Case study of army crew team Essay

1. Why does the varsity team lose to the JV team?

Varsity team loses to the JV team because they don’t have effective teamwork. They have excellent sources which are strength, technique but can’t make use of source as they don’t have any reason to devote themselves to other team members. It means they don’t have attention and interest about team members and this situation make individual strengths be useless in race.

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Case study of army crew team
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2. What should Coach P. have done differently earlier in the season to resolve this problem? At exactly what pint should he have intervened differently?

Coach P. should have focused on personality and temper of members rather than strength and techniques when he consist teams. He just focused on exterior traits and didn’t focus on relationship of members. If he had known about relationship of players, he would have consisted team members in a balanced way. Balance means that each member will be mutual supplementation and make positive team mood.

3. At the end of the case, what action should Coach P. take on Tuesday? Why do you recommend this action? How should he implement this action? Please be specific.

There is no other better way than it that members become friend to solve this problem. For that, Coach should try to make friendship at the meeting. How? Coach P. can make friendship by making players tell merits of other players. But just saying sentences don’t have affects. Each member should stare eyes each other about 3~5seconds and tell about good traits of other players. This action will slightly make some affection and this small change will make huge changes.

4. How would you compare the Army Crew team to your AAR project teams? What are the key similarities and differences? What lessons can we learn from the Army Crew team?

Both army crew team and AAR project team have similar number of members and should have good teamwork to achieve good results. While army crew team have fixed role to respective members, AAR project team don’t have any designated role. Because there are no designated role and leader in AAR project team, it would be possible for one person to undertake all tasks or one person not to participate to the project. To prevent that situation and as a lessons from the army crew team should we give attention to isolated member not criticizing but comforting and caring him. We should go together even though some retard would be expected because there is no one who is not effective person.

5. References
Indicate at least two reading materials(HBR or ED that help you to respond this case)

First ED CH 13, 14 showed me that varsity team needs effectiveness and each member’s contribution would be the key to effectiveness. When varsity team members had meeting, HBR 1 can be reference for me because they did affective conflict and focus on advocacy not inquiry.

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