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Business: the Walt Disney Company

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I am currently taking a Business class which is called Corporate and Social Responsibilities. I have been attending this class for one week. My instructor assigned her students to write a two page paper on a case study called “A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard”. I will be discussing who the relevant market is. I will also be addressing the non market stakeholders in this situation. I will also be inquiring the possible solution to this dispute that I think might emerge from dialogue between SunCal and its stakeholders.

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Business: the Walt Disney Company
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I’m bringing you inside the beautiful land of the Walt Disney World theme park in California. The situation that is going on in the discussion case is that amateur actors were there to tell the city council that they supported a developer’s plan to build hosing near the famous theme park Walt Disney World in California. The relevant market in this discussion case is Walt Disney and the non market in this situation is SunCal.

SunCal wants to build affordable housing near the theme park so that the employees can afford their rent closer to the theme park (Lawrence, A.

T. & Weber, J. ). The rent outside the theme park is too high for the workers to live close to the theme park. Walt Disney do not want their price value to go down so they are not willing to allow SunCal to build acreoss the street from the theme park so that Walt Disney’s employees want have to commute so far on the buses and in all of that rush hour traffic. I understand Walt Disney World is a huge organization that is all about making money but they need to realize and think about the little people that they have aboard that are helping them.

I know that they may fill that the affordable living homes may take away from their Case Study 3 businesses but they have to see the bigger picture. You have to lose a little money to gain some money. I suggest that Walt Disney World allow SunCal to develop these magnificent affordable houses across the street from the theme park. I want SunCal to build them so that they can give to the people that work for Walt Disney a good reason to come to work every day besides getting a pay check.

If their living arrangements and commute is better I would applaud Walt Disney for being understanding. They need those apartments because the rent is too high for their employees to make it with the salary that they have. That was a wonderful idea that I stated in the above paragraph. But you know just as well as me that Walt Disney is not going to do that in a million years. The correct answer is that Walt Disney will try and pay SunCal off to go somewhere else besides in the vicinity of the theme park.

Walt Disney might find some land in a twenty-five mile radius of the park for SunCal to develop the affordable housing. In this brief two page paper I brought you into the magnificent home of Walt Disney World. I addressed the relevant market. I also discussed the non-market stakeholders in this situation. I also inquired the possible solutions to this dispute that I thought might emerge from the dialogue between SunCal and Walt Disney.

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Business: the Walt Disney Company. (2016, Dec 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/business-the-walt-disney-company/

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