Strategic Plan of “Ugong Rock” Grilled and Seafood Bar

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The Ugong Rock grill and seafood bar in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan has gained popularity in the last three years due to its attractive setting, relaxed ambiance, and gentle lighting. This restaurant offers a unique opportunity to enjoy exceptional comfort and a laid-back dining experience in a peaceful location.

At Ugong Rock, you can choose us as your preferred dining destination for an exceptional experience. Our lunch and dinner menus offer a variety of delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy any appetite. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick lunch, a leisurely dinner, or just some appetizers and cocktails, our friendly staff will make sure your visit is unforgettable. We also provide catering services for private parties, events, and corporate entertainment all year round.

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Amidst the increase in tourism in Puerto Princesa, Ugong Rock is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal while learning valuable information about the city’s tourism.


Ugong Rock Grill and Seafood Bar is a Resto Bar owned by Mr. Elmer I. Alvarado, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. He is the sole proprietor of several businesses in Puerto Princesa City, including Elmer’s Pares Plaza and Pidro Meatshop. Additionally, he is a distributor of food products such as longanisa, ham, and sausages. This business was established on November 11, 2010, following the growth of the tourism industry in Palawan. Located at Rizal Avenue, a center of entertainment, the name “Ugong Rock” comes from a famous cave known for its echo effect when a stone is slapped. In the same year, ABS CBN foundation BAYAN NI JUAN collaborated with the community to promote the cave as one of the tourist attractions in Puerto Princesa City. This collaboration inspired the decision to leverage publicity, as it would be easier to remember the business name.

The services provided by this business include restaurant services and hosting various functions such as birthdays, baptisms, weddings, meetings, and more. As for marketing and promotion, Ugong Rock collaborates with hotels, pensions, travel agencies, tour guides, and drivers to introduce our restaurant offerings to their guests. We create flyers and offer incentives to our partners like drivers. On a local level, Ugong Rock offers combo meals and discounted rates for residents to enjoy our food. For tourists and drivers, we provide recommendations on the best seafood restaurants. Our company also plays a significant role in providing employment opportunities, hiring 12 people during slack periods and 25 people during peak season. The growth of the agriculture and fishing industries can be attributed to the increasing number of restaurants opening due to the booming tourism sector. Ugong Rock strives to offer the best dining experience and accurate information regarding City Tourism. With Puerto Princesa attracting more tourists, the city encourages business owners to establish additional restaurants to accommodate all guests.

Our organization has developed a two-year strategic plan.

“UGONG ROCK” (Grilled and Seafood Bar), Rizal Avenue Extension, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan III. Employees Key Area Concern Objectives Activities 2014 -2015 Activities 2015- 2016 Responsible Persons Budget/Funds Vision/Mission of the Ugong Rock

Vision: Our goal is to become the top choice for seafood dining, offering consistently delicious, high-quality food served with fast, efficient, and friendly service in a clean, enjoyable, and wholesome setting. We strive to provide our guests with excellent value for their money and a truly unforgettable experience.

Mission: Our goal is to constantly surpass expectations by providing exceptional service. We commit to offering distinct and freshly sourced ingredients, preparing them sincerely and with an emphasis on flavor, and ensuring superior quality. Our aim is for every patron who chooses Ugong Rock to leave with a happy experience.

1. Establish a unique brand for ingredients that embodies qualities like excellence, reliability, affordability, and credibility.

Our objective is to deliver a service that provides substantial advantages to our customers.

Revisit the mission and vision statement in order to create a more concise and appealing statement that is suitable for marketing purposes.

To promote Ugong Rock and its offerings, it is essential to distribute flyers to various establishments such as hotels, pensions, travel agencies, tour guides, and drivers.

3. Provide customers with combo meals and discounted rates so they can savor the cuisine of Ugong Rock.

New menu layout planning is currently in progress.

2. Certain business areas require renovation.

There are intentions to establish a new branch in the Philippines.

