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Proposal for New Human Resource System

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In our pursuit to of all time better ourselves the IT section. of Riordan Manufacturing. is subjecting this Request for Proposal to incorporate a more sophisticated. state-of-the art. information systems engineering in our Human Resources section. Riordan Manufacturing has ever strived to better ourselves by maintaining up with engineering in all of our runing systems and our fabrication systems. Our end is to stay at the head of the fabricating community as we keep taking the manner in all of our concern systems and.

at the same clip. maintaining the feel of a client friendly company. We want to do certain that our clients can experience safe in the cognition that we will make what is necessary to carry through their concern demands. As of now. our Human Resource. ( HR ) . Operating System. ( OS ) . has fallen short of this end. Please understand that the system that is in topographic point. while it has the ability to finish the undertaking at manus is non sufficient plenty for our turning organisation.

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Proposal for New Human Resource System
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Right now. we are running many separate applications to treat all of the HR system demands. This procedure is non lone clip devouring. but is non a cost efficient solution that this company is looking for. If we want to carry through our end we need to unite all the old HR systems into a individual incorporate application.

The IT section is looking to finish this undertaking in about six ( 6 ) months. so the new system can be utilized in the 2nd one-fourth of following twelvemonth. We want to hold a paradigm system available for proving in about two ( 2 ) months before concluding system deployment. for preparation and proficient support intents. Our end is to hold all preparation and any jobs fixed one ( 1 ) month before start up. This manner we will hold clip to use any necessary alterations to the system.

The new HR system will hold many applications that can be used across most of our other concern systems from Marketing and Gross saless to Inventory and Warehousing. We are trusting for companywide preparation to be completed within four ( 4 ) months of startup. doing the new system available for all sections before the terminal of the 3rd ( 3rd ) one-fourth. Below are some demands that will necessitate to be accomplished so that the procedure of incorporating the new HR system will travel swimmingly. Access the Stakeholders Involved in System Startup

The first measure in puting up the new Human Resource Application. ( HRA ) . is to garner information about the system demands and user demands from everyone that will be involved in the startup and rollout of the new system. The procedure of garnering information from involved stakeholders can be a boring procedure if the incorrect techniques are used. So. to hasten this in an orderly and timely mode we will be go throughing out inquirers to all members of the Human Resource Department and to all Department caputs. Using Questioners will assist the IT section acquire an thought of what demands are expected from the new system. It is non cost efficient to speak to each employee so. it would be really good for all that every inquirer is filled out in a timely mode.

We will be emailed to each employee on Monday September 9th. 2013 and would wish a response no subsequently than Thursday September 12th. 2013. ( for processing intents ) . Inquirers will besides be available on the Employee Web Site under HR applications. Another technique of garnering the needed information will be to carry on group meetings with the HR section executives and directors. The IT section will be keeping Joint Application Development. ( JAD ) . Sessionss get downing Monday September 16th. 2013. These Sessionss are managed procedures that the IT section uses to garner information in an efficient. cohesive mode. We want to utilize team engagement so that we can derive a steadfast apprehension of what you. the client. will desire out of the new HR system. The JAD session will assist all of us jointly develop the new system. Guaranting Successful Gathering of Project Information

We. in the IT section. want to do certain that every system demand that possibly be asked for will be deployed at the clip of the system prototype debut. To see that this end is accomplished we must garner correct. concise and relevant information from each of you. the stakeholders involved in the system development. Gathering good information will assist us develop the system molded to what you want. We understand that the information assemblage procedure can be a dashing undertaking. but with your aid we can do this every bit painless as possible. Remember. without your input on this undertaking the IT section can non rollout a system that will be an effectual tool for Human Resources and the remainder of Riordan Manufacturing. The ability to garner good information is the most of import procedure in all parts of every System Development Life Cycle. ( SDLC ) . and with everyone’s support in this procedure the system rollout will travel swimmingly. Developing the Project Scope and Project Feasibility

Riordan Manufacturing wants all undertakings that go into development to be successful. If we want the new Human Resource system to be successful we will necessitate to establish a undertaking range system. Even with the feedback and engagement of each stakeholder and the success of other undertakings delivered from the IT section there is a opportunity that this new system can still neglect. At any given clip there will be necessary alterations to the undertaking. These alterations can hold a negative consequence. but our end is to stay focussed on the system demands. We want to present the new system on clip and under budget with the needed maps that are expected. Our program is to put up a system to pull off cardinal facets of the new systems development: * Project Size – Understand how big this undertaking will be * Project Goals – Make certain ends are set and accomplishable * Undertaking Requirements – All system demands are carried out

To present a finished undertaking that meets the ends above our Project Scope will necessitate to follow a these five ( 5 ) stairss: * Project Initiation – evaluate the demand of the new system and present appropriate solutions. * Scope Planning – Create a executable Work Breakdown Structure. ( WBS ) that charts all the work that will be done on this undertaking. * Scope Definition – Working with you. the terminal user. expand in item the work breakdown the will be needed. * Scope Verification – Timely scheduled work appraisal and acceptableness cheques by the terminal user and the IT section during the SDLC of the new application. * Scope Change Control – Put a formal system in topographic point to command any system changes that will take topographic point. This will restrict Scope Creep. ( Unauthorized entree to alterations to the system ) . As you can see. using proper range direction will be important in the development of the new Human Resource system. Decision

To remain as one of the leaders in fabrication we must maintain seeking to germinate. While we at Riordan Manufacturing have strived to be the best in the industry there are occasions when we must look into ourselves and see what alterations are needed so that we can stay an pioneer in fabricating techniques while still being a client friendly organisation. The current Human Resource system has fallen behind and is maintaining us from keeping all that we have set out to carry through. Integrating a more sophisticated. state-of-the art. information system in our Human Resource section will carry through more than merely the above end. It will streamline our concern applications into an easy to utilize easy accessible system that will be cost efficient with small care. This is what we have ever strived to carry through and this new system will maintain us on path. With proper planning. making a good undertaking range. garnering good. dependable and relevant information and with your changeless engagement throughout the SDLC of the new HR system we will be guaranteed of a successful undertaking completion and rollout. Thank You.

IT System Manager09/01/2013

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