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Spencer’s Retail is a concatenation of retail shops based in Kolkata. West Bengal. Spencer’s is based on the ‘Food First’ Format ( it chiefly offers fresh and packaged nutrient ) . Many mercantile establishments though athletics multiple formats for retailing nutrient. dress. manner. electronics. lifestyle merchandises. music and books. It is owned by the RPG Group. a major concern house.

Spencer’s Retail Limited is one of India’s largest and fastest turning multi-format retail merchant with 275 shops. including 36 big format shops across 66 metropoliss in India. Spencer’s focuses on verticals like nutrient and food market. fruit and veggies. electrical and electronics. place and office necessities. garments and manner accoutrements. playthings. nutrient and personal attention. music and books. Established in 1996. Spencer’s has become a popular finish for shoppers in India with hypermarkets and convenient shops providing to assorted shopping demands of its big consumer base.

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Spencer’s Retail is a portion of the RPG Companies that trades with nutrient. dress. manner. electronics. lifestyle merchandises. music and books. : It has retail footage of about 1 million square pess and over 220 Spencer’s shops in 35 metropoliss. It besides offers services such as gift verifiers and easy loans in association with CitiFinancial Consumer Finance India Ltd. It consists of Spencer’s Hypermarkets. Spencer’s Super. Spencer’s Daily and Spencer’s Express. Spencer’s Retail has won assorted awards. some of the recent 1s being: Reid & A ; Taylor. Chemical bond with the Best. Retail Excellence Award in 2011 ; Images Excellence Award for Pioneering Retail in East at the East India Retail Summit Awards. 2011 ; Vineet Kapila – CEO of Spencer’s Retail was awarded the Retail Icon of the Year. 2010. It was ranked figure 3 among the Most Trusted Brands in Retail. in the Brand Equity – AC Nielson Brand Survey. 2010. Besides won the Sap Ace Award for Customer Excellence in 2010.

Since 1863. Spencer’s has been a portion of the Indian retail landscape. At one clip. the Spencer’s Empire stretched from Peshawar to Cochin. from Karachi to Chittagong. crossing the length and breadth of undivided India. Originally owned by a British gentleman – yes. there was a Mr. Spencer ( John William Spencer. to be precise ) – it acquired Indian ownership in the sixtiess. and became portion of the RPG Group in 1989.


In 1995. RPG Enterprises. the flagship company of the RPG Group. launched Foodworld as a joint venture with Hong-Kong based Dairy Farm International. The joint venture. which operated supermarkets under the name “Foodworld” and hypermarkets under the name “Giant” . was terminated in 2006. RPG retained 48 of the 93 shops it owned. These were re-furbished and their launch under the trade name name. Spencer’s. kicked off a new stage in both the history of the Spencer’s trade name. and the retail in India.

Since origin Spencer’s has been a consumer-centric trade name. invariably introducing. open uping formats. germinating over clip but ever maintaining consumer demands and satisfaction center-stage. Back in 1920. we were the first food market concatenation in India. In 1980. we became the first supermarket concatenation. and in 2001. we introduced India to the joys of hypermarket shopping.

What has remained unchanged about 150 old ages is the trust the Spencer’s trade name evokes. To the consumer. it carries the promise of invention. quality. and service ; the assurance that they will ever be able to happen a Spencer’s at a convenient location ; that it will hold a pleasant atmosphere ; and that it will offer a broad scope of merchandises at low-cost monetary values.

Spencer’s Retail has announced a tie-up with British retail merchant Woolworths Plc for entirely selling its celebrated plaything trade name Chad Valley through its mercantile establishments.

Besides the Chad Valley scope of playthings ( available at pricesRs. 49 upwards ) . Woolworths is besides be aftering to present the Ladybird scope of kidswear.

A US $ 3. 25 billion dollars concern pudding stone. RPG is one of the human dynamos that drive Indian industry. With more than 20 companies. it spans six concern sectors – Power. Surs. Transmission. Technology. Retail and Entertainment. With such a diverse portfolio. RPG Enterprises has had unrivalled success which speaks really extremely of the efficiency and vision with which the group is run. Over the old ages. RPG Enterprises has built a immense reservoir of trust and good will among the people of India. We at Spencer’s are genuinely proud to be a portion of the RPG household. About Spencer’s Retail Ltd.