Owner/Manager and Staff

The total budget/funding needed for the activities from 2014 to 2016 exceeds P500,000.00.

Policies and Procedures for Employees

Tardiness and absenteeism.

The importance of wearing the correct uniform cannot be overstated.

While the management team can use their phones without authorization during work hours, other employees must seek permission before using their phones.

Staff members are required to inform the management team and seek their approval if they cannot attend their scheduled duty. This must be done at least 2 hours before their designated time.

If restaurant employees do not report for work continuously for three or more days, they will be deemed to have abandoned their job and terminated. The management team may also interpret this as a voluntary resignation.

It is necessary for employees to give advance notice and inform management before taking leave.

Engaging in the consumption of alcohol or illegal substances while employed is not compatible.

Policies and Procedures aim to ensure comprehension.

It is necessary for the employees to become acquainted with Policies and Procedures.

The main objective is to improve the effectiveness of communication between managers and employees.

Ensuring the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees is crucial.

1. Provide the employees with an orientation regarding the policies and procedures of Ugong Rock.

2. Organizing workshops on the Physical Development of employees

Provide communication skills training to employees.

Both the owner/manager and staff members must receive information about employee rights and welfare. An amount exceeding P50,000.00 is required to cover expenses for activities from 2014 to 2016, which includes payment for the speaker as well as meals for employees.


Recruitment and selection

Training and Development, also known as Orientation

Compensation and Benefits

Performance Appraisal or Performance Evaluation

Disciplinary and Grievances

Labor Relation Management

Retirement and Separation

The purpose of this is to monitor the efficiency of the Human Resource Function/Practices.

2. The responsibility lies with the individual to maintain the data and documentation required for supporting all HR Practices/Functions.

The goal is to ensure the company has employees who are trained and motivated.

Develop a website that requires candidates to submit an application for consideration. Make sure that the selection process is conducted solely on this website.

Conduct a personal meeting with employees to address their specific development plan and career aspirations.

Provide an orientation on SSS/PhilHealth loan and insurance, emphasizing the importance of enrolling in a medical insurance for employees.

The evaluation result of the employees, with the highest score being announced, must be displayed on the bulletin for employees.

Offer training to employees with inadequate performance or conduct, and educate all employees about the precise behaviors that might result in disciplinary measures or termination.

Organizational Development
Informal conflict resolution in the workplace

Offering a Certificate of appreciation.

Develop a Recruitment and Selection Plan by evaluating applicant qualifications to generate awareness for the potential job opportunity at Ugong Rock.

Plan a seminar for the purpose of discussing Food and Beverages. Additionally, arrange training sessions focused on enhancing the Physical Development of employees.

Enhance the minimum wage for standard employees.

The customers will evaluate an employee.

Conduct a seminar on the labor code of the Philippines and discuss sexual harassment.

Improve employee accommodations by conducting a workplace investigation and updating the Rules and Regulations.

Providing an appropriate Separation Pay amount equal to one month’s salary for each year of completed service.

Owner/Manager and Staff

For the period of 2014-2016, there is an overall need for budget/funds exceeding P100,000.00 for various activities.

Employees Extension Service and Social Responsibilities

Ensuring customer care and satisfaction is crucial, no matter what the product or service may be.

Take responsibility for the environment.

Participating in the activities and events of the community.

Community Service

Team Building

The goal is to achieve both social and environmental profitability in business operations without causing harm. To do this, businesses must prioritize social responsibility and environmental consciousness. It is also important to gain knowledge about natural resources to understand their significance and potential impact on the environment.

1. Organize a company outing for the staff.

2. Organize seminars aimed at fostering camaraderie to establish an enhancement program.

3. National Procurement Program/Planning.


Health programs and services specifically designed for gifted youth.

To promote conservation and ensure the sustainability of the environment, it is crucial to improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Help the street children during each Christmas celebration by providing them with clothes and food. The owner/manager and staff require a budget/funds for the activities from 2014 to 2016, amounting to over P500,000.00.

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