Calling To Be A Teacher

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Truth be told, I have not always known that I wanted to teach. Growing up I had some amazing teachers who showed me how much a good and creative teacher could inspire a classroom, but it never actually inspired me to think about teaching as a profession for myself. Despite always loving the company of children, and this love leading me to babysit and volunteer at summer camps throughout my early teens, it was not until I was sixteen that my desire to teach emanated. My school was hosting its first residential ‘community holiday’ for young people with disabilities. It was announced that they would be needing students to volunteer for the roles of being paired one-to-one with each child. I left the assembly intent on getting my application in as soon as possible to ensure me with a chance of being considered, as this was something I was desperate to be a part of. I was very lucky to be chosen for the role, and after three years I progressed from a one-to-one helper to a group leader, someone who is in charge of five helpers and their assigned young people. Three years on from that role, this year I will start as a senior helper, thus being responsible for helping to organise activities and the holiday as a whole. Being included in this incredible experience has taught me many qualities which I have brought to many roles, such as a classroom assistant in SEN schools, and will also bring with me to teaching. I am confident taking on leadership roles when necessary, however maintain an ability to be part of a team and ask for help when necessary.

I also recognise that whilst there is usually one common goal with an ideal pathway to get there, when working with children, especially SEN children, it is required to have flexibility and a capacity to adapt to their specific needs. Whilst this can sometimes be difficult, I enjoy the challenge of having to think outside of the box and be creative, with it also being all the more rewarding when it pays off. My degree in English and Film Studies has provided me with exactly what I was seeking to gain from university, more of an ability for independent research, a reminder to see things from multiple perspectives, and a capacity for quick consumption and application of information. My involvement in theatre throughout school also carried on throughout my university studies, where I took on the role of producer in multiple productions. This taught me a lot in the way of taking charge and organisation, as well as how to balance multiple things at the same time whilst maintaining a calm demeanour. I am not unaware of the challenges that face teachers, the extremely hard work and dedication that must constantly be put in, and which is often not listened to, let alone appreciated, would be exhausting.

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Nonetheless, the innocence, unadulterated optimism, and belief of young peoples own invincibility are incredible qualities to be around, however all wear over time to some degree. It is up to the adults in their lives to protect these feelings. I believe that the teachers who invest their time and energy into curating these feelings and emotions, on top of the academics, are the ones who stand out. It is this kind of teacher that I wish to be, as I believe so wholeheartedly in the differences teachers can make in young people’s lives in both academics and pastoral care. It is because of the experiences that I have had that I have found that my passion lies with helping young people, and the opportunity to help them in such a profound way as being a teacher is one that excites me tremendously.

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