The Walt Disney Company: A History

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From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the sass to today’s global corporation, The Walt Disney Company continues to proudly provide quality entertainment for every member of the family, across America and around the world ” http://telecommunication. Com/about-Disney/Disney -history. Walt Disney did Mackey Mouse cartoon equipped with voices and music, entitled Steamboat Willie. When it appeared in 1928, Steamboat Willie was a sensation. (Disney himself provided the voice for Mackey until 1947. ) This popularity led to the invention of other animal characters, such as Donald Duck and the dogs Pluto and Goofy.

Walt Disney was never one to rest or stand still. He had long thought of producing feature-length animated films in addition to the shorts. In 1934, he began work on a version of the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), a project that required great organization and coordination of studio talent and a task for which Disney possessed a unique capacity. While he actively engaged in all phases of creation in his films, he functioned chiefly as coordinator and final decision maker rather than as designer and artist.

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By animating substantially human figures in the characters f Snow White, the Prince, and the Wicked Queen and by forming caricatures of human figures in the seven dwarfs, Disney departed from the scope and techniques of the shorts and thus proved animation’s effectiveness as a vehicle for feature-length stories. In the early 1 sass Disney had initiated plans for a huge amusement park to be built near Los Angels. When Disneyland opened in 1955, much of Disney disposition toward nostalgic sentiment and fantasy was evident in its design and construction.

It soon became a Mecca for tourists from around the world. At the earth of WAD&R are five world-class vacation destinations with 1 1 theme parks and 44 resorts in North America, Europe and Asia, with a sixth destination currently under construction in Shanghai. WAD&R also includes the Disney Cruise Line with its four ships – the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy; Disney Vacation Club, with 12 properties and approaching a total of 200,000 member families; and Adventures by Disney, which provides guided family vacation experiences to destinations around the globe. Http://www. Britannica. Com/Upchucked/topic/165713/WaIt-Disney Compensation Strategy – Disney strive to create an optimal employee experience while meeting their business needs. As they state on their web page “our employees and cast members make the magic happen”, “The culture and values reinforce our commitment and responsibility to the people in our organization.

Company communications frequently highlight business initiatives and strategy, employee recognition, work-life assistance, volunteerism opportunities, business conduct and ethics practices and social responsibility practices. ” http://telecommunication. Com/about-Disney/human-resources Disney uses woo kinds of compensations strategy’s, Human resources and Differentiation strategy s, Human Resource strategy develops the skills, attitude and knowledge among the staff that will help the company meet its goals.

It consists of principles for managing the workforce though policies and practices. The functions such as recruitment, compensations, performance management, rewards, employee relations and trainings. They also us the Differentiation as stated in the book Strategic Compensation page 13 “differentiation develop product or service that are unique and take from those including design or brand image, technology, eaters, customer service and price, this strategy has an advantage through bundling brand loyalty among customers.

Brand-loyal customers are less sensitive to price increases which enables companies to invest in research and development initiative to further differentiate themselves from competing companies. ” Everyone receives a Disney total compensation opportunity package they all look like this “Base salary, Incentive and special recognition programs, (Your health and wellness benefits) Medical, Disney Health Pursuits Wellness Resources, Employee Assistance Program (EPA), Behavioral Health,

Prescription Drug Coverage, Dental, Vision, Healthcare and Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Life, Accident and Disability Insurance , Long-term Care Insurance, (Build Your Career, Your growth and development resources) Learning and Development Opportunities, Educational Reimbursement (Take Time to Refuel) Your time off and work/life programs, 11 Paid Holidays per Year, Vacation, Sick Pay and Short-term Disability, Leaves of Absence, Bereavement and Jury Duty, Personal Life Resources, Group Legal Plan, Adoption Assistance Program, Onsite Childcare Centers, Save for Tomorrow, Your retirement and uncial benefits, 401(k) Savings Plan with Company Match, Retirement Savings Plan for Salaried Employees, Employee Stock Purchase Program, Enjoy the Magic, Your special extras, Complimentary Theme Park Admissions, Employee Discounts, including local, national and Disney-themed discounts, Merchandise discounts at selected Disney-owned and operated stores, Company-sponsored Events and Services, Disney Volute EARS, Disney Employee, Matching Gifts, Commuter Assistance Program, Many Other Unique Advantages. Benefits will vary by company, job status, location and/or the terms of any applicable elective bargaining agreement. You’re more than your job, and your rewards reflect that. ” http://telecommunication. Com/about-Disney/human-resources. Everyone has different motivations for working, but we all work because we obtain something that we need from work.

We get compensated for our work, we all have different ideas of how we want to be compensated for this work. What keeps us motivated at work; some people just love working, some love the benefits, some like the vacation packages, training and the education they will get from the job, and some just like the money. I found this on site don’t exactly know where but it really hits on the head “The workforce of today comprises the traditional worker, baby boomers, Gene Y, and Gene Seer’s. All of them not only work differently, they have different lifestyles, work ethics, and levels of diversity; and each group may prefer one type of compensation over another. From the Disney packages listed above from my point of view and from people talk to in my generation the baby boomer sass’s it would be kick retirement, the health benefits and short term disability that would mean more to me and would be the most important factors to me. N compensation. It used easier in the past the employees were happy to receive a fair wage for a days work. It is hard to appraise an employee performance as manager for a theme park Disney World in Florida alone covers a 47 square miles. You have several managers but still you have it will still would be hard to keep track of all of the employees. Went to http://WV. Indeed. Mom/CPM/The-WaIt-Disney-Company/reviews the ratings for this company as a whole for compensations 4 of 538 people. Overall it received 4 stars Job Work/Life Balance, 4 stars Compensation/Benefits, 4 stars Job security/Advancement, 4 stars Management, 4 stars Job Culture. Another site also http://www. Glissando. Com/Reviews/Disney-Parks-and-Resorts-Reviews gave them 4 to 5 stars also for working for the company. 2) Analyze how your company applies compensation practice to determine the positive or negative impact to the company and its stakeholders. Some positive things Disney offers paid internships to people, I found this improves employee motivation and satisfaction. Employees benefit by realizing their full potential and developing their own careers.

When a company care for the employee and agonize their achievements in their work performance it makes them want to work hard and give them loyalty to the company. By reading what the employees where saying about the company the positive impact would be flexible schedule, good training, positive atmosphere, plenty of opportunities for growth, park perks and discounts, training was extensive and paid internship. Good support from your leader and access to internal job postings, good benefits, and this one like the best ‘The Disney Company really takes care of their staff’. The negative impact would be that although ticket price are increasing the wages for most employees are not, many employee are still making under 10 dollars an hour. Management personal always moving around not staying in place.

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