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Blur: Hookah Bar Business Plan

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BLUR Hookah & Lounge BLUR Hookah 30 Union St. New Bedford, MA. 02740 [email protected] com www. BlurHookah. com Table of Contents Executive Summary4 Business Description and Vision5 Definition of the Market6 Description of the Products and Services7 Organization and Management8 Marketing and Sales Strategy9 Financial Management10 Appendices11 Executive Summary BLUR Hookah Lounge aspires to be the premier Hookah lounge in New Bedford, MA. and surrounding communities.

BLUR will get away from the traditional Middle Eastern feeling Hookah bar by introducing local bands on a weekly basis, Mediterranean cuisine and a choice of 20 different craft brewed beer.

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Blur: Hookah Bar Business Plan
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Being a specialty bar BLUR will get a big influx of cliental seeking to get away from the noisy nightclub scene. BLUR will gain revenue through sale of flavored tobacco, alcoholic beverages and an array of appetizers. Cliental will be composed of nearby college students and locals (18-26yrs. Old) seeking an alternative entertainment in nightlife. BLUR is seeking $100,000 from investors to take care of initial start-up costs.

BLUR Hookah Lounge projects to become profitable in its first year of business, being the only Hookah lounge in a 30mi. radius. Sales will increase 1. 5 times for the first three years each year. Investors will receive their initial investment within the first three years of business. Sales of inventory will indefinitely be profitable due to low buying costs. Bar Graph of Sales Increasing 1. 5x for the 1st 3 years each year: Chart 1 Business Description and Vision About BLUR Hookah Lounge ·BLUR will be the premier Hookah lounge in a 30mi. radius BLUR will offer 20 different flavors of tobacco, rotating flavors on a monthly basis ·BLUR will offer 20 different craft brewed beer, in-house specialty martinis and a small menu of Appetizers & Sandwiches ·Local bands will perform on Thursdays and rotate Fridays and Saturdays ·BLUR’s in-house DJ will perform on Wednesdays and rotate Fridays and Saturdays, while playing R&B, Easy Listening and Billboards Top 100 ·BLUR will offer an extremely lush and eloquent lounge area to kick back and relax ·BLUR will offer a “Hookah Hour” where assorted flavored tobacco will be half off ·BLUR will offer a “BLUR Club Pass” where cliental will be able to have their own in-house craft beer mug if 50 craft brewed beers are purchased in the 1st three months after signing up for the “BLUR Club Pass”. In Addition, members will be emailed on a weekly basis, with up and coming performances and menu additions Mission The Mission of BLUR Hookah Lounge is to provide an eloquent, entertaining yet relaxing environment where patronages from the Hookah enthusiast to the new-comer may leave one night looking forward to their next visit.

The atmosphere will bring people together while being immersed in American and Mediterranean culture, while enjoying a conversation and live music over a cocktail, Middle Eastern flavored tobacco, craft beer, enticing appetizers and sandwiches. BLUR will ensure a great alternative to the loud and raucous nightlife and keep patronages coming back for more. Goals & Objectives ·To see a net profit by the end of the 1st quarter of its 2nd year of operations ·To have 150 customers join “BLUR Club Pass” by the end of its 1st year of operations ·To have 50 members of “BLUR Club Pass” attain their own “Craft Mug” in-house by the end of its 1st year of operations ·To maintain a Facebook fan page of 3,000 fans by the end of its 3rd year of operations ·To introduce 25 local bands by the end of our 1st year To establish BLUR’s presence in downtown New Bedford, while gaining a great Hookah fan base who contribute to the company’s goals ·To be the premier Hookah lounge in a 30mi. radius from initial startup, while future expansion is discussed at a later date ·To open a 2nd location by the 5th year of operations ·To pay investors their initial investment back by the end of the 4th year of operations Definition of the Market Bars and Nightclubs NAICS – 72441 Industry Profile The market for hookah bars in the United States has grown significantly in the past decade. Hookah-bars. com reports that, as of October 2008, there were at least 470 hookah bars in the U. S. nd an average of five new hookah bars were opening every month. From these numbers, it can be estimated that 2-5 million current hookah smokers live in the United States. Of these hookah smokers, approximately 10% are of Middle Eastern origin and the remaining groups are of American origin but have grown to embrace hookah culture. (Palo Alto Software, 2008) In New Bedford, MA. BLUR Hookah lounge will focus on locals and surrounding towns along with local college students. Target Customer ·18-25 years of age ·Does not need to have a large income ·Seeking an alternative to night clubs and bars ·Enjoys new ventures ·Lives in the South Coast Massachusetts area Geographic Profile The community of New Bedford has 2500 to 5000 citizens per square mile making it a nice populated area for BLUR Hookah Lounge ·Even though the median household income is $15,000 to $35,000,BLUR does not need cliental with high income ·UMASS Dartmouth and Bristol Community College are within a 30mi. radius from BLUR Hookah Lounge ·BLUR has a mar key location in downtown New Bedford ·Neighboring cities like Fall River also has 2500 to 5000 citizens per square mile Market Segmentation College Age Residents: College students who seek an alternative to bars and parties on their campuses seek out different experiences. Hookah bars provide such an experience because of their exotic ambiance, colorful atmosphere, focus on group dynamics, and the element of danger/risk provided by smoking. Furthermore, those between the ages of 18 and 21 can frequent hookah bars while they cannot go to many bars that serve alcohol. Palo Alto Software, 2008) Young Professionals: 22-30 year-old professionals who have gotten tired of the same old bar and night club scene and are willing to try something new. These customers may be turned off from a high percentage of college students so maintaining a nice variety of live performers will attract different guests on varied nights. Locals: 18-30 year-old locals who are intrigued by a new establishment and are willing to give something new a try. BLUR is also looking for those Hookah enthusiastic locals who are excited about a non-traditional Hookah lounge. Pie Chart of Market Segmentation: Chart 2 Description of the Products and Services

