Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Therapy

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The main idea behind Carl rogers person centred therapy is that he believed each individual person had their own unique view on the world and there life experiences and they alone would be the best to understand themselves and be able to find the way forward. The theory includes the self actualising tendency and self-concept. The goal of person centred theory is to give the client a sense of self, which is the ability to plan a course of action to achieve their goals and realise there own potential.

Carl rogers main ideas behind the theory is the Actualising tendency where as humans we constantly are trying to be all we can be. There can be confusion as people place conditions of worth upon us; introject their own values and beliefs upon us. People need Unconditional positive regard, where there is a need to be loved, respected and valued by others for who they are. This can get confused as the client may have a picture of their ideal self of how there friends, family and media view them and want them to instead of what the client wants to be to achieve their real self.

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CarlRogers thought Positive self regard and Conditions of worth where the clients have a sense of self worth as opposed to conditional positive regard where they try to make others happy by accomplishing what society thinks they should be doing and feeling failure when there not up to their standards would lead to their, Incongruity which is how the client feels when the gap between their real self of what they are and what they can become and the ideal self of how they think they should be, widen and they end up constantly trying for goals they can not achieve.

Person centred therapy aims to grow the clients independence and connection to their surroundings and people in their lives. Through this they can make the necessary changes in their lives as the better understand their feelings and behaviours. Carl Rogers believed once they learnt to accept themselves for who they are they can move forward and become a version of what they want to be this is when self actualisation well be able to happen. There main qualities for the counsellor for person centred therapy are congruence, empathy and respect.

The counsellor must make the client feel they understand and are genuine in their feeling towards the client. They must accept the client as they are and show unconditional positive regard and acceptance towards the client. references: http://www. simplypsychology. org/client-centred-therapy. html#idc-cover http://www. acuhealingonline. com/aboutus/person-centred-approach-to-counselling http://www. carlrogers. info http://www. person-centered-counseling. com/carl_rogers. htm http://personcentered. com/therapist. html

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