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Mr. Morgan had approached me, as an HR consultant, for a proposal that can help him to reduce his daily business travel in order to be efficient and cost-effective. As an operation manager of Castle’s Family Restaurant, Jay Morgan travels to restaurants location within the northern of California in order to take care of scheduling, recruiting, hiring, answer employees questions, and as well as HR administrative work.

Currently, they have total 8 restaurants that operate by 340 employees out of that 204 are full-time and 136 part-time. According to Occupational Outlook Handbook, “food service managers are responsible for the daily operations of restaurants and other establishments that prepare and serve food and beverages to customers and ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience” (BLS, 2013). Upon assessed, I noticed that Mr. Morgan has been taken care payroll by tracking with Excel spreadsheets and using computer application to print payroll checks. Beside that he manages the business routine at individual location rather than unionize and automates.

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After analyze the situation, I have identified several problems that need to address. Some of the problems are: 60% of workforce come from part-time employee Excel spreadsheet uses to keep track Payroll and a computer application to print payroll checks Mr. Morgan function as operation manager and HR manager for entire restaurant chain This is clearly a case of lack automate system in which can help by using a Database Management System (DBMS). DBMS is a set of computer programs that combined with a database. With such system would definitely help to manage data electronically and more effectively. At the same time, it also helps in create information that necessary to aid in HR decisions, define data characteristics, organize data scheme that help the integrity of quality and accessibility by restrict access to data to the personnel (Kavanagh, 2011). I feel that the system will lighten all of the unnecessary travel time to each location weekly. Not only that, it also helps Mr. Morgan to keep track with employees attendance, absenteeism, and work schedule. Not just only that, it also helps to in performance review in which lead to promotion and pay raise as well as discipline, employee information, and occasionally, management and key employee succession plans, high potential employee identification, and applicant tracking, interviewing, and selection for all stores location (Heathfield, 2013).

HRIS helps companies with the hiring process by provide better recruitment tactics so that lessen the hiring time in which result in quality of hired employees and a business as whole. Executives can track different plans of benefit, set eligibility requirements, and calculate costs. Also HRIS use to tracks applicants and analyzes available positions as well as payroll calculation so you don’t have to (CompareHRIS, 2013). For instance basic functions that DBMS can help to simplify: Payroll

Time and Labor Management
Benefit Administration
HR Management
Employee Self-service
Not only just these functions, the DBMS can also help ease the load for executive management in this case Mr. Morgan and allow him to concentrate more on the aspect of strategically of the company.

In today business environment, times efficient and cost-effective is the most major problem in this case Castle’s Family Restaurant management method. When look at the fact that Mr. Morgan individual location process, you can see that most of his works are with administrative function. Therefore it would leave him with little time for implement business strategy and expansion.

With and DBMS, Mr. Morgan can “effortlessly manage employees and employee data within the vast computer system, allowing them to reallocate their energies towards more important overarching goals” (CompareHRIS, 2013). At the end, it will help him to reduce travel time to each location as well as managing HR tasks at the office in order to efficient and cost-effectively.

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