Cell Phone Abuse: A Factor Increase Mental Disorder

My research paper would be an analysis style. In my research paper the topic is going to talks about why people so addicted to mobile phone and the over use or abuse of mobile phone will lead to mental disorder. This is an interesting topic for me because I am interested in technology no matter phone nor computer also the apple events in last week of October 2018 gives me some idea as well. Technology always standing out of all the subject, such as apple announced a new iPhone everyone will know it. However, when I was in Chicago last month I took subway from Michigan ave to my friend apartment, from the first step of getting in the subway to the step getting out of subway, I looked around, everyone in that subway bowed heads and eyes on their phone.

At this moment I realized that mobile phone– what a fool invention of technology, people rely on that little metal box to look up time or memory important file, seems like people are addicted to the mobile phone usage, and I feel very sad that people can not live without the phone. That is the big part of reason that way I want to write this paper to warn people that over usage of mobile phone is not good, and want to find out why people are addicted to cell phone. So, my research question is: why people addicted to mobile phone and how the addiction of mobile phone lead to mental disorder? I think for this topic most people will interest because most people use mobile phone daily. I believe people don’t even realized they use cell phone very often is because the developing of mobile phone, by that people are more and more addicted to it in order to cause mental disorder. (There is a connection between it)

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The possible thesis statement I have so far is:

  • We are shaping technology and technology is shaping us. (this is two step scenario, first talking developing technology cause people addicted to phone, second talking phone changing our social interaction therefore more rely on phone)
  • People passed suggest sleeping time too far. (the causation and common scenario of addicted to mobile phone in current ear, I learned from my physiology&anatomy class that mobile phone screen light can cause an element release in order to make you stay “not want sleep”)
  • long-term abnormal work and rest cause mental pressure.

First source I have found so far is about the background of phone invention. By that, I would like to discuss about people are more and more addicted to their phone because the phone getting smaller and carriable. In the article “History of mobile phones and the first mobile phone” nowadays cell phone more and more cheaper and more carriable (2018). I also want to talk about the social aspect point of view that why people addicted to their phone in order to interact with other. Walton talks about the survey he did on his paper that he is a professor and he asked his student do not use their mobile phone whole single day, the result was shocking that some people look up their phone 4 times in 10 mins in order to trace the time and message that interacting with others (Walton. 2017). I think this is a major stream of our society, people more and more enjoy like Instagram and snapchat even facebook in order to interact with other people. Hyman in his article talks same thing as well, He introduced today the way we interact with each other and social life is different. He states that young adult and old adult use phone differently, the younger the more intimate with their cell phone.

The author also states that younger people texting as their priority way to interact with friend but older people are more prefer email or calling. The young adult also texting for a variety of functions even in romantic relationship (2014). The addiction of mobile phone will lead to unhealthy status. From physiology point of view, the Jabr talked about why people so addicted to their mobile phone, It is because the blue light effects people’s hormones in order to effect the delay of sleep (2016). Based on that, I need find more article about hormone effect if you not sleep well or muscle effected etc. After long-term of abnormal status, people would be easier explores to mental disorder. Ghasempour conducted an experiment to test out the relationship between depression and cell phone use among the student. Basically, they test Beck depression inventory(BDI-13), Cell Phone overuse scale(COS) and Adult attachment inventory (AAI).

The result was shows that there is a significant. Positive correlation between cell phone addiction in student with depression. Author also mentioned addiction of cell phone cause affected of lack of face-to-face interaction in order to experiencing depression (2015). For my counter argument, I would like to talk about the positive part of mobile phone use. Like if someone not addicted to mobile phone instead of use it properly. Brown and Bobkowski have talked in their article that mobile phone media bring more opportunity and contact with people more frequent than before. (2011) Extention: components , application, history, example, comparisons, processes.


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