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Business description Introduction Last week I saw a clip from Nikkei. Choose this company because Nikkei is one of my favorite brands. I have done some research and I know more about Nikkei. Business activity Nikkei is a very big company. I focus on the shoes. Nikkei is one of the most famous company’s in the word. They have popular shoes like: Runners, Rose run, Air Max, Mercurial football shoes. They are also the owner of Jordan sportswear. Nikkei is a global company. Business purpose To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete.

That means Nikkei want to make product for every mind of athlete in the word. Nikkei wants to bring the athlete ad he’s highest level for a maximum performance. Ownership Nikkei is owned by different people. With their own departments. But they have something in comment. They all want to make good quality and make profit with that. Nikkei is there for the athletes but most of all for the profit. Nikkei values and mission statement Nine’s mission Statement is to bring innovation and inspiration to their athletes. Their motto is: if you have body, you are an athlete.

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The values of Nikkei are to make a better athlete of someone with their product. They want o deliver quality and want to have product for every kind of sport. Key stakeholders. Customer: They want to produce high quality for the customers. They want to come with new thinks that the customer likes. They can make more profit with the product. They Want develop their product more and more for the customers. Employees Nikkei wants to make their employees proud. They want to give the feeling that the workers work on something great. So that they believe in it and word good and also get a promotion.

Suppliers The suppliers are very important. They give Nikkei the material to produce their reduces well. Nikkei wants to give them a feeling that they are valued. Owners Nikkei has owners on their own department. They don’t have just one big leader. Nikkei is a group of people working together and wants to make their products better. Shareholder Shareholders are very important for Nikkei. Because of the shareholders Nikkei makes a lot of profit. According to Nikkei is the purchase of own shares Treasury with a sensible way to go and is proven that value is created for shareholders.

Nikkei is nothing without shareholders. So Nikkei wants to give trust to their shareholders. Chapter 2: Organization: Organization chart Department and purpose of Nikkei: Span of Control: As this is an international brand the middle managers and the lower managers have a wide span of management with a lot of people working under them while there is narrow span of management for the CEO as she is over the managing director, general manager of creative development, GM of global initiative and the global directors who are answerable and report everything to her about whatever happens in the firm.

If you have looked to the image of organizational chart you see all sorts of functions I am going to ell what they do. Not all the people at the organizational chart but the most important ones. Mr.. Parker CEO of Nikkei Mr.. Parker has been President and Chief Executive Officer and a director since 2006. He has been employed by NIKKEI since 1979 with primary responsibilities in product research, design and development, marketing, and brand management. The board of directors hire the CEO. There are seven people who are sitting in the board of directors. They also make important plans about the future and the coming investments.

The SCOFF is managing the financial risk of the company. The SCOFF of Nikkei is also responsible for data and analysis. The corporate audit and control help the SCOFF. They SCOFF give them the exercises. The operate and technology are tying to innovate the product of Nikkei. They have different locations because not every country wants the same product they have other needs. They locations are: Ireland Western Europe East and Central Europe South America North America Nikkei want to make product to the needs of everyone. That’s why they have so many locations to create a tech oenology that is good for everybody over the whole world.

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