Spencer’s Retail Limited. portion of the Rs 13. 500 crores RPG group. is one of India’s largest and fastest turning multi-format retail merchant with 350 shops. including 35 big format shops across 60cities in India. Spencer’s focuses on verticals like nutrient and food market. fruit and veggies. electrical and electronics. place and office necessities. garments and manner accoutrements. playthings. nutrient and personal attention. music and books. Established in 1996. Spencer’s has become a popular finish for shoppers in India with hypermarkets and convenient shops providing to assorted shopping demands of its big consumer base. We are proud today of our 350 shops across 60 metropoliss covering a retail trading country of 1. 3 million square pess and an amazing 4. 5 million clients a month. Spencer’s is one of the earliest entrants into the retail infinite and literally introduced the Indian consumer to the construct of organized retailing. In fact. the first of all time hyper shop in India was launched by Spencer’s at Hyderabad in the twelvemonth 2001. The journey onwards has been one of the most aggressive of all the retail participants in India. The company started its operations manner back in the early 90’s in the South and over the last one year-and-a-half. it has ramped up operations toabout 350 shops across 60 metropoliss in India. Spencer’s is on a high growing way.

Overview of Spencer’sSpencer’s Retail Limited is one of India’s largest and fastest turning multi-format retail merchant with250 shops. including 36 big format shops across 50 metropoliss in India. Spencer’s focuses on verticals like nutrient and food market. fruit and veggies. electrical and electronics. place and office necessities. garments and manner accoutrements. playthings. nutrient and personal attention. music and books. Established in 1996. Spencer’s has become a popular finish for shoppers in India with hypermarkets and convenient shops providing to assorted shopping demands of its big consumer base.

OperationssSpencer’s has retail footage of over 1. 1 million square pess and over 250 Spencer’s shops in 50cities. The company operates through the undermentioned formats:

The Spencer’s hyper shops are finish shops. of more than 15. 000 sq. foot in size. They offer everything under one roof. The ware ranges from fruits & A ; veggies. processed nutrients ( Ready to Eat. Ready to Cook. FMCG merchandises ) . forte nutrients including international. sugar free. organic nutrients. etc…groceries. meat. poulet. fish. bakeshop. chilled and frozen nutrients. garments. consumer electronics & A ; electrical merchandises. place attention. place decor & A ; place demands. office letter papers. soft playthings. Besides. the shops besides comprise book & A ; music retailing. electronic appliances and IT accessories. On an norm. a Spencer’s hyper stocks 70. 000 SKUs across 35. 000 points.

The Spencer’s shops are neighborhood shops runing from 1500 less than 15000 sq. foot. These shops stock the necessary scope and mixture in fruit and veggies. fmcg nutrient and non-food. basics and frozen nutrients and cater to the day-to-day and hebdomadal top-up shopping demands of the consumer. Some of these shops which have floor country of more than 10. 000sq foot sometimes offer place attention merchandises ; personal attention merchandises. bakeshop. chilled and frozen nutrient ; babe attention. rudimentss in garments and limited scope of electronics and electrical.


1987 – The company was established in the twelvemonth. The chief objects of the company are selling and distribution industry of Pharmaceuticals-Aerated Waterss and other nutrient products- Selling of consumer durables- Trawlers and marine merchandises processing- Travel and shipping- Imports and Exports – Hotels and Catering- Tea estater-Chain departmental stores-computer and computing machine services- Real Estates. – M/s Kellner Pharmaceuticals Ltd. . Vulcan Electricals Ltd. . Spencer International Hotels Ltd. . Spencer. Furnitures & A ; Furnishing. Spencer Estates Ltd. . Spencer Consumer Products and Services Ltd. . Spencer Pharmaceticals Ltd. . G. F. Kellner & A ; Co. Ltd. . Fiesta Restaurant Ltd. . Kartik Pharmaceuticals Ltd. . and Spencer Information Services are the subordinates.

1995 – Spencer Industrial Fund Ltd has become a Subsidiary of Spencer International Hotels Ltd under proviso of Section 4 ( 1 ) ( a ) of the Companies Act. 1956 and consequently a Subsidiary of this Company besides from 24th January.

1996 – The Company has entered into a Technical Assistance semen Joint venture options Agreement with M/s. Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd. . a major International retailing force operating in several states.

1997 – During the twelvemonth the company has entered into a Joint Venture understanding with DFIMauritius Limited to come in yet another Retail Format. A concatenation of retail apothecary’s shops. covering in Medicines. Cosmetics. Toiletries and allied Health and Beauty merchandises. is proposed to harass up on a nation-wide footing. – A new company has been named as RPG Guardian Private Limited and is on a mission tolop a extremely regarded retail concern in India by offering first-class service and value to clients. The company has been set up on a 50: 50 equity partnership footing. The sum paid up capital of the company will be Rs. 450 lakhs dwelling of 45. 00. 000 of equity portions of Rs. 10/- each.

