the quest for national unity. This is why rights in any society, especially in a multi-cultural or multi-religious society, like Malaysia will have to be balanced with responsibilities. Citizenship, after all, is about responsibilities in as much as it is about rights. ! It would be irresponsible of a citizen who is determined to exercise his or her freedom of expression on an ethnic issue to ignore how it will impact upon members of another community. Similarly, a community which seeks to enhance its own cultural or religious rights without any regard for the feelings or sensitivities.

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