BLUR Hookah lounge will specialize in special in-house cocktails, craft beers, appetizers and sandwiches of both Mediterranean and American origin. The initial menu will include: ·In-house Specialty Martinis – ex. Goombay Smash, Cucumber Collins, Snickers Tini ·Craft Beers – ex. Shipyard, Wachusette, Sam Adams ·Appetizers – ex. Flat Bread Pizza, Stuffed Mushrooms, Flavored Chicken Tenders, Capris Salad ·Sandwiches – ex. Prego (Portuguese Steak) Sandwich, Capris Sandwich, BLUR Burger ·Snacks –French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Stuffed Quahog Prices for drinks will range from $4 to $12. Prices for food options will range from $2 to $12 for individuals and $15 to $30 for group servings.

Flavored tobacco for Hookah pipes will be listed at $16 for the 1st round and $12 for any extra rounds. There will be a “Hookah Hour” where varied flavored tobacco will be half off. Flavors Include: ·Tutti Fruiti ·Nectarine ·Plum ·Bubble Gum ·Citrus Tea ·Mimosa ·White Gummy Bear ·French Vanilla ·Mint ·Chocolate Mint ·Blueberry Muffin ·Tropical Mango ·Watermelon ·Mint Chocolate Chill ·Lemon Mint ·White Peach ·Rose ·Guava ·Mandarin Zest ·Banana Twist Organization and Management Legal Structure – Sole Proprietorship BLUR Hookah Lounge is managed by owner Ryan Almeida and his General Manager Manny Galante. Ryan Almeida will manage marketing, business development and finance.

He has bachelors in marketing and has worked for Metlife Resources as a Marketing Specialist. He also has seven years of restaurant and bar experience from front of house to kitchen. He will also help the executive chef during busy evenings, and assist the executive chef in maintaining kitchen inventory. Manny Galante will assist Ryan in managing business operations and trains both wait staff and kitchen staff. As the general manager employees will report to him and he will report to owner Ryan Almeida. He has 12 years of experience working in restaurants. He will also handle employee and live performer scheduling, along with front of house inventory.

Employees: ·4 Servers during busy hours / 2 servers during slow hours ·2 Bartenders during busy hours / 1 bartender during slow hours ·1 Executive Chef ·1 Dishwasher/Kitchen Aid *Will help Executive Chef when needed ·1 Barback ·1 Food Runner ·1 In-house DJ Marketing and Sales Strategy SWOT Analysis Strengths: ·Only Hookah lounge in a 30mi. radius ·Alternative to the “normal” nightlife ·Great cultural influences ·Offers a wide variety of tobacco flavors, food and beverages ·Very eloquent environment ·Reasonable Prices ·Location Weaknesses: ·Alternative to the “normal” nightlife ·Parking ·Indirect Competitors (Ex. The Pour Farm) Opportunities: Having no direct Hookah competitors in the city of New Bedford or surrounding communities giving BLUR the opportunity to become the premier Hookah lounge in the area ·Great location to be recognized by the New Bedford community and Chamber of Commerce ·Innovative Hookah bar, staying away from traditional Middle Eastern Hookah bars Threats: ·Future Competitors taking from BLUR’s ideas ·Neighboring nightlife establishments competing for customers ·Cultural Discrimination Target Market BLUR Hookah Lounge will target local college students (18-24 years old) who are seeking an alternative night life venture. Individuals 18 to 20 years old will have an establishment where they can go converse with friends.

Also, young professionals (23-30 years old) who are tired of the same old nightlife and are interested in a culturally diverse, relaxing and eloquent environment. In addition, locals who are intrigued by a specialty bar and contribute with great interest. Female or male is of no concern and those in the South Coast Massachusetts region are ideal. Financial Management Appendices Palo Alto Software. (2008). Retrieved from http://www. bplans. com Sophia Snyder. (2012, May). Ibisworld industry report 48111b . Retrieved from http://www. ibisworld. com Massstats. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. caliper. com/Maptitude/MassStats/ fumari.. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. fumari. com/flavor-guide

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Blur: Hookah Bar Business Plan. (2016, Oct 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/blur-hookah-bar-business-plan/

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