1998 – Mr P. K. Mohapatra appointed as Managing Director w. e. f. 1st April. – The Company’s enlargement into Food Retailing through the concatenation of Food World Supermarket started during 1996 made important advancement during the twelvemonth. – Foodworld has became a family name in three metropoliss basking high backing from its clients and providers.

2000 – Spencer & A ; Company. an RPG group outfit. has signed a joint venture understanding with Dairy Farm International Mauritius ( DFI ) to establish a concatenation of big distribution infrastrucutre. basically meant to function the little retail merchant. – The Company will organize a joint venture company. as a subordinate of Spencer’s.


CelebrationsAt Spencer’s. we don’t truly necessitate a ground to observe. Festivals – international. national and regional – are a natural cause for us to portion joyous minutes with our shoppers. as are seasons. Seasons. Opportunities to research new civilizations. Families and each of the members in them. Be certain to drop by the following Spencer’s jubilation in your metropolis.

At Home with Spencer’sReaches out to Spencer’s nucleus consumer base – adult females. in their settlement or residential vicinity. For them we conduct workshops on cooking. art-of-life. wellness & A ; hygiene. interior designing. manner and beauty Participants portion their thoughts with us and each other.

Cooking Sessions– As you can conceive of. these are ever popular. Expert chefs demonstrate the readying of new dishes … of class. participants can ever pick up the ingredients for these on their following visit to Spencer’s. Guests get recipe cusps for future mention. and are encouraged to portion and show their ain formulas.

Health & A ; Hygiene Workshops– Kaya Skin Clinic. a taking skin care clinic. brought their skin doctors to give our ladies tips on tegument attention and tegument wellness.

“Good To Grow” . our Kids Contact Program. celebrates our junior shoppers. Designed for kids less than 10 old ages of age. it focuses on: Health – activities taking to overall fittingness. of head and organic structure Creativity – activities taking to sharpening of basic accomplishments Knowledge – activities connected to faculty members and general cognition Entertainment – activities to develop their endowment for amusement Personality – activities taking to overall development.

Suggestion1. Some % age of clients are dissatisfied with the scope of biscuits. savoriesand drinks ( FMCG FOODS ) . By study method attempt to analyse about the wants of customer’s & A ; so seek to supply services & A ; merchandises acc. to the demand and wants of customer’s. 2. Some good merchandises due to the deficiency of advertizement are less known to Customer’s. So themember’s of organisation attempt to convert clients to purchase those merchandises which besides hold goodquality & A ; are able to gave competition to those good established trade name.

Large Bazaar is a concatenation of hypermarket in India. As of June 2. 2012 there are 214 shops across 90 metropoliss and towns in India covering about 16 million sq. ft. of retail infinite. Large Bazaar is designed as an agglomeration of bazars or Indian markets with bunchs offering a broad scope of ware including manner and dresss. nutrient merchandises. general ware. furniture. electronics. books. fast nutrient and leisure and amusement subdivisions.

Large Bazaar is portion of Future Group. which besides owns the Central Hypermarket. Brand Factory. Pantaloons. eZONE. HomeTown. futurebazaar. com. KB’s Fair Price to call a few and is owned through a entirely owned subordinate of Pantaloon Retail India Limited ( BSE: 523574 523574 ) . that is listed on Indian stock exchanges.


|Name |Designation | |Kishore Biyani |Founder and CEO | |Anshuman Singh |MD and CEO. Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd | | Damodar Mall |Integrated Food Starategy. Future Group |


Large Bazaar was launched in September. 2001 with the gap of its first four shops in Calcutta. Indore. Bangalore and Hyderabad in 22 yearss. Within a span of 10 old ages. there are now 161 Big Bazaar shops in 90 metropoliss and towns across India. By September 2012 BIG BAZAAR will hold two more shops in North east viz. SILCHAR and JORHAT in Assam.

