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Here is the repot on the observational study the reason why smoking is a popular trend amongst North South University (NSU) female students you asked us to conduct on April 12. It gives us immense pleasure in presenting the report that was assigned to us as a partial fulfillment of this course requirement. Following the procedure we agreed to, we will prepare an outline of this survey showing the popular reasons behind the smoking tendency of female students at NSU. We are confident that this study will help you to have an approximate idea about NSU female smoker.

Smoking is a recognized health problem worldwide. Smokers are at an increased risk of developing several serious and potentially fatal diseases such as heart disease, cancer and respiratory illness. Women who smoke also experience gender-specific health consequences, including various adverse reproductive outcomes.

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Smoking cigarettes is one of the most common factor disturbing health and a part of negative lifestyle. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to 47 female students. The prevalence of smoking among female student is consistently lower than male student, especially in developing countries where there is a strong influence of culture and tradition. The situation, however, is changing and the epidemic of smoking among women in the developing world is increasing.

The aim of the study was to why smoking is popular among female students. 7persons participated in the study then we found 27% of them chain smoker, 23%of them occasional smoker, showing off, stress relief and macho female smoker is 25%, 15%, 5%. According to opinion of examined group we find out the popularity of smoking among female smokers in our university. The data show that stress is a main reason of smoking. Several studies conducted over the past one year showed that the tobacco epidemic is firmly established in the North south University. However, most of studies were conducted in males, limited to cigarette smoking and confined to the central region.

The aims of this study were to assess the popularity of smoking among female students at North South University. V Introduction This report contains the results of a survey completed regarding the tendency of smoking amongst female students at North South University (NSU) during spring 2009. Background of the Report: Mr. Sayeedul Karim, instructor of Business Communication (BUS251. 8), assigned us to prepare a report regarding “The reasons why smoking is popular trend amongst female student of North South University”. He wants us to survey approximately 47 female students who smoke cigarettes at NSU campus.

Percentages of female smokers: A recent study that examined smoking habits among North South University students in 12 departments showed that the prevalence of smoking of female students is 40% in BBA department and the other 60% is rest of the departments. Statement of purpose: The purpose of this report, which involved collecting data from female students those who smoke frequently and none frequently, also to find out the popularity of smoking among female students in North South University. Reasons why it is popular?

An increasing trend is expected to occur among NSU female students and this could be related to alleviation of stress, life problems, and peer pressure, social acceptance, family history of smoking, habituated is western culture and the desire to attain high personality profile. In contrast, religion, negative health effects, bad taste and smell, adverse physiological responses and issues related to family are considered good reasons for not smoking. Studies on smoking habits among North South university students are scarce, with a focus on a specific group of the university student population.

The prevalence of smoking reflects the magnitude of the problem, and determining it is important since it provides a basis for the planning of public health actions. The present study was an epidemiological survey to determine the prevalence of smoking and its associated factors among female student at North South University. Motivation After researching we find out some cigarette companies are motivating female students to be a smoker by arranging concert, seminar etc. And from this they are becoming motivated to be a smoker. Methodology:

The methodology of this report consists of a developing a questionnaire (see Appendix a copy of the questionnaire) designed to obtain the necessary information. After the questionnaire was developed, we survey a randomly group of female students at NSU campus who frequently smoke. Limitations: The quality of the information in this report is limited by the accuracy with the students who responded to the questionnaire. If they responded honestly the content of the report should be accurate. Moreover, at the end of the semester we were assigned this report.

For that reason we did not have the opportunity to meet every girl to and fro in the class. So if we had the report at the beginning of the semester we could have done it more properly and perfectly. Discussions and Findings For preparing this statistical report we asked several questions based on this topic. First of all we segment our female student based on their department. We found 12 departments showed that the prevalence of smoking of female students is 40% in BBA department and the other 60% is rest of the departments.

Secondly we segment them based on seniority. We found 13% of female junior student and 47% of senior student are habituated in smoking. It is true that there is a tendency of new admitted female student in smoking. Because they influenced by their friends or senior girls. We observed that some of the female students smoke only for showing off, some smoke occasionally and some smoke as a chain smoker. Generally they are addicted in smoking for various reasons . Some are the basic reason is depression, friend-circle influence, and environment.

After asking the female smokers we understand, if they fail to pursue something then they fall in a depression and from this depression they are addicted in smoking. Another reason we found that is most popular reason for becoming addicted in smoking is they fall smart by smoking . They think “if boys can smoke then why we can’t? ” They like to lead their life in a western style from this point of view they become smoker as an occasional smoker and once they take smoking they can not overcome from smoking.

Other thing is that girls are influenced by seeing others. If anybody smoke then there is a tendency to become addicted in smoking. They think it’s like a fashion. Besides, in University level they feel independent. What they cannot do in their school or College level they try to do it in university. So they do whatever they like . Firstly when they see girls are taking smoke then they feel interest in smoking and finally they take smoke.

Weight control is a major reason that they take smoking, according to a survey in our university we found, girls who smokes were 30% more likely to be overweight, were prone to over eat, and were twice as likely to be worried about their body image than non-smokers . Most smokers also wanted to be considerably thinner than they were and were twice as likely as others to induce vomiting after overeating. One in four girls said smoking made them less hungry and that they got used to smoking “instead of eating. ” Although many reported that they would be healthier and it would please their parents if they gave up, the fear of eating more and putting on weight prevented them from stopping.

