Task 2 Person Centred Values

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What does “Person Centred Values” mean? Person centred values means that everyone has the right to be treated as an individual regardless of their race, religion, gender or culture. Everyone is different and should be treated according to their individual needs. Why is it important for health and social care practitioners to work in a way that upholds Person Centred Values? It is important for health and social care practitioners to uphold person centred values so that the care they are providing is patient centred in addition to establishing and respecting the values, attitudes and beliefs of older people.

The care practitioner also needs to be aware of their own personal values, attitudes and beliefs to ensure that they provide non-judgemental personalised care to their patients. For example, some people believe in God and although this is debated you cannot refuse to care for someone due to their beliefs you have to respect their opinions. If you are in a care providing job you cannot discriminate. Three most important centred values I think the three most important centred values are:

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Respect- respect the person you are caring for, you should respect as you would like to be respected yourself. It is a two way thing, you give respect, you get respect. A person who respects you is more likely to trust you. Privacy- You need to bear in mind that privacy is a basic human right, we all need to have a little time to ourselves and need to be alone sometimes. Dignity-People should always be treated in a humane way. They should always be treated politely and as people of value, in their own right. You should provide dignified care to everyone.

What does “safeguarding” relate to? Safeguarding means keeping people safe from potential danger, harm or abuse. Abuse can come in many forms such as physical, psychological, neglect, sexual and financial abuse. Vulnerable people need safeguarding against these forms of abuse as they are unable to protect themselves. Part of safeguarding means that anyone coming into contact with vulnerable people must have a CBR check and declare any convictions they have. This aims to filter out people who are more likely to harm others.

If a vulnerable person has an accident it is vital that the accident is reported so that the people in charge at the time do not get the blame for the accident. How do person centred values impact upon “safeguarding”? Person Centred Values impact upon safeguarding because you have to gain a persons trust so they feel able to tell you if they are being abused. You need to build a bond with someone, this will help you to notice the signs of abuse. How can you safeguard people in your care if you cannot recognise the signs of abuse? Sources from Task 2 I did not use any sources for Task 2.

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