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Cathay Pacific is a well-established airline that operates in 36 countries and serves 155 destinations. It offers various classes, including first class, business class, and economy class, and provides an app for passengers to stay updated on flight information. The airline has won numerous awards and offers luxurious amenities such as comfortable seating, hot meals, and personal entertainment. However, Cathay Pacific has weaknesses such as being impacted by financial crises due to fuel market price fluctuations and limited control over terrorist attacks. It also faces tough competition in the airline industry and has a limited market share. Opportunities for the airline include expanding its brand globally by offering more popular international destinations and utilizing social media for brand image improvement. Threats to Cathay Pacific include the rapid growth of budget airlines, negative news damaging the company’s image, and environmental and labor costs.

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Strengths Cathay pacific is one of the exalted names in the airline industry. It serves in 5 continents, 36 countries, and 155 destinations. It has been operating for over 66 years and it has developed its own royalty customers. Cathay pacific offers its passengers the opportunity to travel in a class of their own choice by providing various classes; such as, first class, business class, economic class, etc. It allows its consumers to update about flight arrivals and departures information about their destinations and flight by using Cathay pacific’s app.

Cathay pacific has providing plush journey thick with luxuries like comfortable seats, hot meals, personal television offering the latest music, movie, tv show, and more. By working with Dragon Air, Cathay pacific provides more destinations and cheaper price range for its consumers. The company is honored with a range of awards. It is also the third largest airline in terms of market capitalization. Weakness Cathay pacific suffered largely from the financial crises due to unable to successfully predict the fuel market price.

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It has the limited control of the terrorist attack due to the inefficient security. It relies too much on international onward moving traffic. It has a limited market share due to the extremely tough competition in the airline industry. Limiting its business in Asia, Europe, Canada, and USA. Decreasing of service qualities due to occasion labour riots. Opportunities Cathay pacific can gain consumers from different countries by providing more popular international destinations, which can expand its bran globally. It has also developed two loyalty programs, which lead it on the road to success.

The programs include The Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles rewarded as the “Best Frequent Flyer Program” in Business Traveler Asia-Pacific Awards. Cathay pacific is now trying to improve its brand image though social media like Twitter, Facebook, RenRen, Flicker, and Youtube. It is going to develop a new cargo in accordance with new current market situation by mid-2013 in collaboration to an agreement with HKAA (Airport authority Hong Kong). Cathay pacific is now introducing many campaigns to twinkle its brand name. The campaigns contribute a lot to aware people about health and Cathay pacific’s recent services. Threats

The main threat for Cathay pacific is the rapid growth of competing brands, especially the budget airlines. Continuously bad economic can really hurt During the recession many consumers decided to forgo the luxuries while flying and go for budget airlines to cut the cost. Recently there are much negative and unethical news about Cathay pacific. These news is damaging the image of the company. Cathay pacific is also facing terrorism treats as it has been hijacked and shot down in the past. Environmental issue will always be one of the treats for Cathay pacific. Both raising fuel costs and labour costs are also a threat for the airline.

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