Large Bazaar was started by Kishore Biyani. the Group CEO and Managing Director of Pantaloon Retail India. Though Big Bazaar was launched strictly as a manner format including dress. cosmetics. accoutrement and general ware. over the old ages Big Bazaar has included a broad scope of merchandises and service offerings under their retail concatenation. The current formats includes Large Bazaar. Food Bazaar. Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar. The inspiration behind this full retail format was from Saravana Stores. a local shop in T. Nagar. Chennai

The shops are customized to supply the feel of mandis and melas [ 2 ] while offering the modern retail characteristics like Quality. Choice and Convenience. As the modern Indian family’s favourite retail shop. Large Bazaar is popularly known as the “Indian Walmart” .

On successful completion of 10 old ages in Indian retail industry. in 2011. Big Bazaar has come up a new logo with a new ticket line: ‘Naye India Ka Bazaar’ . replacing the earlier one: ‘Isse Sasta Aur Accha Kahin Nahin’ .


Harmonizing to Kishore Biyani’s 3-C theory. Change and Confidence among the full population is taking to lift in Consumption. through better employment and income which in bend is making value to the agricultural merchandises across the state. [ 4 ] Big Bazaar has divided India into three sections:

1. India 1: Consuming category which includes upper center and lower in-between category ( 14 % of India’s population ) . 2. India two: Serving category which includes people like drivers. family helps. office drudges. elevator mans. laundrymans. etc. ( 55 % of India’s population ) and 3. India three: Fighting category ( staying 31 % of India’s population ) . While Large Bazaar is targeted at the population across India one and India two sections. Aadhaar Wholesale is aimed at making the population in India three section. With this. Future Groupemerged as a retail finish for consumers across all categories in the Indian society.


The Big Bazaar Store in Nagpur.

Most Large Bazaar shops are multi-level and are located in stand-alone edifices in metropolis centres every bit good as within shopping promenades. These shops offer over 200. 000 SKUs in a broad scope of classs led chiefly by manner and nutrient merchandises.

Food Bazaar. a supermarket format was incorporated within Big Bazaar in 2002 and is now present within every Big Bazaar every bit good as in independent locations. A typical Big Bazaar is dispersed across around 50. 000 square pess ( 4. 600 M2 ) of retail infinite. While the larger cities have Big Bazaar Family centres mensurating between 75. 000 square pess ( 7. 000 M2 ) and 160. 000 square pess ( 15. 000 M2 ) . Large Bazaar Express shops in smaller towns measure around 30. 000 square pess ( 2. 800 M2 ) .

Large Bazaar has the installation to buy merchandises online through its official web page. and offers free transportation on some of their merchandises.


Wednesday Bazaar

Large Bazaar introduced the Wednesday Bazaar construct and promoted it as “Hafte Ka Sabse Sasta Din” . It was chiefly to pull clients to the shops on Midweeks. when least figure of clients are observed. Harmonizing to the concatenation. the purpose of the construct is “to give place shapers the power to salvage the most and even the shops in the metropolis don a fresh expression to do clients experience that it is their day” .

Sabse Sasta Din

With a desire to accomplish gross revenues of Rs 26 Crore in a one individual twenty-four hours. Big Bazaar introduced the construct of “Sabse Sasta Din” . The thought was to merely make a twenty-four hours in a twelvemonth that genuinely belonged to Big Bazaar. This was launched on January 26. 2006 and the consequence was exceeding that constabulary had to come in to command the mammoth crowd. The construct was such a immense hit that the offer was increased from one twenty-four hours to three yearss in 2009 ( 24 to 26 Jan ) and to five yearss in 2011 ( 22-26 Jan ) .

Maha Bachat

Maha Bachat was started off in 2006 as a individual twenty-four hours run with attractive promotional offers across all Big Bazaar shops. Over the old ages it has grown into a 6 yearss semiannual run. It has attractive offers in all its value formats such as Large Bazaar. Food Bazaar. Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar – providing to the full demands of a consumer.

The Great Exchange Offer

On February 12. 2009 Big Bazaar launched “The Great Exchange Offer” . through with the clients can interchange their old goods in for Big Bazaar vouchers. Later. consumers can deliver these vouchers for trade name new goods across the state.


