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Blackberry Eating by Galway Kinnell

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In this poem, Kinnell demonstrates a profound metaphoric relationship between the tangible objects of blackberries, and the intangible objects of words. He feels an attraction to blackberries such as with taste, touch, and appearance. That notion is supported throughout the poem.

For example, line 7 states the following: “Lifting the stalks to my mouth, the ripest berries,” illustrating his love for the taste of delectable fruits. Furthermore, it demonstrates the sensory characteristics of touch, for he physically touches and eats the fruit.

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Blackberry Eating by Galway Kinnell
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In a strange way, readers taste and touch the fruit too with Kinnell’s expressions of words.In line 8, he exhibits the sensory characteristic of taste because he eats the blackberries as stated: “fall almost unbidden to my tongue.

” Thereafter, he states the following, “As words sometimes do certain peculiar words / like strengths or squinched. ” It appears as if the blackberries that he’s eating mysteriously enter his mouth willingly, just as words sometimes do, which is the connection that he’s trying to make with his love for blackberries and the language of words.

More important, he expresses in words, taste and touch, and he makes the reader taste and touch it too.Throughout the poem, his love for blackberry is obvious, which is precipitated to certain words that he uses – in essence, the words that embody the sensory image of blackberries.

The final lines of this fourteen-line poem, which is not a true sonnet but sonnet- Like, reveal the imagery of blackberries and the imagery that’s formed by words, linking both together as one. The poem is well written by Galway Kinnell, rendering several metaphors and strong imagery. After reading this poem, it makes one feels like they are actually eating blackberries and savoring every detail of it.

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