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Swot Analysis of Blackberry

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SWOT analysis S: Convenience is that, in addition to supporting e-mail, web pages, you can also use the search program to search for information on this cell phone and personal information management (PIM) items such as tasks, notes, contacts and calendar entries W: Most domestic dependence on e-mail is still very low, only by the prominent features Push-Mail, BlackBerry is hard to arouse Chinese consumers desire to buy.

Comparely the domestic mobile phone which are sells well, though the BlackBerry functionality is powerful, but its shape looks lenient, it does not meet the domestic mobile phone users to pursue beauty, light and consumer psychology.

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Swot Analysis of Blackberry
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The BlackBerry modeled on the computer keyboard to design cell phone keyboard, each key is very small, it is unconvenient for users who often send messages. In terms of price, BlackBerry is also devoid of virtue.

BlackBerry sales price of a single department in the country is expected around 5500 yuan, relative to the domestic price of high-end smart phones, it is not too expensive.

The problem is the BlackBerry higher fees, it would certainly inhibit the number of BlackBerry users love the enthusiasm. BlackBerry functions are too simple, not entertainment; that the BlackBerry price is too high, not easily spread in the market; that the BlackBerry service charges are too high, users will be very low growth rate, etc.

O: BlackBerry has been achieved this function in the PDA-based functionality to integrate the mobile phone, mobile e-mail the Yinru,that make Blackberry phone Dedao has wider range of application extends, it will attracted more business. After all, mobile phonesis easier to carry and use than laptops ? T: The company which can provide similar Push-Mail-enabled mobile phone, no t just a company RIM, Nokia, and Motorola have also been introduced to support Push-Mail technology to their products.

Other mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad, have also strengthened the research and development in this area, more and more phones that can send and receive e-mail phones appear in the market, BlackBerry products’advantages are getting smaller and smaller. China Unicom launched the cranberries (Redberry) services were only 5yuan per month (5M) and 30 yuan (200M), also based on low prices pose a challenge to the BlackBerry service. This shows that BlackBerry is difficult to sell well in China.

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