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Bonnie & Clyde

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Melissa Rorie Dr. LaValle Criminology 200 March 3, 2013 Bonnie and Clyde had allegedly killed a total of thirteen people, conducted several robberies and burglaries, kidnapping, automobile theft, and abduction. It was believed that The Borrow Gang was guilty of all of these charges; because they were caught red handed. For example, the Ford that was left abandoned on the side of the road down an embankment. After the authorities searched the vehicle, they found a prescription bottle which left a trail. After finding the prescription bottle, an investigation was initiated which lead the authorities to Clyde’s aunt.

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Another example was when Clyde would kidnap policemen only to release them unharmed. It was as if the crimes they committed were for a means of survival, but also for fun. Bonnie seemed as though she was ahead of the crimes that were done than Clyde and the gang. She had warrants for being an accomplice of 100 + felonies, eight murders, seven kidnappings, half a dozen bank robberies; felony armed robberies and numerous automobile thefts and one really bad jailbreak out and assault and battery.

She knew what she could do to help and what not to do so she wouldn’t get caught.

Even though Bonnie was caught once before, there was not enough substantial evidence to keep her; therefore they had to release her. ?Bonnie and Clyde met in January 1930 and fell in love with each other at first sight. However, a few weeks of them meeting, Clyde was sentenced to prison for two years because of previous crimes he committed. During Clyde’s incarceration, Bonnie managed to smuggle a gun into the prison, which gave Clyde leverage to escape and he did. Once Clyde escaped, he was recaptured a week later and was sentenced to fourteen years at the Eastern Prison Farm in Weldon, TX.

Clyde could not accept prison life so he asked another inmate to chop off some of his toes in hopes that he would be transferred to another facility. This did not get him transferred, however he was granted early parole. After his release, Clyde vowed that he would rather die than go back to prison. ?Clyde was released from prison during the Great Depression, therefore, times were hard, and he was not able to maintain a steady job because he never worked. Once Clyde’s foot healed, he began robbing and stealing again, but this time with Bonnie t his side and The Barrow Gang. The members of the gang changed constantly, but it consisted of: Bonnie and Clyde, Ray Hamilton, WD Jones, Buck Barrow (Clyde’s brother), Blanche Barrow (Buck’s wife), and Henry Methvin. The gang’s first robbery together was at a local hardware store, where Bonnie was caught and was placed in the Kaufman, Texas jail. While Bonnie was in jail, Clyde and The Gang attempted another robbery at a general store that left the store owner shot and killed, believing this was one of the first murders Clyde committed.

Bonnie was released from prison and instead of going in the opposite direction, she returned to be by Clyde’s side when she knew she was headed in the path of death. She proved her loyalty to him regardless of the kind of life he chose to live. Between the summer of 1932 to spring of 1934, Bonnie and Clyde engaged in numerous violent crimes such as: stealing cars, robbing gas stations, village grocery stores, bank robberies, and kidnapping when they needed a way out. Since Clyde was more experienced at shooting a gun, therefore, he did not mind killing anyone.

He had allegedly killed at least a dozen people including police officers and innocent by standers during bank robberies. They were known for kidnapping policemen who caught them, however, they never killed the policemen, they only drove them around for hours and miles away and then released them unharmed. In December 1932, the FBI was able to begin an investigation from an abandoned Ford vehicle in Jackson, Michigan, which was left on the side of the road and reported stolen in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and also stolen from Illinois.

The Ford vehicle had ran down an embankment and flipped over on Bonnie and she was pinned under it and was hurt. Due to the fact that they were on the run, Bonnie was unable to seek necessary medical assistance. After the vehicle was searched, it was revealed that the vehicle was occupied by a man and woman and a prescription bottle was found. Through investigation at a local drug store it was revealed that the prescription bottle was prescribed to one of Clyde’s aunt, who stated that he and his brother Buck had visited earlier and was driving the Ford that had been stolen.

This investigation led to a warrant for the arrest of Bonnie and Clyde with the interstate transportation of the stolen automobile in Illinois; these incidents lead the FBI on the search for them. In addition to automobile theft, it was believed that Bonnie and Clyde had committed other crimes including murder, several bank robberies, and burglaries. On March 23 1933, Buck Barrow was released from the Texas State Prison for burglary and upon release, he and his wife Blanche joined Bonnie and Clyde on their rampage.

They committed a series of bold robberies that made the headlines but were able to escape various encounters with the law; which made apprehending them more intense. The Barrow Gang slowly began getting apprehended by the law, during a shootout in Iowa in July 1933, Buck was fatally wounded and is wife Blanche was captured. Jones “Pretty Boy” Floyd was captured in November 1933 in Houston. Texas. On November, 22, 1933, an attempt was made to capture Bonnie and Clyde near Grand Prairie, Texas, but once again, the couple escaped.

