Performance and Career Management HRM

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Employees will be evaluated utilizing the Performance Appraisal form attached. Each team member will be evaluated on a quarterly basis. Performance will be based on meeting sales goals, in addition to quality, product knowledge, communication, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, teamwork, ethics, and initiative. Weekly team meetings will be held to ensure the sales team stays on track with the goals of the organization, as well as those of the team.

Each member of the team will meet with his or her manager on an individual basis to establish personal career goals. These will be detailed in written form and maintained in their file for future reference. In addition to the weekly team meetings, the individual members of the team will meet with their manager on at least a quarterly basis to discuss his or her performance. This will afford them the opportunity to provide feedback on his or her Performance Appraisal as well as discuss any other concerns they may have regarding performance or career management.

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These meetings will be used to establish where the individuals are with regard to his or her career goals, and offer a setting for establishing new goals if they have already met those that have been set. This will challenge them to increase their performance. Promotions and Educational Opportunities Employees will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Tracking their progress on a regular basis will give the manager a good idea of which members are meeting (or exceeding) their goals, and which are not.

Promotional opportunities will be given to those who continue to exceed their sales goals, and meet with exceeding Performance Appraisals. The initial opportunity for promotion within the team will be a Lead Outside Sales Representative. We anticipate filling this position within nine months of the formation of the team. All members of the team will be required to continue their training to increase product knowledge and enhance their sales skills. These mandatory training will ensure they stay current with their sales skills as well as serve as an avenue to making them aware of new industry standards.

These trainings will be a combination of Computer Based Training (CBT) and classroom training sessions. As the budget allows, for employees who are interested in pursuing additional educational opportunities, a tuition reimbursement plan will be established. Criteria to participate in the program will include that their sales goals are met (or exceeded) and that their program of study is related to their current position. Participants will be required to pay back the reimbursement if they do not remain with the organization for a period of two years after completion. Flexibility

The organization recognizes the importance of being supportive of dual-career families as well as the benefits in being responsive to the need for taking care of family responsibilities. The sales team will be given the opportunity to flexibly schedule their hours. Additionally, they will be given the opportunity to work from home on a part-time basis. The organization itself is looking into the possibility of opening an on-site daycare that would be made available to the sales team. Diversity Individuals of the sales team bring to the team their own set of strengths and weaknesses that must be melded to ensure the success of the team.

Given that the individuals of the team will be coming in from different organizational cultures, trainings will be provided to clarify the shift from individual success to team success. Team building exercises will be held in an informal setting in an effort to bond the team more successfully. Budget Restrictions Current budget restrictions will not allow for merit increases at this time. Our focus on success will be centered on education and training. By meeting with each individual and setting career goals, we expect to provide them with growth opportunities they may not realize elsewhere in the organization.

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