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Performance and Career Development Programs

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A performance and career development program is designed to help employees in a given organization to progress as fast as their talents and the available opportunities in the organization can permit. The program is designed to help team members make the most of their capabilities. Career management and development is mainly based on personal development, utilization of an individual development plan combined with constant monitoring and guidance by management (Hall, 2003). This program is mainly established to enhance the employees’ capabilities and potentials for progressing to higher positions in the company.

Such programs facilitate the successful achievement of the organization’s long term goals while at the same time, they enable the employees to achieve their desires and expectations by giving them challenging but very rewarding careers (Herriot, 2005). Once the program has been completed, the feedback should be given to the employees in a way that they will improve their results, the process must be clear and precise and it should improve the employer-employee relationship.

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Performance and Career Development Programs
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Depending on the level of confidentiality, the employees will be given the feedback either in a public meeting or in private. Depending on the nature of the feedback,each employee will be given the chance to improve on his or her weaknesses and if the feedback reflects positively about the employee, then the employee in question will be given a promotion or any other form of reward. Each individual employees will be assisted to improve in terms of performance through giving them incentives which are bound to motivate them, succession planning, building healthy relationships with them and helping them to reach their potentials through training 3 sessions or scholarships for them to study further. The availability of promotion opportunities will be evaluated through a performance appraisal and succession planning program. This will help to identify the employees who have the potential of occupying higher positions in the organization, selecting them and giving them the relevant training needed for them to handle such positions when the need arises. Due to the increased number of women in the work force, it is very likely to find husbands working at the same sector with their wives (Reed and Bruce,2001). In such cases,the program will offers some flexible practices in regard to the recruitment and retention of such parents.

As a manager,it is also important to be adapted to the diversity of each employee in terms of career goals an responsibilities (Jenkins and Hendry, 2006). For instance,some of the employees might be sales representatives, marketers, sales managers and so forth and they therefore need to be treated and addressed different. On the same note, the age and the time which a particular employee has worked in that company needs to be put into consideration when trying to develop their careers. Each employee needs to be treated in a different and personal way since the needs and career expectations of the employees are differ greatly. In cases where the budget is minimal an restricting, this kind of plan will work since the training and other practices which are likely to be costly will only be implemented when need be. In addition, the performance and career management forms will be filled by the employees themselves so no additional costs will be incurred. References. 4 Bruce, M. and Reed, C. (2001). Dual-career Couples in the Public Sector: A Management Guide for Human Resource Professionals. Greenwood Publishing Group. Hall, D. (2003). Careers in Organizations. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman, Herriot, R. (2005). The Career Management Challenge. Balancing Individual and Organizational Needs. Boston: McGraw. Jenkins, N. and Hendry, C. (2006). Career Management Plan. New York: Macmillan Publishers.

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