During this trap, Bonnie and Clyde held up an attorney on the highway and took his car, which they abandoned at Miami, Oklahoma. On January 16, 1934, Bonnie and Clyde broke Raymond Hamilton from the Eastham State Prison Farm, Waldo, Texas where two guards were shot with automatic pistols by the prisoners who escaped. After this breakout, the law enforcement sought assistance from other law enforcement agencies to help apprehend Bonnie and Clyde. The authorities went to the extent of hiring Texas Ranger, Frank Hamer.

So during the time while in Louisiana, the authorities had been keeping track of Bonnie and Clyde’s where abouts and obtained all the information they had to section them off. Authorities wanted so bad to apprehend Bonnie and Clyde because of all the danger, trouble, and crimes they were committing. With the help of Henry’s father, Ivan Methvin, he assisted the authorities in capturing Bonnie and Clyde. Ivan often allowed Bonnie and Clyde to meet at one of his abandoned buildings which was an old post office to meet with family and friends. On April 1, 1934 while in route to visit family and friends they were set up.

Frank Hamer and some of his old friends set up 25 feet from the road so that they could hear and see what was coming their way. The wait lasted for a total of seven hours. At that time, they heard a vehicle coming at high speed. One of the officers approached the highway, which caused the vehicle to stop. The officer asked them to give up; however gun fire was opened to the vehicle immediately and the car continued ahead and came to a stop in a nearby ditch, which still the officers were still opening fire. A total of 167 rounds were shot in the vehicle; which ended the life of Bonnie who was 23 and Clyde at the age of 24.

I feel that the punishment was “just” in some parts of this case because of the numerous people that were killed. They killed 13 innocent people, which is considered the murdering of innocent souls. Robbery is considered as taking someone else’s goods or belongings that aren’t your own, and vehicle theft, which is taking someone’s automobile without their consent. The Barrow Gang was getting caught in the acts of doing wrongful crimes, especially when they were in a tight spot and needed a way out. They chose to either kill someone or kidnap an innocent by stander.

By U. S laws “just” punishment is permittable, you commit a crime, you pay the cost. The defense argued that Bonnie and Clyde were guilty when they were caught her the first time and later they came across more unlawful crimes that were committed by Clyde and his brother Buddy. The evidence the authorities had was proof enough that they were after the correct criminals because all of the shootings and robberies were in sync; they were all committed the same way. The reason that Bonnie and Clyde committed so many crimes was because they both were desperate criminals.

They were trying to maintain a certain lifestyle by trying to take care of themselves, but instead of doing it the legal way, they chose the illegal way. To ensure they had hand in hand cash, they also gained other possessions from their criminal sprees. They obtained: a saxophone, three automatic rifles, shot guns, Winchester lever action, and seven pistols, forth five colt revolvers, thirty two colt calibers, saw off shotgun and three thousand rounds of ammunition, license plates from Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, and Louisiana. All of these items were found in the car on the day of their death by authorities.

Authorities also believed that Bonnie and Clyde had a psyclogical disorder called Hybristophilia which involves a sexual attraction to those who have committed gruesome criminal crimes such as killing or raping someone. This syndrome is named after Bonnie and Clyde due to the fatal attraction they had for one another. Bonnie more than Clyde. In this situation, Bonnie had every opportunity to walk away from this criminal life. She did not want her husband to be locked up and she pleaded with him and also did the same thing for Clyde, but yet she commited the crime of breaking him out of jail.

Even when she was caught, she returned to be by his side to express her loyalty to him knowing this was her one way ticket to death row. Bonnie had what was believed to be a very normal life, she was not brought up poor nor brought up in a rough neighborhood. She was a good student in school and loved to write poetry; even though she dropped out of school at the age of 16. Clyde on the other hand was brought up trying ot survive, depended on the support of others to help him and his family when they were not able to take care of themselves.

He lived in a rough neighborhood and began stealing and robbery at an early age; therefore, the had already chose his life and began getting in trouble at an early age. ?In my reading, I do not agree with the way the couple was apprehended and killed. The number of bullets that was fired into their vehichle was unbelieveable and painful. I do not believe they should have been killed this way. I believe they should have payed the price; however in a different way. Had Bonnie and Clyde opened fire to them to harm them, I could see them retaliating.

But then again, the authorities did not know the ammunition that Bonnie and Clyde had in their vehicle, but they had enough backup in the bushes, ditches, and woods to apprehend Bonnie and Clyde. The one thing that Bonnie did not want to happed occurred, she died of a painful death. http://www. fbi. gov/about-us/history/famous-cases/bonnie-and-clyde http://history1900s. about. com/od/1930s/a/bonnieandclyde. htm http://www. historybuff. com/library/refbonnie. html http://www. helium. com/items/1526595-fatal-love-the-psychological-disorder-hybristophilia

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