Biomedicine Personal Statement Essay

The human body itself is a magnificent machine. I am mesmerized by how the mechanisms are able to work together and carry out their functions. Robert C. Peale once said “the best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system”. What fascinates me is when this “pharmacy” doesn’t function properly as one gets older or suffers from illnesses, with the right diagnosis and treatments, it is able to make drastic effect on their health. My decision to study Biomedical science is influenced a lot by the modern science which has evolved so much that humans are not at risk of death from most infectious diseases.

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Biomedicine Personal Statement
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Studying Biology and Chemistry at A-levels were very stimulating. Biology has given me deeper understanding of our complex human body and actually made me more mature and independent. Doing experiments, writing reports concisely with precision and discussing results has improved my linguistic ability and increased my confidence a lot. I could easily understand Chemistry the most because I was very captivated by the molecules and electrons.

Doing calculations has been so much easier with my improved analytical skills that I gained through A-level mathematics.

I have always enjoyed numerical problem solving and feel that I am a natural mathematician. I also did As Accounts which is mostly about how business work. It was very useful and helped me work out more logical and accurate predictions. It was interesting how similar it was to science where I’d predict the results and carry out the experiments to prove it. Choosing these subjects for A-level has improved my time management and decision making and has given me much more self reliance with my studies.

I have always had strong passion about contributing to society. When I was in Hong Kong, I frequently volunteered to go to elderly peoples’ homes and do as much as I could. I would usually cleaned their flat and read them stories. At the end of each day, I would return home with the satisfaction of being able to make a little difference in someone else’s life. I also raised funds and spread awareness regarding global warming by distributing stickers on the streets.

Currently, I’m volunteering in a care home for elderly people during the weekends. I’m authorized to organise and play games, read books and talk to the residents. The elderly people and I both enjoy each others company. There’s this great sense of achievement seeing them smile. I believe there’s nothing higher than humanity and no materials can touch a persons’ heart. I have grown into a better person mentally throughout these experiences. During my school days, I was given the opportunity to work in a health centre for 2 weeks.

Although it wasn’t assisting a doctor and was instead in the reception, I took it as a chance to familiarize my self with the medical-like environment. My duties included taking phone calls, making timetables, making new files for patients. These really enabled me to improve my communication skills and Besides academic work, I am very enthusiastic about sport. Since a young age, I have played badminton and basketball. I also swim. I participate in these activities almost everyday which helps me feel more relaxed and release tension.

Furthermore, I am currently interested in two new sports; hockey and tennis and I plan to take these up soon. Nevertheless, I’m a very hardworking and motivated student who will persevere and get as much study time into a day as possible. I enjoy learning and am looking forward to the challenge that university will offer me. I absolutely do not believe in giving up at all. In the end, I believe that only Biomedical Science will enable me to achieve my maximum potential to further borden my horizon about the human body.

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