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Business plan benchmark

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Elevator Pitch
What if I told you there was a way to reduce cancer causing carcinogens in the body by between 20 and 60% by simply consuming a beverage? A study by Johns Hopkins University has revealed that the vegetable Broccoli Sprouts can do just that. We are Eir, a producer of natural fruit and vegetable drinks that feature broccoli sprouts as the main ingredient; and we are the first of our kind. There are currently no businesses selling this type of drink, but there is a market of 40% U.

S citizens that buy organic products regularly. It might also help to know that organic food trends has been on the rise over the past few years and are expected to reach more than 32 billion dollars as of 2001. ( Our product is 100% organic made from a base product of broccoli sprouts that promote improving enzyme production in the liver that reduce cancer causing carcinogens such as benzyne and acrolein. Eir Beverages are able to improve consumer health and overall well-being.

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Business plan benchmark
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Due to these characteristics and our goal of sustainability we expect our company to control this untapped market.
Business Overview
As an environmentally conscious corporation in the health drinks industry, we will provide the people of California with an organic detoxification drink that tastes good while increasing well-being. Eir Beverage is a drink manufacturer that is located in the outskirts of Los Angeles, California. We are a registered LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and will include seven equally limited owners. This was decided due to the benefits of protected assets, pass through taxation, heightened credibility, limited compliance requirements and a flexible management structure. We are a Business to Consumer (B2C) Corporation that will start off by selling an innovative and organic product to health food stores located in populated, affluent areas within the confines of Los Angeles. These companies will then distribute the product to consumers within those regions. We have…

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