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Brand Management

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Q: Pick a brand. Employ projective techniques to attempt to identify sources of its brand equity. Which measures work best? Why? Brand: Cartier Free Word Association Test: To carry out our Word Association test, participants were given a blank piece of paper with the words “Cartier. ” on it. They were asked to write down words that they thought represented the brand and also, note down the strength of these associations using color coded lines. We allowed participant to have 3 levels of associations.

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The three colors were used in order of strength –Gold, silvery and red. First comes to mind is strong and the last is weak. After they had completed their association maps, we went a step further by asking participants to explain their wordings to us. This was so that we could understand where these associations were coming from, and see how we could either strengthen or improve them. A total of 15 participants were interviewed and their responses grouped according to similar words.

To ensure that our participants were representative of our target customer, we interviewed both males and females, ranging from ages 18-45. Finally, we created a summary map to show the more common associations and to also paint a more conclusive picture of the associations that “Cartier” has in the minds of our participants. Completion and interpretation Test: In this the respondents are asked to complete an incomplete sentence or story. The completion will reflect their attitude and state of mind. For example: 1.

In the occasions of , you may choose Cartier. 2. Bubble exercise: We can give customer a picture and asked to write a story about it. The initial structure is limited and not detailed like the completion test. For example: a cartoon is given and a dialogue is to written. A lady wears a watch of “Cartier” in a party and shows it to her friend. What does she say or what is happening? Comparison Tasks: It is certainly one of the most funs but can also be one of the most insightful and it is help to identify the key brand personality association.

Like all projective techniques, however, it has to be used properly and in the right context. 1. Which make of car is “Cartier most similar to? ” 2. If Cartier turned into a person, who/ what type if person would they are? 3. Building an understanding of how it exists in the wider brand landscape is possible by extending this technique to “Brands at a party”. Who would talk to whom, how would they interact, which brand would perform which ‘role’? All of these three projective techniques have some disadvantages: 1.

Highly trained interviewers and skilled interpreters are needed. 2. Interpreters’ bias can be there. 3. It is a costly method. The respondent selected may not be representative of the entire population. However, the Free world Association is the best measurement of brand equity. Because of the Word associations are a form of projective techniques in which participants are tested for their unstructured responses. A brand name can be used to find out what one’s first impression of the brand it, as well as other traits or experiences that they associate the brand with.

We can find which one is the “first and strengthen it and which one is the “last” and improve it. This method can be used as an indirect way of investigating the feelings, beliefs and attitudes that participants have with a brand, but might otherwise be unable to express while filling out a survey. Such a technique will allow us to uncover how well the brand resonates with the user, as well as their interpretation of the brand.

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