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Cell Analogy Exploration

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  • Pages 2
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    Nucleus The nucleus is like the control module of the cell. It controls the activities of the cell. It also holds DNA. The town hall in a town. Both a town hall and a nucleus control their surrounding areas and hold important information.

    Lysosome Lysosomes main priority is to break down and destroy waste. A dump in a town. Both a dump and Lysosomes break down and destroy waste.

    Golgi Bodies The Golgi Bodies are responsible for sorting and packaging proteins before they are sent to their destination in the cell. A post office in a town. Both a post office and the Golgi Bodies package items to be sent to their required destination.

    Mitochondria The mitochondria produce ATP to keep the organelles functioning properly and efficiently. Power lines in a town. Both are responsible for making sure things around them function properly and effectively.

    Cell wall The cell wall is the primary defense system for the plant cell. It keeps the cell in a defined area. Town boundaries. Both town boundaries and the cell wall keep the surroundings in a defined area.

    Chloroplast The chloroplast conducts photosynthesis which turns sunlight into chemical energy. Flora in a town. Plants are made up of plant cells, so they contain chloroplasts. This means both the chloroplasts and flora undergo photosynthesis

    Cytoplasm The cytoplasm helps organelles move throughout the cell. A road in a town. Both allow movement throughout their surrounding area.  A plant cell is very similar to a town! Different organelles perform different jobs which can be compared to components of a town.

    The Nucleus can be compared to the town hall, both are in charge of the area surrounding them, and both hold important information such as Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) and town records. The Lysosome can be compared to the dump, both destroy unneeded waste in their area. The Golgi Bodies can be compared to a post office, both process and package items before they are sent to their destination. The Mitochondria can be compared to the power lines, both make sure everything functions properly and effectively, such as the power lines granting electricity to their surroundings and the Mitochondria producing Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which supplies the cell with needed energy. The Cell wall can be compared to the town boundaries, both keep their surroundings in a distinct area. The Chloroplast can be compared to the town flora, as both conduct photosynthesis, and plants are made of plant cells meaning they have chloroplasts. And finally, the Cytoplasm can be compared to the roads, both support movement throughout the area.

    So, as you can see, a plant cell does have many similarities to a town. For both have different components which function in a similar process to one another.

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