2001• Three Big Bazaar shops launched within a span of 22 yearss in Kolkata. Bangalore and Hyderabad 2002• Big Bazaar – ICICI Bank Card is launched.• Food Bazaar becomes portion of Big Bazaar with the launch of the first shop in Mumbai at High Street Phoenix 2003• Big Bazaar enters Tier II metropoliss with the launch of the shop in Nagpur• Big Bazaar welcomes its 10 million-th client at its new shop in Gurgaon 2004• Big Bazaar wins its first award and national acknowledgment. Large Bazaar and Food Bazaar awarded the country’s most admired retail merchant award in value retailing and nutrient retailing section at the India Retail Forum • A twenty-four hours before Diwali. the shop at Lower Parel becomes the first to touch Rs 10 million turnover on a individual twenty-four hours 2005

• Initiates the execution of SAP and pilots a RFID undertaking at its cardinal warehouse in Tarapur • Launches a alone shopping plan: the Big Bazaar Exchange Offer. ask foring clients to interchange household debris at Big Bazaar • Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar are launched

• Big Bazaar and ICICI Bank launched ICICI Bank-Big Bazaar Gold recognition card plan to honor its loyal clients. 2006• Mohan Jadhav sets a national record at Big Bazaar Sangli with a Rs 1. 37. 367 shopping measure. The Sangli husbandman becomes Big Bazaar’s largest of all time client. • Large Bazaar launches Shakti. India’s first recognition card plan tailored for homemakers • Navaras – the jewelry shop launched within Big Bazaar shops 2007

• The 50th Large Bazaar shop is launched in Kanpur• Big Bazaar spouses with Futurebazaar. com to establish India’s most popular shopping portal • Big Bazaar initiates the “Power of One” run to assist raise financess for the Save The Children India Fund • Pantaloon Retail wins the International Retailer of the Year at US-based National Retail Federation convention in New York and Emerging Retailer of the Year award at the World Retail Congress held in Barcelona.

2008• Big Bazaar becomes the fastest turning hypermarket format in the universe with the launch of its 101st shop within 7 old ages of launch • Big Bazaar dons a new expression with a fresh new subdivision. [ electronic mail protected ]Bazaar • Big Bazaar joins the conference of India’s Business Super trade names. It is voted among the top 10 service trade names in the state in the latest Pitch-IMRB international study • Big Bazaar initiated the Mega Saving “Monthly Bachat Bazaar” run. to supply exceeding trades on food markets and nutrient points during the first hebdomad of every month. 2009

• Big Bazaar opens its 2nd shop in Assam at Tinsukia • Big Bazaar initiates Maha Annasantarpane plan at its shops in South India – a alone enterprise to offer repasts to visitants and back up local societal organisations • Big Bazaar captures about one-third portion in nutrient and food market merchandises sold through modern retail in India • Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Asin. young person icons of India. were chosen as the trade name embassadors of Big Bazaar • Big Bazaar announced the launch of ‘The Great Exchange Offer’ • Formed a joint venture with Hidesign to establish Holii. a new trade name of pocketbooks. laptop bags and other accoutrements. 2010

• Future Value Retail Limited is formed as a specialised subordinate to spearhead the group’s value retail concern through Big Bazaar. Food Bazaar and other formats. • Large Bazaar wins CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards for the 3rd back-to-back twelvemonth. Adjudged the Most Preferred Multi Brand Food & A ; Beverage Chain. Most Preferable Multi Brand Retail Outlet and Most Preferred Multi Brand One Stop Shop • Big Bazaar connects over 30. 000 little and average Indian makers and enterprisers with around 200 million clients sing its shops • Big Bazaar opens its 3rd shop in Kanpur at Z Square Mall • Big Bazaar opens its 4th shop in Kanpur at Jajmau which is the largest leather tannery fort of Asia • Vidya Balan was chosen as the trade name embassador of Big Bazaar’s Price Challenge exercising • Ranked 6 among the Top 50 Service Brands in India.

2011• Big Bazaar forays into the rural wholesale and distribution concern through ‘Aadhaar Wholesale’ shop at Kalol. Gujarat. • Big Bazaar has come up a new logo with a new ticket line: ‘Naye India Ka Bazaar’ . • 200th shop opened in India.

• Future Group has launched its latest venture. Foodhall – a premium nutrient finish across 10 tubes in India • For the convenience of the online clients. Big Bazaar has started free transportation on all orders above Rs. 1000. • Entered into an understanding with Hindustan Unilever to co-develop and co-brand bakeshop merchandises. which would be sold entirely at Big Bazaar shops. 2012

• Big Bazaar entered into a five twelvemonth multi-million dollar trade with Cognizant Technology Solutions for IT substructure services that support Future Group’s web of shops. warehouses. offices. and information centres. • Partnered with Disney to establish “Kidz Cookies” . entirely for childs across India. • Big Bazaar is be aftering to add farther value to its retail services by offering Value added services like crunching. de-seeding. veggies cutting at free of cost.

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