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Solving Problems of Culler’s Company



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    This report aims to examine the business process of Culled Creative Pity Ltd and provide Culled, the owner of the company, with some solutions relating to the business process management system. The purpose is to help Culler’s company get out from the current situation and recover its competitive force in the market. Information from the textbook, e-books and articles has been drawn upon. When investigating the process of Culler’s company, it is showed that there are various problems needing to be solved.

    However, the most regent problem is the paper based processes in this company. The paper based method will result in delays in processing orders and cause time and expense consuming. In addition, another problem is a lack of integrate system controlling the processes from different departments, which may lead to an inefficiency and inconvenient working environment. To solve these problems, some effective solutions are proposed, such as using computer technology instead of paper based method which is more efficient and applying the Enterprise Resources Planning system to deal with the day to day management.

    Finally, some commendations will be presented. Table of contents Executive Summary II Table of consistently List of diagrams IV BPML and Strategy 1 Problem Analysis Proposed Solution 7 Solution Considerations 10 Recommendations 1 1 References list 12 List of diagrams Diagram 1: As Is diagram 5 Diagram 2: Project scoping diagram 6 Diagram 3: To be process diagram 9 BPML and Strategy Businesses are facing the fierce competition by the fast-changing business environment and more demanding customers. So managers need to ensure the long-term business success for their companies.

    To be successful in business, impasses need to find the right business model, excellent strategy and operations which consist of three main elements: people, process and technology. The process is the key element of the business; always have to be managed, to fit automatically to your company strategy. Therefore, Culled Creative Cooking need to be efficient management of the business processes to able to corporate strategy and strategic objective to implement consistently and transfer to everyday operation activity.

    BPML is the continuous conduction of business processes, related to the organization and the structure to meet he requirement of the market. Business process management is the method of system that makes the organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more able to adjust the changing environment. A business process is an activity or set of activities that will perform a particular organizational goal. BPML help Jacks business by vision, design, modeling, execution, monitoring, and optimization.

    There are some benefits Jack’s company can get from BPML as follows: Firstly, a good business strategy needs to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the companies and its competitors, also needs to consider trends, hearts and opportunities within the competitive industry. BPML can facility the internal foundation alignment with customers, and also make decisions about how to monitor and measure company resources directly. When BPML implemented by professionals, business process management is capable to reduce costs, raise efficiency and productivity, and minimize errors and risk (UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO).

    Moreover, the customers’ positioning is 25-50 in Jacks company. Based on value proposition, it can create more value to their customers in order to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, BPML is useful to make each department’s function clear in Jack’s company, and also can help to determine the potential for fraud, errors or loss and affirm that all employees are aware of their responsibilities by recoding all business processes. Value chain is a set of activities that organization accomplishes to create more value to customers.

    It can help Jacks company to redesign, produce and deliver quickly to build the competitive advantages, which determine the cost and improve the profits. Through BPML, the business process in Jack’s company can be automated, ND through the analysis of the process and monitoring functions, to integrate and measure business. Problem Analysis There are a number of problems existing in Culled Creative Pity Ltd. These issues encompass various aspects, such as business management problem, enterprise operating problem and problem with supplier and customer.

    With these problems, Culled’ company seems to lack of essential business process management, and is running in an illogical way which is contributing to a bad economic profits. These problems within Culler’s company are: 1 . Lack of other suppliers who can provide essential components to its products: “the Denmark supplier is the only… ” 2. The sales department of his company is also charged with the responsibility of marketing and services. 3. The production department of his company is given a supernumerary responsibility of warehouse management. . There is a wrong sales method depending on using word of mouth language. 5. Business processes are still paper based and there is no computer based business process. 6. Lack of essential marketing strategy of its product sales. 7. Improper stock strategy. 8. Improper tracking method: “keeping a triplicate in my office, when the photocopier is broken… ” 9. The address where the invoice is sent is not certain. The address is not chosen by the costumer but the company: “it doesn’t matter, we just chose whichever the address on the order… 10. It takes too much time on organizing the purchasing request and preparing for passing the information to the purchasing department. 11. The purchasing department has a low priority to purchase request when there is an urgency requirement. 12. A delay existing in receiving the confirmation back from the suppliers for about ix weeks, the company is likely missing some of the orders which is urgent. 13. Lack of communications between different departments. The tension relationship between stuff may causes conflicts.

    The lack of essential business process management causes a severe consequence in Culled Creative Pity Ltd, which has showed on a series performance, such as a more tense relationship with the supplier, more complaints from the customers, collisions from different departments and a continually downward trend sale. The major problem Culler’s company facing with is that the business processes are still paper based style. Since Culler’s company still utilize paper based process, there is a lack of using technology and computer based business process, and it may result in delays in processing orders.

    This may cause time and expense consuming, purchase order and request delay, information confusion and misplacement. Besides, the main cause of an additional responsibility of sales department and production department is a lack of an Enterprise Resource Planning system completely controlling the processes of every department. This causes stocks cannot be tracked efficiently, and inventory and warehouse information cannot be collected n time. This may lead to an inefficiency and inconvenient working environment.

    In addition, the cause of collision among different departments and employees is a lack of communication and cooperation. Staffs from different departments do not cooperate as a team and implement the process in alignment with the company’s strategy. This may result in an intense employee relationship, producing a low productivity and an unhealthy working circumstance, eventually in a reduced sales and profits. Diagram 1: As Is diagram Diagram 2: Project scoping diagram Proposed Solution

    Business Process Architecture Business Process Architecture is a significant key to facilitating effective organizational alignment. (Harmon, P 2007) Some managers will enterprise organization structure between all core businesses processes described as “business process architecture”. Business process architecture is a blueprint that allows a company to create a fixed design and brief specific tasks or activities that need to complete. Basic steps include determining the purpose of covering the construction tasks, what information will go to complete, and who will desire to complete the tasks.

    Overall, It aims to create the business process architecture plan, is for the future tasks or repetitive activities. (Harmon, P 2007) Business Process Architecture defining the purpose of a business task or activity, it will help owners and managers review the company’s corporate governance and assist in automating the process which is more efficiency. Outside of the corporate governance, the company can also define a purpose for a task in the business process architecture.

    It also provide a new plan when a company enters a new market, to create a new production line or modify its operation, improve he product quality and reduce costs associated with the business process. “To Be” Process To be process is a new process will help Jack’s company enterprise finance, procurement, production, sales, inventory and other business functions are integrated into an information management platform, Thus, realize information standardization, systems integration, monitoring dynamic performance, management improvement.

    While, to be process will help company overcome exist current problem. The proposed solution is based on an ERP system which is called enterprise resources planning focus on information technology and management ideas, come a enterprise running mode, reflects the reasonable allocation of resources to maximize the demand of social wealth.

    The ERP system using the computer technology, unified manage the enterprise’s logistics, cash flow, information flow, integrated the customer needs, enterprise internal resources, business operation activities and supplier, (Grant, G 2003) in order to provide solution of enterprise product cost, improve operation efficiency, and capital operation of a series of problems, after the new system rolled out, their work will be more efficiency and computerized such as propagandist themselves to seeking other supplies; recording purchasing material, controlling production, satisfying customer orders and managing all accounts instead of paper; stock can be tracked online, and sales order, purchase order forms and invoice can be generated online. It will save time for employees. As there will make it become a new kind of effective management method and data place that each department can access to that make their work easier. With the ERP system utilized, it will resolve the major problems that the company previous exist, established an integrated marketing restructuring.

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