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Strategic Plan of “Ugong Rock” Grilled and Seafood Bar



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    Ugong Rock grill and seafood bar has almost 3 year history of popularity here at Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The Ugong Rock Restaurant is stylish providing comfortable and beautiful surroundings which provide cool atmosphere and soft lighting. You will have an opportunity to experience a moment of excellent and extreme comfort. Its quiet location offers a relaxed and casual dining.

    Our lunch and dinner menus offer an array of flavorful dishes that are sure to satisfy any appetite. For quality food, reasonable price, and clean and superb dining atmosphere, whether you are looking for a quick lunch, a relaxing dinner, or an appetizer and cocktails, our experienced and courteous staff will make your visit a memorable one. Private parties, events and corporate entertainment can be catered for all year round. Due to increase in tourism here in Puerto Princesa the Ugong Rock can give the best dining experience and give you also the right information in regards of the City Tourism. The Ugong Rock will automatically make your visit more frequent.


    Ugong Rock Grill and Seafood Bar it is a Resto Bar owned by Mr. Elmer I. Alvarado a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He is a single proprietorship owner of many businesses here in Puerto Princesa City like Elmer’s Pares Plaza and Pidro Meatshop he is also a distributor of a food products like longanisa, ham, and sausages. This business was started in November 11, 2010 because of the new venture of booming in tourism industry here in Palawan. The Ugong Rock was located at Rizal Avenue centre of entertainment. The name of Business was derive from the name of the famous UGONG ROCK cave means “echo”, when your inside the cave once you slap the stone it will give you an echo sound. And eventually during that year ABS CBN foundation BAYAN NI JUAN help the community to promote that cave to become one of the tourist attractions here in Puerto Princesa City that gives an idea to ride on publicity because it is easier to remember the name.

    The services offered of this business is the restaurant services and all functions like birthdays, baptismal, weddings, meetings, and more and about the marketing and promotions of the business Ugong Rock gather all hotels, pensions, travel agency, tour guide and drivers by introducing our restaurant what we can offer so then they can suggest to their guest and by making flyers and give also incentives to the tie up industry like drivers. On local aspects the Ugong Rock give a combo meals and discount rate for them so they can enjoy our food and for the tourist and the driver suggestion which resto is the best place for seafood. The company significance can give an employment and can hire people from 12 person during slack period and 25 people during peak season. The livelihood like agriculture and fishing industry are growing because there are lots of restaurant opening due to high tourism. Ugong Rock can give the best dining experience, and also the right information with regards the City Tourism. Due to increase of tourism guest here in Puerto Princesa, the city itself continuing to encourage businessman to set up more restaurant so then we can
    accommodate all guest.


    (Grilled and Seafood Bar)
    Rizal Avenue Extension
    Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
    ACTIVITIES 2014 -2015
    ACTIVITIES 2015- 2016
    Vision/Mission of the
    Ugong Rock

    Vision: To be the leading and preferred Seafood restaurant by consistently serving the best tasting high quality food through fast, efficient and friendly service in a clean, fun, and wholesome environment. We provide our guest the best value for their money and a very memorable experience.

    Mission: To always exceed expectations. We promise to deliver unique and fresh ingredients, prepare them honestly and with flavor, and to deliver high quality. Every guest who chooses Ugong Rock leaves happy.

    1. Develop a recognizable ingredients brand that typifies quality, consistency, value and trust.

    2. Offer a service that provides substantial positive value to our customers.

    1. Revisit the mission and vision statement to develop a more succinct, marketing friendly statement.

    2. Gather all hotels, pensions, travel agency, tour guide and drivers by giving flyers to introduce the Ugong Rock what we can offer to their guest.

    3. Offer a combo meals and discount rate for the customers so they can enjoy the food of Ugong Rock.

    1. Plan for new layout of menus.

    2. Some areas of business that should be renovate.

    3. Expansion for another branch here in the Philippines.

    Owner/Manager and Staff

    The need budgets/funds for the activities of 2014-2016 for a total of more than P500,000.00

    Policies and Procedures for Employees

    Tardiness and Absenteeism.

    Wearing Proper Uniform.

    No texting while on duty. Only management team is allowed. Ask permission to use phone.

    Staff should inform and ask for permission from the management team for his absence 2 hours before his/her duty.

    Restaurant staff who did not report for duty for 3 days or more will be considered discharge for abandonment of work and which can also be considered by the management team as voluntary resignation.

    In case of the leaves of an employee they should inform the management before
    the intended leaves.

    Using alcohol or illegal substances while on the job.

    1. To understand the purpose of Policies and Procedures.

    2. To ensure that the staff are familiar with Policies and Procedures.

    3. To promote effective communication among managers and employees.

    4. To ensure, protect, and clarify the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employees.

    1. Give the employees an orientation in regards to Policies and Procedure of Ugong Rock.

    2. Conducting seminars about Physical Development of employees

    1. Give training to the employee in regards of Communication Skill.

    2. Orientation on employee right and welfare.
    Owner/Manager and Staff
    The need budget/funds for the activities of 2014-2016 for a total of more than P50,000.00 (Payment for the Speaker and the employee’s meal).


    Recruitment and Selection

    Training and Development (Orientation)

    Compensation and Benefits

    Performance Appraisal or Performance Evaluation

    Disciplinary and Grievances

    Labor Relation Management

    Retirement and Separation

    1. To monitor the effectiveness of Human Resource Function/Practices.

    2. To be responsible for maintaining data and documentation to support all of this HR Practices/Functions.

    3. To provide the business with well-trained and well-motivated employees.

    Make a website where applicants must apply to be considered for the position and the selection must apply to this website.

    Conduct an individual development plan and career discussion with employees.

    SSS/PhilHealth loan/insurances orientation.
    Encourage employees to enroll in a medical insurance.

    The result of employees evaluation the highest result will be declare it should be imposed to the bulletin of employees

    Train an employee whose performance or behavior is deficient. Educate all employees about the types of behavior that will result to discipline or termination.

    Organizational Development
    Informal conflict resolution in the work place

    Giving Certificate of appreciation.

    Advertise the possible vacant position for the Ugong Rock.
    Develop Recruitment and Selection Plan by evaluating the needs of the

    Conduct seminar on Food and Beverages
    Conduct training for Physical Development of employees.

    Increase the minimum wage for the regular employees.

    The evaluation of an employee will be conducted by the customers.

    Conduct a seminar about the labor code of the Philippines.
    Conduct a seminar about Sexual Harassment.

    Workplace investigation
    Revise Rules and Regulations for the convenient of the employees.

    Giving a proper Separation Pay with equivalent of 1 month pay and year of services render

    Owner/Manager and Staff

    For the overall need budget/funds for the activities in 2014-2016 for a total of more than P100,000.00

    Employees Extension Service/ Social Responsibilities

    Customer care and satisfaction, regardless of the type of product or services offered.

    Be responsible for the environment.

    Active participation in community life.

    Community Service

    Team Building

    1. To accomplish social responsible and environmental profit-having a business without making any conflict to others. 2. To learn about natural resources.

    1. Plan a business retreat with the employees.

    2. Conduct seminars which promote camaraderie to develop enhancement program.

    3. National Procurement Program/Planning.


    1. Health services and program which support talented youth.

    2. Help the environment to ensure the sustainability through improved access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

    3. Help those street children every Christmas Celebration by giving clothes and foods Owner/Manager and Staff
    The need budget/funds for the activities of 2014-2016 for a total of more than P500,000.00

    Strategic Plan of “Ugong Rock” Grilled and Seafood Bar. (2016, Jul 13). Retrieved from

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