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Ben N Jerry Singapore

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Company Profile Ben & Jerry’s first is establish in the year of 1978 and opened it first scoop shop from gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Soon, they began to establish themselves and soon became popular in the local community for the finest all natural ice cream made from fresh Vermont milk and cream. Through the years, they decided to do some good for the environment and animals by taking some actions like reducing waste and collaboration with World Wildlife Fund. Ben & Jerry’s is consider as F&B products because they selling ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s have more than one official website for example http://www. enjerry. com. sg which is the website that cater to people in Singapore whereas http://www. benjerry. com is the website for US people. Since we are in Singapore, I am going to talk about the Singapore website. The Ben & Jerry’s site is basically to inform the consumers about their shop locations as well as the products.

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Target Customer Segments & Their Needs/demands Ben & Jerry is basically targeting the people who like to eat ice cream. However, they are mostly targeting at the teenager and young adult. There are several factors in making this conclusion.

First of all, the price range of the ice cream itself is not so cheap and besides that, the quality of the ice cream is also good. Ben & Jerry’s target the demographic and psychographic segments. The demographic is targeting at the teenager and young adult. This is can be shown as the Ben & Jerry is always having good packaging which can attract the buyers. Besides that, they also have promotions especially for the student. Ben & Jerry understand that the teenager which is some is students may not have lots of money. Therefore they come out with the student promotions.

As for the psychographic, the company is targeting at the lifestyle of the people. The price range of the products is quite high with good quality of the products and so it actually also portrayed the social status of someone. People who eating Ben & Jerry’s will be consider to be higher class than those people who buy ice cream from roadside stores. Based on their website, the company has succeeded in meeting the target segments based on psychographic and the demographic of the segments. The website of the Ben & Jerry’s is really interesting as they have a lot of animations and the design of the website is very cute.

The website is designed in such a way that it will capture the users attentions as the websitr is very interactive. As for the activities of the website, it is cool as the website provides the user with games to play such as chocolate therapy, cowpaticus, past you eyes, and many more. Not only games, there is also some online competition going on such as mix and match the flavour of the ice cream to create the new flavour. This competition is a very creative way for Ben & Jerry’s to invent a new flavours. The content of the website is mostly focusing to show the information of the Ben & Jerry’s products, place as well as promotions.

They also try to create awareness for the people by posting a lot of information about what they measure taken by them to save the environment as well as animals. They try to gain sympathy and support by the public to buy their products. Differentiation & Positioning Strategies Adopted According to my survey, 56. 7% choose Ben & Jerry’s, then the the closest competitor for Ben & Jerry’s is Haagen Dazs which is about 26. 7% and while the second closer competitor is Swensen with 13. 3% and lastly Andersen’s of Denmark Ice Cream with just 3. 3%.

While most of the people which chose the other brand as preference think that Ben & Jerry’s has quite a same standard as the brand that had chosen. The differentiation strategy adopted by the Ben & Jerry’s compare to its competitors are products differentiation, channel differentiation and image differentiation. While the positioning that Ben & Jerry’s try to create is the value positioning. The use of all-natural, high quality ingredients and the innovative flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream illustrates the strategic use of product differentiation to gain a competitive advantage in the ice cream market.

Quirky flavor names such as Chubby Hubby, Wavy Gravy, Phish Food, and Chunky Monkey also set Ben & Jerry’s apart from the traditionally-named ice cream products of rival companies. Apart from that, the product package of the Ben & Jerry’s is better compare to the other competitors. Furthermore, the use of recycled materials in product packaging contributes to the uniqueness of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and helps keep its costs down. The design of the ice cream tub is so eye-catching and appealing which is much better compare to the other competitors such as Haagen Daazs which only has plain design for their products.

The channel differentiation that Ben & Jerry’s adopted is that the distribution channel of the products itself. Currently, the most common distribution channel of the ice cream is through the supermarket or the cafe. Apart from Haagen Dazs, most of Ben & Jerry’s competitors such as Swensen and Andersen’s of Denmark Ice Cream However only adopted one channel by setting up cafes. However, Ben & Jerry’s have adopted both of these distribution channels so that the products can reach even to the wider target market.

Most of the customer will classify Ben & Jerry’s products as high class but it can be obtain everywhere. As for the image differentiation that adopted by Ben & Jerry’s is that Ben & Jerry’s try to be eco-friendly as well as animal-friendly. Ben & Jerry’s emphasis these value is The positioning that Ben & Jerry’s try to portray is that the value positioning. This because most of the customers think that Ben & Jerry’s products is worth the value of money so we can conclude that Ben & Jerry’s has the high quality. Internet Marketing Strategies Adopted Ben & Jerry’s offered ice cream with high quality.

Not only is that, Ben & Jerry also focused on the taste and varieties of the ice cream. This is can be proven as Ben & Jerry’s keep coming out with the new flavours over the years. Ben & Jerry’s website also having a competition such as mix and match the flavour of the ice cream to create the new flavour. This competition is a very creative way for Ben & Jerry’s to invent a new flavours for their ice cream. Ben & Jerry emphasise quite a lot in the promotion. One of them is that Ben & Jerry would give free scoop of ice cream to the people in order to promote their products.

Beside that, they also try to create a value which is eco-friendly as well as animal-friendly. Ben & Jerry’s The place of Ben & Jerry basically sell their products in 2 ways. The first way is that Ben & Jerry’s have cafes whereby the customers can sit down and enjoy the ice cream. Example of the locations is the one in Dempsey, city hall and The Cathay. The other way is that Ben & Jerry’s supply their pint ice cream in the supermarket which is means that it is easier to penetrate to the bigger market.

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