Girls were up to three times more likely to smoke if they were postmenarchal–possibly because they perceived their normal bodily changes as fatness. Girls who drank alcohol were about seven times more likely to be smokers than those who didn’t. Smoking was most common in overweight, rather than normal or very overweight, girls. Smoking was associated with weight loss: many smokers reported a postmenarchal weight loss of 7 kg or more. Social Acceptance: In our culture female smoking is not seen as normal as of any other organization. Most of us surprise when they see girls’ smoking at campus. It is not easy to accept female students taking smoking in public place. Our social norm is prohibits that kind of tendency in female students.

In addition, social values is such a thing that all we have to abide by. When girls’ smoke all most everybody looks around that girls and think something negatively about the girls. Though it is a common issue in NSU but girls just don’t give any caring regarding who thinks what things is just a damn thing to consider. It happens because most of the girl came from elite society and care a little to show respect those people who often belittle girls. But again it is not generally accepted in our society at any cost. Graphical Review of the Survey According to the new survey, nearly 9 percent of students surveyed were current smokers and 11 percent currently used tobacco products other than cigarettes.

Use of any form of tobacco is highest among Business department students 46% , 14% in Economics, 20% in computer science, 15% in other department and 5% is fresher students. [pic] Graphically, we can see the majority of smoking trends in BBA department are smoking at a higher percentage, and a little of new comer students have tendency to addict in smoking. Description of Intervention We, Marty MacFly Complex form a five-member group to survey the female smokers at North South University. Firs of all, we go through the place where the majority of female smokers smoke. It is Bashori the restaurant near STR campus in our university. We prepared a questionnaire for female smokers only. We went through every female student who smokes frequently in the restaurant.

Most of our female students like this non disturbing quiet place to smoke without any harassment or over looked of others who hate to see them smoking. We prepared 12 questions for each female smoker to ask them to round in specific field which we attached one at appendix. We found almost 15 students at a time. After that we went SPZ and GMQ there found a few female smokers of occasionally smoke a little or more. The aims of the group survey were to the expression of thoughts and feeling in relation to smoking and shaping of related attitudes, intention to smoke, social skills and self-esteem, as these parameters were the focus of our intervention. Moreover, the discussion and role-playing on how peers would think and feel about the messages.

In addition, we do not have much opportunity to go in class and ask every student fairly to question regarding this survey. We examined many students who smoke just for showing off or very frequently took a puff of it as their habitual nature. Assessing of the questionnaire: We prepared a very usual questionnaire to survey the trends in smoking. We don’t have enough time to prepare a standard questionnaire rather we prepared a very casual questionnaire about identifying some key aspect why female student smokes. In three days we separately organized some questions about the dimensions of smoking.

The total of 12 questions answered by almost 30 students and they were asked to circle the particular criteria of this questionnaire. Hypotheses It was expected that the intervention would cause significant changes in the smoking behavior, intention to smoke, family background, anti-smoking attitude, knowledge on addiction and self-esteem in the experimental group; no such changes would be observed in the control group. We do not have enough time to collect vast statistical data. But we reassess some aspects regarding their smoking reasons.

The popularity of the trends in smoking increases dramatically in respect of showing off and rebel their independence along with male students. Most of the students could not get out from their adolescence period though they get over their age in practice. Almost 70 percent students are in this emotional stage who frequently smokes at NSU campus. Conclusion Few research studies have been conducted concerning smoking legislation on university, although this exploratory study utilizing a convenience sample of young women attending university limits the generalizability of the findings, this study provides preliminary information about smoking practices and beliefs of a university-aged female student in a city with no-smoking legislation.

Future research should focus on discerning whether no-smoking legislation, in conjunction with education efforts regarding the negative effects of smoking, influences smoking practices in regions with and without antismoking by-laws (e. g. , has smoking rate decreased? ; does no-smoking by-law foster healthier smoke-free environment which deters smoking initiation? ). Leaving home to attend university provides women with the opportunity to make many of their own decisions, particularly with respect to their health behaviors. As such, providing sound educational information about the risks of smoking is imperative to students’ present and future health. Smokers are not only damaging their health but also who are not directly smoking. So we should be very prudent.


Now a days smoking has become one of the most of the topics in the world. Everyday we see the news about the bad effect of smoking both electronic and printing media. In our life it has an epidemic impact. In addition it is very dangerous when our young female student becomes addicted in smoking. After doing survey we found the reasons why it is popular among female student. It is true that prevention is better than cure so all of us come forward to give up smoking.

  • What can we do for it is?
  • Make aware our female student about the bad effect of smoking
  • We should follow low religious rules
  • Give up interest to all bad materials like smoking
  • Finally they should not take smoking as a fashion or showing off.

If we fail to gain something then we should not be depress because “failure is the pillar of success” we always should keep it our mind. Appendix Questionnaire Bus251. The reasons why smoking is a popular trend amongst NSU female students Please respond to the following statements and questions:

  1. At what age did you begin smoking?
  2. What were the three main reasons you started smoking?
  3. What are the main reasons you continue to smoke?
  4. Name the three places you smoke most often
  5. Do any feelings trigger your smoking? Stress, frustration, boredom, loneliness, anger, sadness, need to concentrate, wanting to be like the others. (Circle and add others. )
  6. What do you like about smoking?

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